Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 No Pants Subway Ride and Thanks to Commenters

Normally I try to include a photo or two of myself modelling full briefs in my posts about lingerie related events. For years I have been writing of how I'd love to participate in "No Pants Subway Ride", but I failed to once again, being an hour or so late getting ready - and am very disappointed with myself for not getting it together in time. I had a pair of panties picked out that I wanted to wear in the event: this pair of Lucy B Pink and Black Polka Dot High Waist Panties.


There are a couple of things in Improv Everywhere's instructions for the No Pants Subway Rides that I wish would be disregarded much more than they already are, namely: Their admonition for journalists attending in New York asking that they not to take out professional cameras during the event. Also, after getting the initial reactions from other subway riders I think it's great when participants inform others about the event and encourage them to join in. A nice example of that happening was captured on camera in this video uploaded by Kagome (@15kagomay on Twitter):

"I took my pants off on the train | Kagome" by Kagome @15kagomay

"No Pants Subway Ride - New York City 2016 | thesubwaynut2"

"No Pants Subway Ride 2016 | Improv Everywhere"

"Moving to LA: Episode 464: 2016 No Pants Subway Ride LA | Te-Erika Paterson"

The Telegraph | News | Picture Galleries | How About That | The cheek of it! The 2016 No Pants Subway Ride, in Pictures

One of my favourites from this gallery is this photo titled "Pants Cat".

The photo was also featured in Totally Cool Magazine: Pictures No Pants Subway Ride Day 2016 Around the World

Photos - New Yorkers Go Pantless in the No Pants Subway Ride 2016

No Pants Subway Ride 2016: Commuters Drop Their Pants in New York City

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