Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Horror Show

I watched the entire "2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" tonight on CBS. It was a big money production with plenty of hoopla, promotion, some pretty backlit photography and plenty of costumes. I love lingerie, especially seeing it worn publicly, and there were probably some pretty outfits to be seen. Unfortunately my worst fears were realized. The visual distractions and the self-promoting hype were both excessive, many of the designs showed horrible taste. That I could have ignored, trying to observe the more pretty lingerie - some of which I managed to notice despite the horrifying and sickening starved look of the models. The best part of the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show were the advertisements for the Grammy Nominations tomorrow night. It seemed like more of a horror and freak show than it did a fashion show.

Thankfully I'd been forewarned by an article in and remembered the same kind of out-of-touch-eating-disorder-promoting Victoria's Secret lingerie fashion show from last year, when the best looking model there was Katy Perry.

The overly thin models used in the show had spurred some more discussion on the subject of eating disorders. The discussion over the fashion industry's promotion of anorexia and bulimia made the news thanks in part to a confession by a Victoria's Secret model. The Hollywood Reporter did an article titled Victorias Secret Model Adriana Lima Survives Lingerie Show Without Food or Water Quoting the article, written by Elizabeth Snead on 11/10/2011: "The fourth-highest paid supermodel in the world consumes no solid food for 9 days, no water for 12 hours before the annual lingerie fashion show."

There was a video posted on (by) Victoria's Secret's YouTube channel titled "Casting the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - YouTube", but there was no mention in the video of what criteria they were using to pick their models.

They had also posted a video titled"2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Rehearsals - YouTube".

CBS did air the "2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 29th at 10 PM, and I had been waiting to actually watch the whole show before shooting my mouth off about it.

There was the Victoria's Secret promotion for the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at 10PM/9c November 29th on CBS. Many photos and articles about the show have already been published. Looking up Victoria's Secret panties on their website I found one pair of pink "Fancy Panties" I liked the look of.


The only thing I saw that was eaven close to full brief panties in the briefs category was the page for a High-waist Shaper Brief which had one photo of the Victoria's Secret Confident and Curvy "Hug Me Tight " High-waist Shaper Brief.


CBS News had published an online photo article titled: 12 Secret Signs of Anorexia - CBS News . I wouldn't be surprised if there are some comments on National Eating Disorders Association's Twitter page now that the lingerie show has aired. I myself had previously written a blog post titled Anorexia and Bulimia Claim Lives back in 2010.

There was a cynical look at the Victoria's secret outfits and the promotion of anorexia in . Quoting Ashley Cardiff who wrote article: "At this point, it’s pretty obvious that the looks at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show are supposed to be ugly. It’s like one big, weird joke that the brand plays on people: take the world’s most conventionally attractive women, workshop their bodies beyond recognition for weeks with powdered milk and water fasting, and then obscure those bodies with the most comically, outrageously, unapologetically ugly shit on the planet. Here, we try and pick up the pieces from all the absurd outfits worn by Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, and the rest of the angels. We apologize to your eyeballs/brains in advance." Gallery: Narrowing Down The Most Ridiculous Looks from the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - .

On a more positive note, the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Fashion shows are always an interesting and entertaining production almost to the point of being pretentious. Victoria's Secret is to be commended for contributing to making the public display of models in their underwear widely accepted. The modeling of intimate apparel has moved from the early days of magazine, newspaper, and television ads more than half a century ago to the pageantry of lingerie being modeled and on display worldwide on television, the internet, in videos, and on the Jumbotron in Times Square. I applaud that having undies on public display is now celebrated but really wish that there was more diversity in the modeling and fashion industries as a whole with respect to ethnicity, gender, age, and body type. Much more than that I wish the fashion industry would stop literally killing people by promoting the anorexic/bulimic look. Whatever pretty lingerie might have been there in the show was, for me, overshadowed by the horrified sickening feeling I had seeing the some of the freak-show physiques, and wondering whether the infrequency of rear views on screen might be due to the fact that many of the models didn't have rears to view.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lady Gaga Wins 4 EMAs , is Nominated for 5 People's Choice Awards

