Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rant Against Headlines Slurring Women and Prom Dresses (continued)

This post is a follow-up to my previous post about slurs in headlines calling women and their prom dresses trashy, slutty, and trampy There is a blatant double standard when it comes to the behavior of men versus women as Jessica Valenti , the Editor of Feministing.com and author pointed out right on the cover of her book entitled: " HE'S A STUD, SHE'S A SLUT and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know". These double standards are often applied in very inconsistent ways. While pundits, columnists and reporters have referred of late to women and their fashions being "Trashy", "Slutty", "Cheap", and "Trampy", it seems they trip all over themselves trying to get and publish photographs of the women and their outfits. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD A MALE REFERRED TO IN THE PRESS AS "TRASHY", "SLUTTY", OR "TRAMPY" ? A similar inconsistency seems to have occurred with me. Although some men seem to feel threatened or angered by my male modeling of ladies full brief panties and I may have received an insult here or there, I've never been called any of those things. So far, nobody has been tripping over each other to put my photos on their front pages either even though I posted photos of myself in my full brief panties.  NOW I HAVE STARTED A NEW BLOG WITH PHOTO GALLERY  entitled: Full Brief Panties Male Modeled with plenty of my photos (back view). Let's see if they call me "trashy, "slutty", "trampy" or trip over each other to put my photos on their front pages. I doubt they will. Sexism, like racism, still needs working on.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New York Post's Slurs Against Women Mindlessly Repeated

     In an article entitled:   Girls flock to trampy prom dresses Annie Karni of the New York Post used the words "stripper" "slutty" "shocking" to describe the current fashions. These slurs came to my attention reading an article by Erin Donnely in StyleList entitled
Prom Dress Trend for 2010 is 'Slutty Chic' citing the New York Post article. I responded irately with the following comment:
     "Since when do we follow Newscorp's slurs, i.e.: "slutty" to denigrate womens' desires to be in style a la Lady Gaga? The New York Post is owned by Newscorp, headed by the same right wingers who would have all women be back in the kitchen baking cookies, covered up head to foot and acting as servants to their male masters."
     Shortly thereafter I noted that Jezebel had run an article entitled: Trashy Prom Dresses Remain Flash Point In Ongoing Intergenerational War  With my emotions still inflamed from the other two articles and having barely gotten past the headline, I fired this email off to the articles author, jenna@jezebel.com                                                        

Dear Jenna,
     It irks me that anyone would follow the lead of the New York Post in calling women or their attire "slutty". The New York Post is owned by Newscorp, well known for its right wing promulgation of the sexist anti-woman mindset which would have all women be barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, covered head to toe when in public, and subservient to their male masters. It is no surprise that the prudish right wing would be aghast at the idea of women following the latest fashion trends a la Lady Gaga.
             Yours,  Panty Buns
and      http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/      
     Maybe I overreacted and maybe not. What do you think?

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Vintage Kayser Full Brief and Other Panty Photos "Sarah" Found Creepy

This photo of me was featured on the blog "Something Awful" on December 28, 2009 as the "Awful Link of the Day - Sissy Panty Buns (Thanks Sarah!)" , and references a link to my "gallery filled with photos of an old dude wearing assorted sheer panties". In the photo I'm seen male modeling a pair of vintage lace trimmed Kayser red full brief nylon panties and a Hanky Panky black lace babydoll. As you can see, vintage Kayser panties are relatively opaque for a full brief panty. Believe it or not this particular pair of ladies nylon panties is a size four. They were quite tight on me, needless to say, and I doubt I could have gotten them on except for the well tailored generous cut of Kayser full briefs. As you can also see, this pair of ladies panties has a generous cotton gusset with the curved rear seam that was typical of the vintage panties of decades gone by.                                                                                                                

According to the "Something Awful blog post,"Sarah" finds the photo of me with my 'caught in ladies panties' look to be "totally creepy", "but that works, because Panty Buns invites women to insult him". Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Sarah never bothered to leave a comment on either of my blogs. Back to the women's undies in the photo below. Kayser made very comfortable "granny panties". It's a shame that they apparently went out of business as their pattern and sewing were good and somewhat similar to the cut and fit of today's Maidenform  "Wise Buys" full brief panties (shown here in Sea Foam Green, male modeled, back view).                                                  
I do prefer the fabrics of Vanity Fair's Lace Nouveau and Ravissant Briefs. The panty fabric I miss the most however, is the silky soft relatively sheer Dupont Diaphanique. If only someone made panties of Dupont Diaphanique with lace insets and ruffly lace trim using a Maidenform pattern in the more vibrant but feminine pinks, lilacs, and yellows of old. Until they do, the Memoir Rose pair of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Style Lace Nouveau full brief panties I'm shown male-modeling below will probably continue to be my favorite pair of ladies full brief nylon panties.                                   

So what do you think about the fabrics, colors, style, cut and fit of these classic full brief panties? 
Do you agree with "Sarah" that it's "totally creepy for me to model them? 

