Friday, May 4, 2012

No Pants Day 2012!

Today is "No Pants Day"! Every year the first Friday of May is "No Pants Day".

The blog articles starting to trickle in about No Pants Day - and "No Pants Day" is just getting started!:

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I wish I were as brave + talented as funny On-air radio personality + blogger Elizabethany was last year (see video) No Pants Day - YouTube "Elizabethany takes it to the streets and around the office to celebrate No Pants Day." Elizabethany's No Pants Day video was uploaded by YouTube user WhyPartyToday but her YouTube is LoveElizabethany's Channel . Check it out, and while you're at it check out Elizabethany's Blog and @luvelizabethany on Twitter.

The Wikipedia Entry for "No Pants Day" features a photo from this MYNews CTV Kitchener article.
In the spirit of "No Pants Day" I hope news media and bloggers feel free to and do publish photos of me with "No Pants" like the photos below: I'm having trouble deciding what panties to wear if I do go out and, unbelievably, despite all my big talk, I am such a SCAREDY CAT AND A CHICKEN!

I am supposed to be, in the spirit of "No Pants Day", going about my entire day with "no pants"

Instead, here I am merely sitting here and blogging in my panties, posting old photos of myself male-modeling full briefs like the one immediately below, and posting links to where even more old photos and videos of me male modeling and reviewing full briefs can be found:

There are videos of me male modeling and reviewing ladies full brief panties on YouTube, on this blog, in Twitpics in my Pictures by Panty Buns - Photobucket, and, of course, on the Wordpress page titled "Free-Panty-Photos-Panty-Buns-in-Panties-Modeled-Back-View" All photos of me male modeling panties (there are plenty of them) are released with a plea and a dare:

Quote: "Please copy, share, repost and re-publish the photos and videos of me male-modeling ladies full brief panties with mature women everywhere and in all media. Think you can figure out how to make me world famous in my ladies panties? Have you heard the expression be careful what you ask for? Well I’m begging for it and taunting you.. I dare you to make me world famous in my ladies panties complete with relentless saturation media coverage. Maybe you’re not smart enough or too chicken to do it? Double dare! RELEASED INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN by me, Panty Buns."

I have to admit it's pretty nervy of me to make a dare like that and then not back it up by going out in public in my panties on "No Pants Day" so I can be newsworthy. I haven't even gotten around to reviewing what I've bought yet.

I've purchased a lot of different brands and colours of full brief panties lately, including Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Brief Panties style 15712 from HerRoom, Tricot Full Briefs from Maidenform, Bali Classic Comfort Briefs, Warners "No Pinching No Problem" at JCPenney, at Freshpair and at BareBecessities, Warners "No Wedgies" at Macy's, WinterSilks Full Briefs, Silky Soft Briefs, Full Coverage Nylon Briefs, and , Nylon Lace Inset Briefs at ShopNational.

It's really unforgivable that I'm not out and about shopping in the city or at the shopping malls in my panties. I need an aggressive assertive woman to give me a good push out the car door, and strand me without my pants, start taking photos and calling the paparazzi!

If nobody comments I'll assume you're just disgusted with me for being all talk, no action, not posting new photos and reviews and not going out and getting myself famous on the nightly news.

Updates possible.