I haven't felt up to male-modeling and reviewing the various brands and styles of ladies full brief panties I've purchased in the last few months, so when Lady Gaga, the Queen of Granny Panties won 4 MTV EMAs and was nominated for 5 People's Choice Awards, for me, it seemed like a no-brainer to do a post about Mother Monster instead. Since the title and name of this blog is "Full Brief Panties", and I'm being lazy, I've embedded Lady Gaga's award winning video (along with gratuitous screenshots of her on stage or on set in her panties). It's easier and takes less nerve than does making and posting more videos of myself doing more "Male Models Full Briefs" lingerie reviews on YouTube (like the last one I did 6 months ago titled "PICT_Male_Models-VF_13001-Wine_Red-Full-Briefs-0011.AVI" ) I know I'm way, way tardy doing the promised post sequels "A Briefs Update Part 3" and Part 4 as well as a Post "Male Models Maidenform Dreams, Part 2" but I haven't been up to doing them, so instead here's a post about Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga : News : Lady Gaga Nominated for Five People's Choice Awards posted November 8th: "Lady Gaga has been nominated for five People’s Choice Awards--Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Song of the Year for “Edge of Glory,” Favorite Album of the Year for “Born This Way,” Favorite Pop Artist, and Favorite Music Video for “Judas"! The 2012 People’s Choice Awards will take place on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at the Nokia Theatre and will air LIVE on CBS at 9:00 PM PT/ET. Voting begins today and will end on December 6, 2011" Cast your votes now for the People's Choice Awards 2012 -

Lady Gaga : News : Lady Gaga Wins 4 EMAs

Mother Monster won Best Female along with Biggest Fans thanks to all her Little Monsters and her Music Video Lady Gaga - Born This Way won both Best Song and Best Video at the MTV 2011 European Music Awards in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Sunday, November 7th. Lady Gaga "mooned" the audience in her thong bikini panties near the end of her performance of Marry The Night at the awards show. Her fans no doubt loved the bare bottom photo Lady Gaga posted of herself on Twitter and used for the cover of her award winning BORN THIS WAY. Unfortunately, so far, the videos of Lady Gaga performing MarryTheNight have been met with copyright claims, i.e.: The YouTube video embedded by Lady Gaga News in the article Lady Gaga Steals the Show at the 2011 MTV EMAs was removed due to a copyright claim by Viacom International, Inc.. Her website at Lady stated back on Nov. 6th: "Check back soon for the hi-res performance of "Marry The Night"


Here is the embed of her music video Lady Gaga - Born This Way - YouTube

and a couple of pics:


At the 2011 EMA's the audience was also treated to the live performance of Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory which features Lady gaga out in public in her black Granny Panties on a fire escape, apartment house stoop, on the city streets and sidewalk and finally sitting and panty-mooning in an open apartment window. I LOVE IT! Love her eye-makeup too!

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory - YouTube

and a screen-shot of Mother Monster sitting in the window panty-mooning in black granny panties: img-Lady_Gaga-Veveo-The_Edge_of_Glory-panties.jpg

Sorry I haven't done the male-modeled full brief panty reviews with pics and videos I promised, but you can always CLICK HERE FOR OLDER TWITPICS OF ME MALE-MODELING LADIES PANTIES that you can share, re-post and publish - all photos and videos of me in panties have been all released by me into the public domain.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Utah Undie Run 2011

The Utah Undie Run 2011 Protest against Utah being so uptight was held in on Saturday September 24th, 2011 from 5:00 PM through 10:00 PM . The organizers were hoping to and claim they did break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people in their underpants / / knickers / undies / panties / boxers with over 3,000 people running in their undies. They advertised that there would be local and national media there including channels 2, 4, Fox and CNN.

