Friday, March 19, 2010

High Waisted Full Brief Panties to Dominate Summer Panty Fashion

The fashion trend toward vintage style high waisted frilly feminine full brief nylon panties has been gaining momentum, seemingly almost at the same rate as the rise in Lady Gaga's popularity. Amanda Torres of Body Magazine's Lingerie News quotes Nicky Clayton of Rigby & Peller as saying "The high waisted brief is definitely going to dominate in 2010. The look has gathered momentum..." in an article entitled: " Rigby & Peller Goes Retro ". The article includes a photo of the vintage ruffle trimmed full brief panty with matching bra   The photo of the Platinum High Waisted Brief shown here is from Rigby & Peller of London's site. 
As previous visitors to my blogs are already aware, I love  wearing and posing in ladies full brief panties . Panties as pretty as these are meant to be seen. As I mentioned in my previous post about Vanity Fair full briefs: "What good is it if nobody sees them?" I'm hoping women will privilege me with their thoughts, questions and suggestions and comments with me about the photos of me modeling my full brief panties and feel free to share them with adult women everywhere. So what do you think?        


  1. I'd be curious to get a consensus. Do you think I should start a separate adult more fetish oriented blog or just try to stick to style and fashion with respect to full brief panties?

  2. I love full and brief cut panties, and I'm so happy to see a return to them after the dreadful thong-era of the 1990's and 2000's.

    And I think you should write about whatever feels good to you, dearie. Panties are both fashioniable and sexy. Your fans will value your perspective no matter what direction you take.

  3. these panties are gorgeous!! i remember posting about them about a year ago...perfection.
    xox alison