The Undie Awards For Full Brief Panties

Each year you, the public, have gotten to Vote for Your Favorite Underwear at the undies.com. In the year 2008 more than 15,000 people cast their votes and Vanity Fair swept the boards in the overall favorite categories. In the favorite bottom category, the surprise winner was the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Style 15712 Full Brief Panty . The Undie awards are described well in these brief YouTube videos uploaded by undieawards and by 1HerRoom:    
Unfortunately I haven't located a video of the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Style 15712 Ravissant Full Brief Nylon Panties being modeled yet and haven't gotten the nerve up to make one.
In 2007 the Undie Award for favorite full cut brief went to the Style 873 Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Full Brief Panties by Olga.  

The 2009 Undie Awards Winner for favorite regular cut brief panties were the
Bali Lacy Skamp Brief Panties 2744 which are available at HerRoom in sizes 5 through 8. A video of the Bali Lacy Skamp Brief panties being modeled was uploaded to YouTube by HerRoom.                                                                                                                                    

What with the possibility of ladies nylon full brief panties playing a dominant role in the panty fashion world since the skyrocketing of Lady Gaga's fame and popularity, the prescient question to ask would seem to me to be: Which full brief panties will be nominated for the 2010 Undie Award for Favorite Full Brief Panties? I can't wait to try on the full brief panties that are potential candidates for the favorite and put in my two cents on which pairs of ladies panties will win 2010 Undie Awards. Photos of me male modeling some of my own favorites, including the 2008 Undie Award Winner can be seen at my prior posts:   Vanity Fair Full Brief Nylon Panties , Maidenform Nylon Briefs , WinterSilks  Full Briefs , Dixie Belle Lace Trim Full Briefs (which I'm having trouble locating lately) and others photos of me male modeling full brief panties (back view) at sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/.
     I'd love to read who makes YOUR favorite pairs of full brief panties and the Undie Awards people will want to know too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

High Waisted Full Brief Panties to Dominate Summer Panty Fashion

The fashion trend toward vintage style high waisted frilly feminine full brief nylon panties has been gaining momentum, seemingly almost at the same rate as the rise in Lady Gaga's popularity. Amanda Torres of Body Magazine's Lingerie News quotes Nicky Clayton of Rigby & Peller as saying "The high waisted brief is definitely going to dominate in 2010. The look has gathered momentum..." in an article entitled: " Rigby & Peller Goes Retro ". The article includes a photo of the vintage ruffle trimmed full brief panty with matching bra   The photo of the Platinum High Waisted Brief shown here is from Rigby & Peller of London's site. 
As previous visitors to my blogs are already aware, I love  wearing and posing in ladies full brief panties . Panties as pretty as these are meant to be seen. As I mentioned in my previous post about Vanity Fair full briefs: "What good is it if nobody sees them?" I'm hoping women will privilege me with their thoughts, questions and suggestions and comments with me about the photos of me modeling my full brief panties and feel free to share them with adult women everywhere. So what do you think?        

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lingerie Addict Update

The blog "Confessions of a Lingerie Addict" has a new URL. The lingerie blog's author, Treacle posted a beautiful photo of herself (suitable for framing) in stockings, corset and garters with pretty ribbons, seamed sheer black opera gloves and black full brief panties in her last post at http://www.stockingsandlingerieblog.com/ . The new URL is http://www.thelingerieaddict.com . The pinup worthy photo below is posted below with permission. The photo of Treacle was taken by Photognome (http://www.modelmayhem.com/17306) and is posted on her blog "Confessions of a Lingerie Addict" in  a post entitled Super Important Lingerie Addict Updates where comments can be left. The post details what lingerie she is wearing in the photo.                                                                     

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lady Gaga's Cosmo Cover and Music Video Telephone with Beyonce

It is a delight to see Lady Gaga gracing Cosmopolitan Magazine's cover in her nylon full brief panties. Inside Cosmo there are more pictures of Lady Gaga in her full brief panties and an interview. The Article was entitled: Lady Gaga Wants You. Needless to say, this issue of Cosmopolitan is a tremendous hit and there are posts about around the fashion world. The photo of the Lady Gaga Cosmo cover 2010 is from Lady Gaga's "Blaug of Gaga". The result of being on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine is that Lady Gaga has been on display in her full brief panties not just at newsstands, but has had her pantied photo prominently visible near the check out lines of almost every grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, and supermarket in the country if not around the world. The cover made for good copy not only in  the fashion world, but in numerous blogs, online newspapers and magazines worldwide. The following links are to just a few of the numerous articles and posts commenting on or featuring articles on the Gaga-Cosmo cover and article. If I didn't list yours and you want your link here I hope you will let me know:           
     Amy Grindhouse , the Daily Stab , LOFT965 , the Hollywood Gossip which published more Lady Gaga photos , Cele|bitchy , The Huffington Post , Fashion Whore , Fashion Magazines World , The Lipstick Diaries , The Chic Spot , Jessica Harlow , Fashion Gossip , All About Lady Gaga , I Cannot Blog , In Case You Didn't Know , mystyle.com . It was even more of a delight to watch Lady Gaga's latest music video, Telephone with Beyonce and be able to watch the premiere of Lady Gaga and Beyonce on YouTube(VEVO) as  well.  There was an interesting discussion about this latest Lady Gaga music video on the Bitch Magazine blog post "TELEPHONE"   