The Undie Run got covered by the Associated Press and was written about with some good photos and a GREAT VIDEO in the Daily Mail Online , The Daily News ,in the Washington Post , , , , with photos on , , , Gawker ,

Here are some YouTube videos uploaded from the 2011 Undie Run and afterparty:

2011 Utah Undie Run


Official Utah Undie Run 2011 (part 1) - YouTube

SLC Undie Run 2011

Undie run 2011 afterparty

One of these days months or years I really should get out and participate in one of these underwear in public events instead of being so lazy and just posting videos of myself male-modeling ladies full brief panties on my YouTube channel

I really hadn't felt up to writing a post but then noticed that this was still current breaking news.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Still Miss Her

I miss her. Unfortunately I will probably never see her again and just hope I continue to see her in my dreams. I have missed her for most of my life and it seems to be my fate that I always will. I may give up blogging. At least I still dream. And for now I'm still listening to my playlist "Love Forever"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Jade Winehouse, R.I.P. - You Are Missed

Very sadly, Amy Jade Winehouse passed away on July 23rd, 2011. She is and will be very much missed. She had won five grammy awards for her album Back to Black".

As her Goddaughter pointed out, much of what was written about her in the tabloids was untrue.

The Wikipedia entry at
is updating frequently and has much info.

The BBC News - Obituary: Amy Winehouse was posted 23 July 2011.

She is already and will continue to be the subject of many articles and tributes in memoriam from friends, family, fans, fellow musicians and writers around the world.

Though I believe the autopsy is not yet complete, the poor dear did have lung problems.

There is a nice photo of her at the official site
Amy Winehouse which I am taking the liberty of posting here:

There are 11 of her songs uploaded to AmyWinehouseVevo's Channel - YouTube as of this writing, including the music video

I realize this post is unrelated to the theme of my blog, but I just felt a need to say something in the way of remembering her.

Amy, we will miss you. Rest in peace.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Briefs Update, Part 2

I am way behind on what I intended to be a more comprehensive update, and self-modeled photo and video customer review of all the various brands, styles and colours of full briefs I have purchased recently in addition to reporting on full brief panties in the news. Unfortunately the self modeled briefs and reviews of them will have to wait until a later post.

In the way of news I saw an article recently an article recently titled: "SlutWalk London: Hundreds turn out in lingerie for march |" but there weren't as many photos of ful briefs as I'd hoped.

In other news, two of my favourite styles of full brief nylon panties which I wear regularly were 2011 UNDIE AWARD WINNERS

HerRoom posted videos for the winners on YouTube.

The 2011 Undie Award Winner: Regular Cut Brief -Vanity Fair 15712 in the video embedded below is one I have male-modeled myself.

I am wearing a pair of these Vanity Fair style 15712 Ravissant full brief nylon panties right now as I'm typing this and in fact bought them at HerRoom. They are so silki soft, comfortable, and feel wonderful against my skin. I wear them to bed at night too and hate to ever take them off.

The rel="nofollow">YouTube - 2011 Undie Award Winner: Overall Panty - Vanity Fair 13001 is also one of my favorite panties. I love these Style 13001 Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties and intend to buy more of them from HerRoom. I have male-modeled a pair of these briefs on my own YouTube channel and am perplexed by why two of the videos of me modeling these briefs are still currently flagged as "This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users" so people have to log in to see them. As everyone can see there is nothing inappropriate here.

Here is a YouTube video of me that was mistakenly (benefit of the doubt) false flagged male-modeling the exact same brand and style of briefs, back view only. It is titled


Transcript: "The ladies full brief nylon panties that I'm wearing right now are Vanity Fair's Memoir Rose Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties. I love these panties and the color especially, which I wish that they still made. Um, as you can see, the gusset has a straight across rear seam, unlike the classic vintage Vanity Fair Style 13001 briefs which were manufactured years ago. These are my favorite panties."

You can see why I feel it was false-flagged due to my gender.

If you try some of these on I think you will find them comfortable as well. The style 15712 Ravissant briefs have a slightly fuller cut and feel a touch softer than the style 13001 Lace Nouveau briefs do.

I apologize for not getting the reviews done all the other briefs I've purchased recently. There are some I bought by Bali, Warners, briefs from Macy's, some mini-floral briefs from JCPenney and briefs from ShopNational, and I'm thinking of purchasing some briefs via Bare Necessities, Pandoraschoice, Satin Rose Intimates, and others I have discovered via all of you, my fellow fashionistas.

