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Fbloggers Lingerie Haul, Excuses, Old Pics, Lingerie News and Thanks to Commenters

It has been four months since my last Fbloggers Bbloggers Lbloggers post, and over a year since I made my last customer lingerie review video to embed on this lingerie fashion review blog, "Full Brief Panties".
     Buying full brief panties and blouses has not been a problem for me because I am totally addicted to buying and wearing full brief panties!

     The arduous process of finding pairs of panties that have enough favourable qualities for me to want to review them on this blog may have limited the number of brands I've reviewed to date, but hasn't slowed the pace of my buying panties for myself that I'd love to be seen in and may change as I discover other full coverage briefs.  
       I was a bit shy about having put on 30 pounds andwas having a hard time to getting up the nerve to take outfit photos and videos, but that is no excuse for failing to post.  Needing a new camera has also slowed me down. Another lame excuse.  
       Another attempted excuse: Having eight of my videos wrongfully restricted to viewing by only viewers with YouTube accounts, having two of my videos wrongfully censored and or removed, and subsequently being maliciously slandered by Google's YouTube, all at the behest of bigots, trolls, prudes and other lying fucktards, took all the fun out of blogging and Vlogging for me. When adverse actions are taken against me because the gender association of my underwear doesn't match my gender, that is very blatantly sex discrimination. I even had a photo Deleted from Wikipedia by THIS FUCKTARD, who gave the reason as "Low-quality, unused personal photo. Out of scope." It falsely claimed the media is missing permission information despite said permission having been emailed to Wikipedia and accepted previously.

     This gratuitous censorship really irked me as did a number of my comments on Disqus marked as spam. I do not, nor have I ever, accepted any compensation whatsoever for my photographs, videos, or blogging, and have absolutely no financial motive to spam. The primary thing that made me consider doing this post, and one of the reasons I decided to review full briefs in the first place, is something a woman asked me 43 years ago about me wearing ladies panties: She asked "What good is it if nobody sees them?" If you read the comments to my posts you'll find that the vast majority of women who have left comments on my blog think I should participate in underwear-in-public events and go ahead and get famous showing off the panties I so love to wear - so much so that I feel ashamed and embarrassed for being such a chicken, especially after seeing the bravery of full-figured models like Ashley Graham and all the fabulous people who have participated in Freshpair's National Underwear Day and Freshpair's Confidence Project. Kudos to Freshpair's Chloe Daniels (Twitter @FreshpairChloe)
      It's long past time for me put aside my feelings of hurt and resentment over past wrongful sex-discrimination-based-censorship and wrongful restrictions on some of my previous videos (at the behest of bigoted prudes and trolls), overcome my insecurities about my age and being out of shape, and finally get around to posting reviews of some of  these fashion blouses and classic full briefs. Ashley Graham and the Twitter Hashtags referenced below are good motivational encouragement.  There's more on Ashley Graham further down in the post.

      The backlog of full brief panties I've bought but not reviewed yet is HUGE, and is still growing. I have referenced some of them in my last few posts, and some were purchased relatively recently. I had been hoping to get into better shape before making more male-modeled customer lingerie review videos to upload to my YouTube channel at and for embedding in posts on this blog (or sharing and republishing) further showcasing my blouse and panty hauls. There are full brief panties I took photos of myself wearing yet have failed to take customer lingerie review videos in. An easy example is these Shadowline full briefs custom dyed S.R.I. (Satin Rose Intimates) blue:

You may have read in my earlier post titled "Shadowline and Victorias Secret Lingerie Fashion OOTDs and Reviews with Dressing Room Selfie Photos and Video with Blooper" that I had purchased Shadowline Style 17042 Opacitrique Nylon Full Briefs custom dyed in Satin Rose Intimates yellow, blue and pink as well as some in white and black, both with and without extra lace trim. Sadly, Susan of Freshpair is retiring and is no longer custom dying panties in those lovely S.R.I. colours. I wish her a very happy retirement and only wish I'd purchased more custom dyed panties beforehand. I still haven't taken any photos or videos in the S.R.I. yellow Shadowline panties - or any of the multiple dozens of other briefs I've purchased since my last post.
One of my many excuses for not taking new videos is that the camera I took videos with broke.

