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National Underwear Day 2018, Panties in the News, Panty Modelling Fail, Thanks to Commenters

I'm sorry I took so long to write and publish this post. It's my first post since October 1st of 2017, ten months ago. I still haven't bought a decent camcorder to replace the camera I dropped and broke in May of 2014, and my attempts at full brief panty modelling and review photos have been pathetic.
The length of time I have been promising to take new full brief lingerie fashion outfit photos and procrastinating is epic. I was finally motivated enough to post by the fact that today, August 5th, is the 15th National Underwear Day.
I also apologise for how long my posts are, partly as a result of my having procrastinated for so long.

I have a hard time finding classic retro full coverage panties and sadly, when I do find some I love it seems they often go out of business except for bespoke (custom) orders (Dollhouse Bettie). Susan of Satin Rose Intimates, who used to custom dye and add lace, retired, Lucy B. Lingerie makes classic full coverage briefs, but runs are limited and larger sizes sell out quickly. Picking the right size in orders from Secrets in Lace can be hit or miss, and sadly What Katie Did briefs don't quite have full rear coverage, being slightly higher cut. Some Elomi sets have a full cut, but vet few of the bottoms come up as high as the natural waist. Bali, and Maidenform were taken over by Hanes, and only the Bali Free Form panty has the classic retro fit. Shadowline, Carole and Vanity Fair Ravissant all have classic full coverage cuts, thought the design of the Vanity Fair Ravissant gussets aren't as large and full cut as they once were.
I often see attractive lingerie pieces window-shopping online at luxury lingerie retailers that have prices so high that I don't dare splurge out of fears they will not fit - I hate to return items and have never returned any of my panty purchases.

TODAY IS NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY, August 5th, 2018 - Here are a couple of links referencing it:

Happy Days 365: National Underwear Day - August 5, 2018
National Underwear Day® was founded by Freshpair on August 5th of 2003.

NationalDayCalendar: National Underwear Day - August 5;

Quoting this article: Appreciation Society: National Underwear Day - August 5, "Today is the day to show off your most fashionable underwear."

Since, as usual, I've failed to go out and participate in any of the National Underwear Day events, the least I can do is to finally publish a couple of photos taken of me by a women to whom I feel very grateful for having obliged me by taking them as I attempted to model a pair of full brief nylon panties. She took three photos on that occasion. Since it was on the spur of the moment I hadn't worn or brought a blouse to style with the panties, so I simply posed in the what I was wearing at the time. Unfortunately my poses and facial expressions in one of the photos was so laughably lame that I had refrained from publishing it - up until now.

Here is a photo of a pair of panties which I bought recently in the same brand and style as the pair I was modelling in the photos below, but in a different colour, and but without me in them:


Although I bought pairs of these panties from three different retailers, I'm posting a link to the Panties at Freshpair, since National Underwear Day® is their trademark, and also because they Follow me on my Twitter, @Panty_Buns. Thank you for Following me, @Freshpair and @FreshpairChloe!
Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Premium Tailored Nylon Brief in Sinberry.
The Vanity Fair 15712 Ravissant brief is also available in other colours.

And here are those three photos of me modelling the same brand and style of panty but in a different colour:





In February of 2018 Shay Mitchell, best known for playing the character Emily Fields in the television series 'Pretty Little Liars', ran around the streets of Los Angeles, including down Sunset Boulevard, wearing nothing but a pair of pretty yellow panties that said 'Nice Buns' on the bottom, a pair of white sneakers and a unicorn mask. She was seen by multiple people on the street, in cars, and undoubtedly from many residences and shoppes along the way.
Sammy Rosenman (Twitter @sammyinlala), who held Shay to her earlier promise to go streaking in L.A. if she reached 3 million subscribers on YouTube, recorded the video of Shay's streak from her car as Shay as went running around the streets and sidewalks of Los Angeles bare breasted and wearing just a yellow pair of panties.

Shay then uploaded the video to her ShayMitchellOfficial YouTube Channel where it has since received well over four million views.
The video is titled 'I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA!' | Shay Mitchell - YouTube

Here is some still photos from the YouTube video:




Shortly after the video was uploaded Sammy Rosenman then Tweeted on her Twitter: "After countless humiliating episodes of Send Sammy, I finally got my revenge".

img-Sammy_Rosenman-Tweet-about-getting-Shay_Mitchell-to-streak-in-her-panties.jpg (Sammy)

OF COURSE I subscribed to Shay Mitchell's YouTube channel and added her video to the 'Favourites' Playlist on my own YouTube channel. :D

Shay's streak got a lot of media attention. Here are links to a few of the articles covering Shay's pantied topless run around the streets of Los Angeles:

'Celebuzz: Pretty Little Streaker! Shay Mitchell Runs Topless Through the Streets of Los Angeles';

Shay Mitchell Runs Naked Down Sunset Blvd. to Celebrate Getting 3 Million YouTube Subscribers;

PopSugar: Shay Mitchell Just Ran Around LA Topless, but All We Could Focus on Were Her Cute Panties;

Daily Star: TV actress Shay Mitchell sheds clothes for 'naked run' in public;

People TV Watch: Shay Mitchell Runs Naked Down Sunset Blvd. to Celebrate Getting 3 Million YouTube Subscribers;

Hollywood Life: Shay Mitchell Runs Naked Down Sunset Boulevard To Celebrate 3 Million YouTube Subscribers - Watch;

Perez Hilton: OMG, Watch Shay Mitchell Run Naked Through The Streets Of Los Angeles After Losing A Bet!.

I have to admit that I was feeling more than a little bit jealous of Shay's courage and panties-in-public fame when I Tweeted the this wish on my Twitter:



And here is a written release with links included:

RELEASE into the public domain:
All photos and videos OF ME modelling FULL BRIEF PANTIES on or in this blog "Full Brief Panties";
my (Mister Panty Buns's) YouTube videos,
on my (@Panty_Buns's) Twitter Media,
in the archive for the 'panties-modeled-back_view' Category on my old WordPress blog; on the Page on my older, rarely used WordPress blog titled "Free-Panty-Photos-Panty-Buns-In-Panties-Modeled-Back-View"; on Mister_Panty on Funny or Die; in the post I Love Having The Hanes On Me | PantyBuns on BuzzFeed; and anywhere else they are found shall forever be considered to be released into the public domain and considered LABELED FREE FOR REUSE. They may be shared, re-shared, blogged, re-blogged, published, re-published and displayed anywhere and everywhere without limitation, including but not limited to sharing and publication in and on blogs, flyers, posters, newspapers, magazines, books, videos, all streaming media, social media, websites, movies, television, theatres, banners, billboards and more.

I LOVE finding lingerie review photos videos of myself in blog posts, and in newspaper and magazine articles, and hope more people and websites and will re-post and publish them in the future. After all, What good is it if nobody sees them?
PLEASE FEEL FREE to download, re-upload, share, Tweet, post, re-post, publish and re-publish them everywhere!!! :D


The reasons I felt compelled to disable comments on my my YouTube (Mister Panty Buns's) channel videos are:
1) YouTube demanded that commenters sign up for Google Plus in order to comment. I refuse to do that. Meanwhile, Google has allowed YouTube to become TROLL CENTRAL.

2) The YouTube team has not only allowed and encouraged hateful trolls to run amok with their hateful gender association discrimination, elevating their hate to "top comment" status, but they have additionally allowed YouTube's system to be used to false-flag, censor, vote down and restrict my videos. Not only is YouTube's commenting system hopelessly broken for those of us who are targeted by bigots, but it seems bigots infiltrated the YouTube Team itself, skewing 'moderation' (censorship) and causing restrictions and removals of the videos of their targeted victims.
Article in Jezebel: Butthurt Ex Google Google Employee Who Wrote The Anti-Feelings Diversity Memo Lost His labor Relations Challenge.
I suspect James Damore is just one example of a variety of bigoted trolls who have infested Google and the YouTube team, asserting their right to govern others according to their own bigoted 'value' systems.


Many mornings on television I have watched women modelling Breezies nylon panties being on QVC. I have also watched full brief nylon panties by Hanes panties and Fruit of the Loom modelled on TV innumerable times, yet the bigoted Team YouTube has wrongfully restricted viewing (requires people to sign in) of me modelling+reviewing the exact same panties.

False flagging my reviews of opaque full coverage briefs because the gender association of the apparel being reviewed does not match my gender is transphobic SEX DISCRIMINATION. Given the pattern and practise of this censorship, perhaps Google's YouTube Team should be both regarded and officially designated as a HATE GROUP. The restrictions, making people log in to view many of my videos, has cost me hundreds of thousands if not millions of views.

Of course none of that is an excuse for my having failed to have taken or had taken more full brief panty OOTD modelling and review photos and videos for this blog.

The fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers who comment on my blog are fabulous! I hope the readers of this post will visit their blogs. I have included their links below:

A HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS ON MY LAST POST titled Lingerie Review of Full Brief Panties by Lucy B and Shadowline with THANKS to Commenters.
TO THE FOLLOWING Fbloggers Bbloggers and Lbloggers:

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What do you think of the colour, style and appearance of the panties I modelled in the photos above? What are your thoughts related to the photographs of me modelling them?
Should I have been as courageous as Shay Mitchell and ventured out somewhere very public to show them off?