Thank you all for your patience and sweet comments!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Briefs Update Part 1

This post is incomplete, but If I wait until I cheer up or gain common sense it will probably never get written. I have both put on weight, and have been quite depressed. Why I am depressed: Because I am a jackass and have apparently managed to get myself abandoned all over again by the love of my life to whom I made a permanent proposal of marriage to 41 years ago. I haven't seen her in 40 years and she hasn't spoken to me in ten months. I don't think she likes me male-modeling full brief panties on my blogs and on my YouTube Channel. Recently I've been stopping by there a lot and listening to the songs on a Playlist titled "Love Forever" on my YouTube channel, wallowing in self-pity, aching and missing her. I thought about writing a post on the subject including how we'd met, the relationship, how and why she'd left, and how all the feelings came rushing back while I was watching the end of Scene 8 in the Movie "Love actually". I started to write a post about it titled "Unrequited Love" or "Love Forever" but then wondered how she would feel if she saw our story on the internet without my having asked her feelings about it first. It's not really on the topic of full brief panties, so I'm wondering: If I ever do write that post should I start a different blog for it?

I started this post, to be titled "A Briefs Update" many months ago.

One of the most frustrating things I have run in to in the course of trying to have an informative blog about full briefs is when lingerie manufacturers eliminate links entirely, either resulting in a not found message or simply returning readers to the manufacturers home page. Many of the links I had included in my post "Male Models Maidenform Dreams" now return readers to the Maidenform Home Page instead of lining to pages of Maidenform's history and the various styles referenced. Now, at the time of this writing, instead of the many detailed pages of Maidenform history that I had linked there is but a single web page referencing "A look at Maidenform OUR HERITAGE throughout the years".
The diminished attention to Maidenform's history on the site seems to be mirrored by a diminished amount of concern for continuing the availability of the vintage looks and classically tailored styles that so many of us had come to love.

Some of the difficulties of writing this post was trying to keep up to date on what colours and sizes of which style and brand of briefs were available and from where. Sometimes when briefs I've posted images of are either not in stock, backordered, discontinued or had a change in style number there may be problems with the links. Sometimes having just a Style numbers colour name won't be enough to locate the desired briefs without having the right SKU number.

For example, both the Style 98PB Sea Foam Green Maidenform Wise Buys Tricot Full Brief panties and the Maidenform Flexees Style 3366_KMR Kimono Red Everyday Control Microfiber and Lace Camisole which I male-modeled in my previous post "Male-Modeling Maidenform Dreams" appear to be currently unavailable.

Maidenform "Wise Buys" Tricot Full Brief shown in this photo of the classic Maidenform panty being worn by a skinny model.


Maidenform's website currently lists the nylon tricot full brief panty in White, Ivory, and Body Beige, but the colors are not all available online in all sizes. UPDATE: Unfortunately as of the time and date of this post the wonderfully tailored, comfortable and pretty Maidenform "Wise Buys" Tricot Full Briefs there is no price or size availability entered on their online site and the main site link for full briefs only shows them in cotton. ;-( Oops! that changed during the course of writing this. They are now available in ivory in size 5 and size 6 in body beige. I bought some and a blouse to go with them but I''ve gained weight and am not ready to model them at the moment.

Some time in the future I'll probably do a sequel to my post "Male-Modeling Maidenform Dreams"

At the time of this writing Isaac Sultan & Sons was still showing three packs of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Brief style 15712 nylon panties as available in three-packs in sizes 5 through 12 in Acai Berry, BCP Multi, Blushing Pink, Candleglow, Midnight Black, Muted Lilac, Soft Blue, Star White, and WDB Multi.

All three of the colours of Vanity Fair Ravissant briefs I ordered (Muted Lilac, Soft Blue, and Acai Berry) were on backorder. Isaac Sultan & Sons did wind up sending the pairs in Soft Blue which I had ordered, but apparently cancelled my orders for the other two colours of Ravissant Briefs. ;-(

The one colour of Vanity Fair Style 15712 Ravissant full brief nylon panties that Isaac Sultan did eventually send (Soft Blue) had been but is apparently no longer available from HerRoom. HerRoom had a much faster delivery time back when I had ordered this style of nylon briefs in Blushing Pink (almost as fast as Macy's, Sears, or JC Penney).

