Friday, April 23, 2010

Male-Modeling Maidenform Dreams

i dreamt i was "The Maidenform Man" in my Maidenform panties.
     Those of us who have been around for a while may well remember the historic Maidenform "Dream" advertising campaign which started in 1949. The ads featured women out in public in their underwear with captions like "I dreamt I (description of photo) in my Maidenform bra". An early example: "I dreamt I went shopping in my Maidenform bra". The ads continued through the 1960's and into the 1070s(CLICK HERE for info about and photo from the 1970s Maidenform ad campaigns). The ads showed photos of the models parading around in public in their panties and bras, ending with the line: "The Maidenform Woman. You Never Know Where She'll Turn Up.". In 2002, according to the maidenform site: "Maidenform introduces an updated "Dream" campaign along with its "iconic Pink M" "Maidenform. This Feels Right".  The previous three links are from Maidenform company information - OUR HISTORY, but there are many other sources on the web referencing the Maidenform advertising, like The Maidenform Project, and now there some videos about it on Lucy DeHart's YouTube channel:   

     i have dreams of my own with respect to my Maidenform panties. There would be millions of Maidenform panty advertisements, not just on YouTube, but featured in every form of media all over the world showing me in my Maidenform panties with captions reading: "i dreamt i was world famous in my Maidenform panties", and all of the Maidenform ads would end with the words: "The Maidenform Man. You can see him everywhere"; in my dream become reality i would actually be filmed out in all those public places in my Maidenform panties for the millions of advertisements with all hundreds of television news cameras rolling. Obviously i'm going to have to make a much better video than this one if if i want any chance of having these dreams come true. The video i previously took of myself male modeling the Maidenform Sea Foam Green Wise Buys Full Brief Panties for YouTube is aptly titled: "PICT_Male-Models-Maidenform-Sea-Foam-Green-Full-Brief-Panties-5.AVI"
The  (Maidenform home page) products i male-modeled previously were the  Wise Buys style 40614 Full Brief nylon panties  and a Maidenform Flexees style 3366 Everyday Control Microfiber and Lace Camisole. There is a neat listing of some of Maidenform's various other lingerie products on the Maidenform Site Map.                                                                                                                                     
      In addition to the video, the pair of  Style 98PB Sea Foam Green Maidenform Wise Buys Full Brief panties is shown male-modeled by me (back view) in photos posted on my blogs along with a Style 3366_KMR  Kimono Red Flexees Shapewear Everyday Control Microfiber and Lace Camisole . The Flexees Camisole is 82% Tactel Nylon and 18% Lycra Elastane advertised for either inner or outer wear. It is currently offered on line in black or body beige. The Maidenform Wise Buys full cut nylon full briefs are 100% nylon with lace waist and generous cotton lined gusset.  Maidenform Style 40614 Wise Buys full cut nylon full briefs with generous cotton lined gusset and lace waist are currently available online in body beige, ivory and white.    
Alternate back-views of these Maidenform Wise Buys Full Briefs can be seen amongst the variety of photos of ladies full brief panties male modeled  at .  
     All photos and videos of me male modeling ladies full brief panties on the blogs and in the videos have been and are released into the public domain, are intended for viewing by adult women everywhere for informational and entertainment purposes, and may be copied, shared and republished. Women's thoughts, questions, suggestions and comments are always welcome, and no diplomacy is expected or necessary. i hope you won't be shy. Please do share and re-post any of them you want to or all of them or at least the URLs? 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Male Models Ladies Full Brief Panties On YouTube!

A long time ago a woman commented with respect to my panties asking: "What good is it if nobody sees them?" I realized immediately that she was right. What good is it if nobody sees them? As I'd noted in a previous post, I started a New Blogspot Blog entitled: "Full Brief Panties Male Modeled" on which to post photos and Video of myself male modeling various pairs of full brief panties. I took a few BRIEF (pun intended) videos, posted them on my YouTube Channel, "misterpantybuns", and then embedded them in 6 new posts on my new Blogspot blog. I'm hoping that you'll swing by that blog and let me know what you think. I'm also hoping you will share the photos and videos of me male modeling full brief panties with adult women everywhere. It would be a shame not to.  All the videos and photos are released into the public domain for viewing, sharing and re-posting by and for adult women (for informational lingerie comparison purposes, of course). The six YouTube videos are entitled:
"PICT_Male-Models-Vanity_Fair-Azure_Mist-Full-Brief-Panties-6.AVI", and my favorite,                                              
     All of the videos are embedded over at my other blog.
     I'm really curious about how everyone feels about my having modeled ladies full briefs for these videos, particularly due to my being older, too heavy, a bit out of shape, and somewhat regrettably male.
     So what do you think? Please share so I can get more opinions.