Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lingerie Fashion OOTD and Review of Carole Nylon Full Briefs with ros+ALI Daisy Print Poncho

     I often have difficulty deciding what colour of full brief panties will look best styled with which blouse. I love the daisy print of the ros+ALI Daisy Print Poncho I styled in this blouse and panty outfit of the day, but it turned out to be much darker and more reddish in colour than it looked when I viewed it on the Dressbarn website, so I wound up choosing a different, lighter coloured pair of briefs for the blouse and panty OOTD than the ones I had originally considered reviewing.
     After deciding to try styling the Daisy Print Poncho with briefs in a light blue or turquoise colour I had been planning to pair the top with a pair of Bettie Blue Full Cut Panties from Secrets In Lace. The fabric of the Bettie Blue Full Cut Panty is fabulous, having a nice sheen, a soft silky feel and I absolutely adore the rich vibrant colour. Unfortunately I ordered the panties in a size that is way, WAY too small for me, and them pair I received was not generously cut at all. If you order the Betty Blue Full Cut Panties from Secrets in Lace, I strongly recommend sizing upward. I did not send the pair I ordered back since it was I who failed to pay attention to the size chart. I had made the same mistake (not following the size guide) when ordering the lace trimmed Rago Shapewear Panty Brief I reviewed in an earlier post.
     Since there was no way I could do the review of the panties from Secrets in Lace I decided to review a pair of pale pastel blue style 3945 Carole Nylon Lace Trim Briefs from Bealls instead. Carole is also one of the brands in the collection of panties that Satin Rose Intimates offers to custom dye in "SRI blue, SRI pink and SRI yellow with available extra lace at the waist and/or legs". Custom orders take time and it would be important to me to make sure the briefs were the style with the softer nylon having a higher thread count rather than the somewhat more coarse style 845 Acetate briefs if I were going to place a custom order. I did order some custom dyed Shadowline full briefs from Satin Rose intimates which I will (hopefully) review in a future post, but chose to go ahead and do this review of and in the pale pastel blue Carole full brief nylon panties from Bealls. Both Shadowline and Carole full briefs run fairly large in sizing.
     Quoting from Dressbarn's webpage about the ros&ALI Plus Size Chiffon Daisy Print Poncho in Black/Pink which I styled with the Carole full brief panties:  
"Blush-tinted daisies almost seem to float down this airy chiffon top. Pleating at front of neckline only. Sheer chiffon poncho; opaque tank. Imported. Scoop neckline. Body lined with attached tank. 100% polyester. Machine Wash" 
     I love the daisy print and airy chiffon fabric of this poncho but I was a bit clumsy and unsuccessful trying to get the chiffon top aligned evenly over its opaque liner. 


     Here is the customer lingerie review video I made and posted to my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/misterpantybuns, along with the description and transcript I published with the video: 
     The colour of the roz&ALI  chiffon Daisy Print Poncho I styled with these briefs was a lot darker than it looked online. It is made of a light chiffon with a black satin liner which is visible in the video where part of my blouse is hung up a little, but I decided the video showcased my outfit of the day well enough to go ahead and publish it anyway. I love the daisy print. I was initially going to pair it with Bettie Blue Full Cut Panty from Secrets In Lace in this OOTD and review but failed to read the sizing chart and ordered them in a size that was way, WAY too small for me. By contrast the Carole lace-trim briefs are quite large and roomy and are similar in sizing to Shadowline's Pants + Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panties which I have also purchased but have yet to review. 
TRANSCRIPT: "In this customer lingerie review I'm reviewing some Carole brand full brief nylon panties. Um, Carole makes, uh two different styles that look very similar. They're both very full cut. Uh this is a size 6 and I could have easily fit into a size 5. They're very generously tailored, with a nice full gusset. Um, they have, Carole makes two different style, Style Numbers that look the same on the internet. One is an Acetate panty, uh Style Number 845, uh, and the other one is a nylon full brief panty, uh, Style Number 3945. The nylon panty feels wonderful. The Acetate panty, uh, the thread count is a little low and it could feel a little coarse against very sensitive skin. I'd recommend, uh the Style 34, the 3945. They come in assorted pastels. Um, they're fairly light in colouring. Um, I'd like, generally, to have my panties have a little more colour in them, but they're a very comfortable panty. Uh this, I've paired it today for this, with a Daisy Poncho from Dressbarn. This customer lingerie review is released into the public domain."  
      I slept in a pair of the style 3945 Carole full brief nylon panties and found them to be very comfortable to wear in bed all night long. I also love the shape and generous tailoring of these panties with their full cotton-lined gusset. 
     Hopefully I'll get around to posting reviews of some of the other full brief panties I've purchased from HerRoom,  Freshpair, Bare Necessities, and Satin Rose Intimates recently, including (but not limited to): Vanity Fair Lingerie, Bali Intimates, Warner's, and Shadowline Lingerie. I'm also thinking of reordering briefs from Secrets in Lace and Rago Shapewear in larger sizes than I did last time.  
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