Sunday, December 22, 2019

Google's Blogger Is Malfunctioning

Dear Google and Blogger:
Logged in status fails in new windows. This blogspot blog malfunction is not only preventing preventing me from commenting on other Blogger blogspot blogs,
Please fix this Blogger blogspot malfunction.

UPDATES: On January 15th, 2020 when I used the "View Blog" feature on the Blogger dashboard I was shown as logged in to my own blog and able to reply to comments, HOWEVER, on all Blogspot blogs other than my own (i.e.: those opened from clicking on blog links in my "Reading List") I was still being shown as not logged in.
Less than a half an hour later after having logged out and logged back in, when I used the "view blog" feature or hand type in the URL for my blog it is once again showing me as not logged in on my own blog, even as I am updating this post!. Once again I am unable to reply to comments on my own blog (#BloggerFAIL).

Further UPDATE January 16th, 2020 at 7:30 PM EDT:
Clearly I am logged into my blog right now but I am unable to reply to comments, so I am editing this reply into the text of the post:
Thank you very much for your sympathy and the revelation regarding Amazon's privacy invasions to Manhattan fashionista, photographer, blogger and Vlogger extraordinaire Alicia Mackin of the haute couture blog ALLIE NYC xoxo, Alicia Macklin's YouTube channel videos, and Twitter @AliMackin.
It seems Google and Apple are both far more interested in datamining their users online activity and lavishing obscene amounts of compensation on their management teams than they are with making sure that the blogs of their users are functioning properly.
UPDATE: January 24th, 2020: Blogspot is STILL failing to recognise Blogger logged-in status.
FURTHER UPDATE: On January 29th, after spending over three and a half hours downloading and installing Apple's Security Update 2020-001 10.13.6 and Safari 13.0.5, the incompatibility between Apple's Safari browser and Google's Blogger / Blogspot blog comment system seems to be resolved (fingers crossed). Google still requires that cross-site tracking be enabled in order for Blogspot commenting to work (annoying), but at least IT'S WORKING AGAIN for now... update: NOT
Note: Google's YouTube does recognise logged in status - it's Google's Blogger that does not.
Another UPDATE June 30th, 2020 at 06:30 PM EDT:
Blogger's Blogspot fails to recognise that Blogspot bloggers are already logged in when a new Blogspot window opens. So when I click on "View Blog" in dashboard, the new window for MY OWN BLOG shows me as not logged in. This kind of problem used to show up for some bloggers if Safari's "Prevent cross-site tracking" was checked. I guess Google wanted maximum cookie access? The box is not checked, and cross-site tracking is allowed. It seems that is not enough.
It would appear Google is once again living up to the motto:
How would making your products less friendly to browsers that compete with Google Chrome win more customers for Google? Is it really worth all that bad faith to try to try to pressure Apple into weakening it's computers' security so that Google can increase the information it datamines from Apple's users?
To me, making platforms less compatible with each other does not make sense.
UPDATE 14 July, 2020 Google's Blogger has still failed to fix the error their new programs created such that logged in Blogspot bloggers are not recognised as being logged in whenever a new Blogspot window opens - so the owners / authors of Google's Blogger Blogspot blogs can not even comment on their own posts. It's not like this kind of problem hasn't happened before. What kind of morons is Google employing who would so obliviously ignore prior bugs and just barge on ahead to screw up the ability of so many bloggers to have full functionality of their blogs - leaping without looking?
Further UPDATE, 07/15/2020 09:28 PM EDT: Earlier today I logged in via my YouTube account, and without visiting the Blogger Dashboard was able to comment on a number of Blogspot blog posts.
Now, just a few hours later, apparently the new defective programming on Google Blogger's Blogspot  kicked in, and I am unable to comment on any more Blogspot blog posts, including this one.
Why is Google so determined to ruin one of their own blogging platforms for bloggers having Safari browsers? Unbelievable.