Vanity Fair Full Brief Nylon Panties, Comfortable and Pretty

The Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Style 13001 ladies full brief nylon panties shown male modeled back view in the photos below are available both in a wide variety of lingerie and department stores online and in - store. This particular style of Vanity Fair ladies nylon full brief panties are made of a soft finely woven translucent nylon tricot with a cotton lined gusset and triangular lace insets. Vanity Fair advertises these panties as being both comfortable to wear and pretty to look at. I can tell you from personal experience that Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties are incredibly so comfortable to wear that I hate to ever take them off. I put on and wear a clean pair of Vanity Fair ladies nylon panties to bed every night. Sometimes I've  even worn them into the shower or a bathtub, hand washing both them and myself. I love my Vanity Fair panties. Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau nylon full brief panties are listed as being one of the top rated pairs of women's nylon underpants at  Lady Grace where they are currently available in black, candleglow and white.     
Vanity  Fair Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties with lace insets are currently listed as being available in Aqua Mist at  Girdles Galore , Isaac Sultan , and Kohls. The Aqua Mist pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau ladies nylon full brief panties are shown below male modeled, back view, with an a.n.a. Peplum Tie-Front Electric Pink floral puff sleeve crepe blouse purchased at JC Penney. The blouse is obviously a size or two too small for me (it's a Large) and is also not listed among the currently available a.n.a. tops at JCPenney Although I did find and purchase the Memoir Rose pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties which I am shown male modeling (back view) in the photo below at JCPenney, JCPenney's online store currently shows the three packs of the Vanity Fair lace inset briefs as only being available in Star White, Candleglow and Fawn.       
Both the Style & Co. ruffle teal floral tiered blouse I'm shown wearing with the rose pink nylon panties and the Spencer Jeremy yellow floral pleated neck flutter sleeve crepe blouse (also a size or two too small) were purchased from Macy's but are currently not available in those particular styles. I purchased the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau black nylon full brief panties (also shown male modeled below) from both Macy's and from Sears . There are also reviews of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Full Briefs at MySears . If one is buying panties online rather than actually going into a store it's hard to know what the panties will look like from behind. Without actually trying them on and twisting around to see what they look like in the mirror or being photographed in them it's hard to know. One of the few online retailers that actually has photographs of the back views of panties modeled is HerRoom. I happened to purchase this particular pair of Blushing Pink Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief panties (shown male modeled by me in the photo above) at HerRoom  although there are many stores and retail chains which carry this must-own Undie Award winning panty. Out of all the different pairs of ladies nylon panties I wear, these are by far the most silky soft. The Style 15712 Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief panties have a more full cut Style 13001 Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief panties. They have a surprisingly good fit considering that the rear seam of the cotton gusset is sewn straight across instead of the curved, more generous cut that the vintage Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief panties had. The currently manufactured Vanity Fair Ravissant ladies full briefs are also considerably less transparent. The upside of the fabric currently used to make these panties is it's fantastic silky softness. These panties feel so comfortable and soft against your skin you too will never want to take them off. Just in case you were wondering, I don't wear the particular blouses to bed. T-shirts are comfy but I prefer a soft nylon babydoll like the one shown in the last two photos. I'm having trouble finding nice ultra-feminine cap sleeve ruffled nylon babydolls and babydoll tops. I love frills ruffles and lace. There are more photos of me male modeling my ladies full brief nylon panties (back view) at http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?page_id=56and at http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?cat=4 where adult women's thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome (no need to be diplomatic). A long time ago a woman commented with respect to my panties asking: "What good is it if nobody sees them?" I realized immediately that she was right. What good is it if nobody sees them? I hope you will share the photos of me modeling my panties with adult women everywhere. It would be a shame not to. Please do copy and share them.                                                                                                                                                    
Vanity Fair Ravissant Star White full brief nylon panties 
Vanity Fair Style 15712 Ravissant full brief nylon panties 
in Blushing Pink male modeled, back view 
Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Azure Mist full brief nylon panties 
Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Azure Mist full brief nylon panties 
male modeled (back view) with a.n.a. Peplum Tie Front Blouse

The same pair of Vanity Fair ladies full brief nylon panties 
male modeled with a pink nylon cap sleeve ruffle  hem babydoll 
Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief black nylon panties 
The same pair of Vanity Fair black nylon panties male modeled 
with a Spencer Jeremy yellow floral pleated neck crepe blouse 
Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Memoir Rose full brief nylon panties 
The same pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Memoir Rose pink 
nylon panties male modeled, back view with a Style & Co. blouse 
Me male modeling my favorite pair of Vanity Fair deep rose pink full 
brief nylon panties and a cap sleeve pink nylon ruffle hem babydoll