At the time of this writing, both the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Style 15712 Ravissant briefs from HerRoom as well as the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Style 13001 full brief nylon panties with lace insets were available in sizes 5 - 12 in Star White, Candleglow, Blushing Pink, and Midnight Black.

Isaac Sulltan & Sons had been showing three-packs of the Style 13001 Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Nylon Brief panties, sizes 5 - 12, in Azure Mist, Candleglow, Fawn, Midnight Black, Star White and Sugarberry.

At that time Macy's was listing Vanity Fair Brief, Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Nylon Style 13001 in the colour "Sugar Berry" in sizes 7 and 8 in addition to Candleglow in 5, 6 and 8, and Fawn, Midnight Black and Star White in 5, 6, 7 and 8. (larger sizes were a different style number). i was lucky enough to get 3 pairs in the colour Sugar Berry ( wine red) from Macy's.

In the following photos and video I'm seen male-modeling the wine red Vanity Fair nylon full briefs with an amber yellow blouse by Baby Phat.





I did take and upload a brief video of myself male-modeling these briefs. It's titled:

Transcript: "Hi. The ladies panties that I'm male-modeling right now are Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Style 13001 full brief nylon lace-inset panties. The color is Sugar Berry. The blouse I'm wearing is from Baby Phat, spelled B-a-b-y P-h-a-t. It's an amber yellow. Um, this video is released into the public domain for, uh, for sharing for any purpose including for lingerie comparison or information purposes."

At the time of this writing the video had just over 100 views, no "likes" (thumbs up) and one "dislike" (thumbs down. Not only that, but two of my videos got "False Flagged" as "may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users"

If you have a YouTube account and log in I could use some support in the "Like" (thumbs up) department for the videos of me in the pink briefs as well as the wine red ones.

Among the underwear in public events that I have neglected or been tardy in blogging about between my last post, "Beautiful Bloggers, Cherished Commenter, Fabulous Followers", and this post were:

Impov Everywhere's No Pants Subway Ride 2011 took place January 9th. According to Improv Everywhere's Charlie Todd, "over 5,000 people took off their pants in subways in 48 cities in 22 countries around the world." . Since I took the screenshot below, the video has had another 230,000 views (1,401,570 views as of when I typed this).

Image-YouTube No Pants Subway Ride 2011.jpg

Improv Everywhere posted a video of the No Pants Subway Ride 2011on YouTube .

I am thrille National Underwear Day in Brazil, but did one with 10 photos. There were numerous other posts with pics including at The Lingerie Post

The first Friday in May, Friday, May 6th, 2011, was No Pants Day. So far I only found one video on YouTube - No Pants Day . It was uploaded by WhyParty Today and was of Elizabethany (O-Air radio personality and blogger) bravely taking to the streets and the office after taking her pants off and hopping down the highway in her panties!

elizabethany has a radio show and writes a number of blogs, at:
love, elizabethany;
elizabethany in real life, and;
love, elizabethany (over 18) in addition to her YouTube - loveelizabethany's Channel.

The underwear as outerwear trend has continued as reported in the article titled: "An Overview of Underwear" by Hilary Alexander. Dolce & Gabana paired black jackets and retro lace knickers at their AW2010 show and the trend seems to be getting even more popular by the day.

It may take a while before I get back into better shape and get around to male-modeling and reviewing several different brands and colours of full briefs I purchased recently, especially if I keep wallowing in self-pity and sniveling about the long lost love of my life whom I've not seen in 40 years who may not want to see me again.

I have a "Love Forever" playlist on Youtube that I listen to while I'm moping:

Dido - "White Flag",

"Serendipity" - "When You Know" (by Shawn Colvin)

Love Actually - Dido - Resting Here With Me,

White Flag - Dido - Juliet and Mark,

Roxette - Listen To Your Heart,

38 Special - If I'd Been The One,

Heart - Alone (Live),

Delta Goodrem - "Lost Without You",

Richard Marx - "Right Here Waiting",

Avril Lavigne - "Slipped Away" (Live),

Bee Gees - 'To Love Somebody',

Boston - A Man I'll Never Be,

Dido - "Here With Me".