My 09/16/2015 Online panty haul:  
Two Vanity Fair 3-Packs Perfectly Yours Ravissant Nylon Brief 15712MP at Freshpair in Pink/Violet/Berry;
Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Premium Tailored Nylon Brief 15-712 at Freshpair in Smokey Grape, Star White and Midnight Black;
Bali Skimp Skamp Brief 2633 at Freshpair in Apple Blossom;
Warners No Pinching No Problems Modern Brief 5738-122914 in Radiant Orchid;
Three pairs of Bali Skimp Skamp Panties 2633 at HerRoom in Tender Pink, Tinted Lavender and Cabbage Rose;
Two pairs of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief Panties 15712 at HerRoom in Soft Blue;
Three pairs of Bali Nylon Freeform Panties Style 26210 at One Hanes Place, two in white and one in black;
One pack of six Hanes Women's Nylon Brief Panties Style 122959 at One Hanes Place in assorted colours.
One might think I'd bought myself enough pairs of ladies full brief nylon panties for the moment, but noooooooo... not me! I've been window shopping the intimates on the ShopNational website  (among many many others).
Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Style 15712 Tailored Nylon Brief Panties are a brand and style that I have purchased in many different colours. I have been wearing this brand and style of panties throughout much of the winter, meaning to model and review them but never getting around to it. It's a shame so few people have seen them on me. On the plus side I love wearing them to bed at night. They are very comfortable and have a delightful slippery soft feel against my skin. This particular brand and style of full brief panties is one of many that would be an excellent candidate for featuring in an edited video, showing off the many different colours (and prints) I've purchased these panties in. In the videos I've made and uploaded so far, I had manually pushed the record button, lurched into the frame, and then lurched back out of the frame to turn the camera off when the reviews were done
. Here is one example of a video with me lurching into the frame and out again while reviewing a pair of these briefs (my apologies if you've already watched this one):     

As with all of the photos and videos of me modeling and reviewing panties, this video was released by me into the public domain and can be copied, shared and published everywhere.

In lingerie news, this pair of see-through panties made the news recently. Check out the stretch fishnet fabric of the back panel of the panties in this photo of the Body by Brinks Tropics turquoise lingerie set


In other RECENT full brief panty news: Amelia Madden Assistant Fashion Editior at POPSUGAR penned an article with the headline: "Exclusive! Ashley Graham Walked NYFW in Just Her Lingerie - and She Was Flawless"
The fashion world was rocked!

Via @HollywoodLife: @theAshleyGraham #Fashion Show at #NYFW featured FABULOUS Plus-Sized Models. Ashley Graham really rocks those now popular #PlusIsEqua and #IAmSizeSexy campaigns Ashley Graham Fashion Show Plus Size NYFW Spring 2016 Addition Elle Pics
Some other articles and videos featuring Ashley Graham and the Addition Elle Lingerie Collection:

"Plus Size Models Take New York Fashion Week: Interview With Ashley Graham and ALDA"  by Erica W. Smith in Style at Bust Magazine;
Check out this excellent article by Grazia Staff at Grazia Daily tiltled: "Ashley Graham NYFW Plus Size Lingerie Show | News | Grazia Daily"! Ashley and her models showcased the lingerie collection she designed in collaboration with the Canadian store Addition Elle (Twitter @AdditionElle).
More fashion buzz:  In New York Fashion Week News via E! Online: @theAshleyGraham Stuns While Modeling Her #Lingerie Line on the New York #Fashion Week Runway - See the Pics!
Ashley Graham is making a big impact on the lingerie fashion industry - hopefully most of the other designers will pull their heads out of the sand and take notice of her success and the new trend in lingerie modeling!

Here are some briefs (pun intended) videos:

Ashley Graham Curves at New Your Fashion Week - YouTube from Addition Elle Video of Addition Elle

Ashley Graham Talks Curvy Role Models at Her NYFW Debut | NYFW 2015 - YouTube uploaded by POPSUGAR Fashion

Ashley Graham Fall 2015 (Full Video) uploaded by Addition Elle Video

Ashley Graham Interview uploaded by Addition Elle Video


I have to admit to still feeling miffed that YouTube removed (without permission and without notice) a popular video I uploaded for my post titled Lbloggers Fbloggers OOTD and Review of Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Panty Briefs and issued a strike against my account for it. If I had been female and wearing sheer briefs like the ones worn on the runway (see image below via POPSUGAR") I probably wouldn't have been bullied by YouTube the way I was.

On the runway, fine with YouTube, and video shown around the world.  



YouTube wrongfully removed my customer lingerie review video featuring these briefs, slandered me, and then wrongfully issued a strike against my account.
     Hopefully I'll be getting it together and take some new photos and videos reviewing and showcasing some of the briefs and panties I've purchased before the year is out.

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