Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Jade Winehouse, R.I.P. - You Are Missed

Very sadly, Amy Jade Winehouse passed away on July 23rd, 2011. She is and will be very much missed. She had won five grammy awards for her album Back to Black".

As her Goddaughter pointed out, much of what was written about her in the tabloids was untrue.

The Wikipedia entry at
is updating frequently and has much info.

The BBC News - Obituary: Amy Winehouse was posted 23 July 2011.

She is already and will continue to be the subject of many articles and tributes in memoriam from friends, family, fans, fellow musicians and writers around the world.

Though I believe the autopsy is not yet complete, the poor dear did have lung problems.

There is a nice photo of her at the official site
Amy Winehouse which I am taking the liberty of posting here:

There are 11 of her songs uploaded to AmyWinehouseVevo's Channel - YouTube as of this writing, including the music video

I realize this post is unrelated to the theme of my blog, but I just felt a need to say something in the way of remembering her.

Amy, we will miss you. Rest in peace.