Obviously this post was very incomplete with respect to the long promised "Briefs Update". Among the brands of ladies full brief panties I had purchased with the intent of reviewing (it will have to be "A Briefs Update Part 2") are Bali, Warners, Maidenform, WinterSilks and some ordered from ShopNational. I am very very tardy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beautiful Bloggers, Cherished Commenters, Fabulous Followers

     My sincere apologies for my tardiness, failure to adequately express appreciation for or do justice to the bloggers who have left comments or to their blogs, and for failing to include all of you. If only I could figure out a way to re-post  all of your comments as a post all of its own. Your comments make me smile. I am grateful for all of you. THANK YOU!
     Though it is both very disorganized and very incomplete, here is a small sampling of some of my favorite beautiful blogs, fabulous followers, and cherished commenters that I have been so fortunate to have stop by my blogs and who have been very gracious in allowing me to comment on theirs:
DreamComeTrueLoveKZ "Sugary Sweet Creations,    
Zoe Redinger's fancy girlie style diary and Dreams Come True" has been one of my favorite blogs to browse, due in part to all the ultra-feminine oh so girlie fashions, confections, dolls, bunnies and art that looks like it's straight out of a very girly Alice In Wonderland fairytale dream. i love frills, lace, bows, ruffles, chiffon-style fabrics and things like the vintage aqua petticoat or tutu in the post "Sweet Return" last year. Zoe, her hubby Kingston and Zoe's family are all very artistic and it shows in her blog. Her father's beautiful paintings were on display at the Reminisces & Reflections art solo exhibit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday Sept. 25th, 2010.  I love Zoe's girly creations. Thank you for letting me have a link on your blog Zoe!
     Beneath The Crystal Stars by Sher is another beautiful blog i love. where i have enjoyed seeing some very feminine girly fashions. i just love tiered ruffles, ribbons and bows, lace and chiffon and share her appreciation of the colour pink. Thank you for your comments, Sher!

     Thank you to Fashion blogger Jasna, a.k.a. Fashion Jazz, a South African fashion blogger who writes the personal style blog FashionJazz about fashion events, inspirations, outfits, street style and style scoops. Jasna has a column on Style Scoop and Fesjon Magazines, gets right there in the thick of the roll out of new cutting edge fashions, and covers the debuts of many new fashion lines in person as the first hit the runway with interviews and plenty of photos. Thank you for following me, Jasna!  
     Two blogs by bloggers with their own very romantic story to tell are The Femme Next Door, a blog by lesbian lingerie designer Rebecca Szymczak who recently got engaged to Anne Neczypor, a Super-Hero who writes the blog "Pretty Witty And... The life and times of one lesbian in New York City". The incredibly romantic surprise proposal and acceptance were written about by Rebecca in a post titled: "You can't always plan EVERYTHING..." and in a post by Anne about the proposal, acceptance and subsequent trip to Paris titled "Parisian Games". Anne and Rebecca also have a YouTube channel (whocrz123's Channel) and have done four uploads so far titled  "My Cat is a Person", "Sep 22, 2010 6:19 AM", and "Foodie & Cutie". Thank you for following me Rebecca!

     I had been getting concerned about not having heard or read anything from wedding and portrait photographer and fellow blogger Leah Taas for some time. She hadn't written a post since August 7th, but now she's back! I'm so relieved! She looks wonderful in the photos she posted November 2nd on her blog "LEAH, The journal by Leah, a wedding and portrait photographer. Thank you, Leah, for your sweet comments and for following me on both of my blogspot blogs. You're sweet!
       i love it when bloggers i follow or who follow me have or get their own YouTube channels. It's fun watching all of your videos, hearing your voices and having you be able to comment on my videos.
MalibuMara who writes the blogspot blog .Malibu Mara. recently got her own YouTube channel, Malibumara TV's Channel  and uploaded her first video titled "MalibuMaraTV is Live :)"

     A number of the blogs i follow came to my attention via the blog Fashion Wh0re - "fashion blogging from Lala Land". She has posted the scoop on the upcoming month's fashion magazines from around the world more times than i can remember. Thank you for following my blog!
     Many, many big THANK YOU'S to all of you who have visible links to my blog or follow my blog publicly.
     To Patty Ann, who writes *AlphaBetaChick*: A Los Angeles - based fashion and personal style blogger who models fashions and blogs beautifully;
     To Carina Joana, the fashionista blogger who writes the blog FIERCE and loves fashion. I loved her recent post on Lady Gaga;      
     One of the first fashionistas to be kind enough to follow me and allow a link to my Blogspot blog was fellow fashion blogger daisychain (Laura) who writes "A Daisy Chain Dream": Laura Budd's fashion blog and journal. Laura has been posting frequently again since getting back from  from her long hospital stay which lasted almost four months, from late May through mid-September. She has been back posting fairly frequently, and I loved the photos of her attention-seeking cat. I also loved the video Laura posted in her October 7th, 2010 post, A Daisy Chain Dream: "watch this". Back on August 2nd i had written a post titled: "Anorexia and Bulimia Claim Lives" and I think the video Laura posted has a positive message to add to the subject. CBS later did a news story about officials from the British government planning to meet with advertisers, fashion editors and health experts. I should follow up to find out what progress has been made.
    I love her New Years Resolutions, the adorable photo of her cat, and  her supportive comments. Thank you for bravely following, commenting, your beautiful blog and inspiration Daisy Chain!

Treacle, who writes The Lingerie Addict | Lingerie & Stockings Blog is much more than just a student and aficionado of lingerie. In addition  to acquiring knowledge and expertise Treacle has posed for some incredibly hot pinup photos. i was lucky enough to obtain permission to post one of them here on my blog in a previous post, "Lingerie Addict Update". There is another beautiful pinup photo of Treacle featured in her post titled: "Welcome Facebook Pin-Ups Page Visitors!". Treacle also has a YouTube channel (TheLingerieAddict's Channel) where she uploaded a video of her first foray into burlesque for the course she was taking - the performance of "The Lingerie Addict Burlesque--Treacle Tart as Velvet Le Sole". I  still like her first very brief introduction video, "Meet The Lingerie".


          Many of the favorite comments I have received on my blog posts have been made by Miss Caitlin S. who writes the blog Candyfloss & Persie  about Travel, Photos, Friends, Events, and Fashion. i love Miss Caitlin's direct, honest comments and questions. She once asked: "Why do you like women's underwear so much?" I especially love it that she was brave enough to check out and comment on some of the posts at my over-18 blog titled: "Full Brief Panties Male Modeled"
     Miss Caitlin really knows how to rock a skirt. There are several photos of her rocking a scalloped skirt from Urban Outfitters in her post titled "Scalloped skirt in La-La-Land" and rocking a
striped skirt from Forever 21 which she modeled in her post titled: "horizontal stripes are my friend"
     Miss Caitlin, your very diverse interests, bravery and the contrast between your adventurous nature and the work you excel at amaze me. Thank you for being so candid and asking direct probing questions. i love it!

     A huge thank you to Camila F. of nao me mande flores - internet love  for making some of my favorite comments and for commenting on my over 18 blog "Full Brief Panties Male Modeled. Camila's blog-posts at nao me mande flores cover a wide spectrum of topics including art love, cinema love, decor love, eu quero love, fashion love, gourmet love, music love, photo love and web love. Thank you, Camila, for your comments! Camila is on Twitter too! In fact one of my favorite comments was when she wrote: "I want to see you on their front pages!". Thank you Camilla, for your many, many wonderful comments. I love all the internet love on your blog too.
     Many Thanks:
     To  "London Rose... Where Styles Collide", by Hannah Rose;      
     To Couture Carrie, Fashionista and Editor who always leaves sweet comments. She writes the blogs CC LOVES... and where she posts photos from the latest runway shows, keeps an eye on fashion trends, and gets input on which style we, her fellow fashionistas, prefer.
     I have very much enjoyed Isquisofrenia's comments, replies and reading her blog which is also titled Isquisofrenia. Thank you Isquisofrenia!
     The photos are fantastic on the blog Me, Mo and Myselfby Mo, a raspberry freak born in Paris and living in Sweden who says: "in my world, everyone is a poney, they eat rainbows and poop butterflies" and "Life is too short to wear boring clothes!".
     Many Thanks:
     To Danielle, who writes the blog Fashion Bowie", loves photography, amateur and professional arts, POLAROID, music, tattoos, CATS, street fashion, ALLIGATOR, landscapes, CROWS, mountains, SNAKES, food, pin ups, flowers, shoes, candy, FOXES, cakes, UNICORNS, marshmallows, FIELD, forests and CASA.  Needless to say, the photos on her blog are beautiful and fascinating.
     To Roxxy Astair Cambridge is a Dutch girl with a strong desire to get famous. She is the illustrious author of the blog Roxxy Belle which she spends a lot of time on.  
     To Stephanie Grace who writes the blogs Stephanie Grace and Adventures in Costa Rica;
     i was blown away by the beauty of the photographs from Alannah Hill that Imogen posted on her blog Tia_Cherie, blogging from Sydney Australia;
     To Miss Neira, Boston Fashion Blogger Fashion, Art, Beauty, Style, Celebrities;
     To Sugar, who writes the blog Unicorn Orgy and has a link to my blog;
     I have LOVED reading the laughter from Fabiola Beltrão, a French fashion designer who writes the blog Being Fashion is Being Happy";
     Ruby And Siel, a blog by two Belgian Wonder Girls, is delightful to read and the photographs are beautiful. I loved their recent post "Burlesque (long post)";
     Vanessa aka thehautepursuit writes the blog The Haute Pursuit, of all things cool, glam, & rock 'n' roll;
     Please know that i feel great appreciation for everyone who has been brave enough to follow my blog, Full Brief Panties publicly and leave a comment once in a while. An extra special thank you to those of you who are following or have commented on my over 18 blog "Full Brief Panties Male Modeled", have watched my videos, "liked", favorited, commented on, become a friend or subscribed to my YouTube channel (Mister Panty Buns's Channel). Thank you for putting up with my own "blog pimping" here and my constant reminders that you may download more photos of me male-modeling panties HERE to pass on or republish if you choose;
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Lemon Zest by Wulan a.k.a. wholzy, 24 years old. open minded, love fasion & photography, silly  :),  Being unwanted, unloved and uncared for, forgotten by everybody - Cheer up wholzy! We like you!
      There are just so many of you who are so deserving of a THANK YOU that I would never complete this post if I included all of you.
      To all of you, the many gracious blog owners who have allowed me to comment your blogs;
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     If you were left out or I got something (or more) wrong or for any reason at all, please say something and let me know in the comments. The Beautiful Blogger, Cherished Commenter, and Thank You images are for you. Love and best wishes to all of you. You are all wonderful. Imagine how huge this post would have been if I had given all of you the attention you deserve!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hint Of Scandal: YouTube - Borgstrom: "Julian Assange kicks kittens!"

     I realize this is not within the parameters of what I normally blog about. This is only a quickie off-topic interim post while I continue to procrastinate over completing  the posts I'd previously promised, namely a post expressing appreciation to my commenters and followers and a Briefs Update post.
     The following video is just the tip of one of many icebergs regarding information being withheld in the effort to distract from the real scandals WikiLeaks touches on: Extraordinary rendition and torture, who was involved. who authorized it, who is trying to cover it up, and what methods are they using.
YouTube - Borgstrom: "Julian Assange kicks kittens!"
YouTube -MsSashaMile's Channel
By Elizabeth_M.
Claes Borgstrom explains how a big powerful Swedish politician became involved in tha Julian Assange case. He tells all about the relationship between himself and Thomas Bodstrom, including the real reason he and his friend, chief prosecutor Marianne Ny, chose to pursue the case against Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. Or not.."
The YouTube video Borgstom: "Julian Assange kicks kittens!" is only a small hint of the truths people don't know about Claes Borgstrom, Thomas Bodstrom, Marrianne Ny et al. and the attempts to silence those who would uncover more truths about responsibility for extraordinary renditions and torture. I see Karl Rove's hand in this. It is already known Rove was involved in the reelection campaign of the Swedish Prime Minister in addition to having been "Bush's brain".
     Sorry for the delays in previously promised posts and failure to comment on all of all of your (bloggers I follow) wonderful posts. Have a wonderful year 2011/