Friday, November 19, 2010

Prudes Get Panties In A Bunch Over Diesel Underwear Photoshoot

Before I get too far into this post I just wanted to apologize again for not having done that post thanking my commenters and followers with a few notes on your blogs. I tend to get a bit bogged down agonizing over whether I should include photos from your blogs or profiles or just links and have been too lazy to get it totally together. I've written a bunch but it's disorganized. I'm also planning to do a post titled "Briefs Update" on some of the new colours of I've tried to buy and or was unable to buy and possibly including a new blouse or two. In the meantime I thought I'd post this tempest-in-a-teapot thats been in the news alot lately since it involves my favorite subject - panties!
     There has been alot of hoopla recently with prudes up in arms and the tabloids getting a juicy subject as a lingerie company, Diesel underwear, rented a Brooklyn Law School library as the set for it's lingerie photoshoot and the dean of the law school apparently felt embarrassed about it afterwards claiming to not  realize the nature of the photos for Diesel's advertising.
     MSN NZ reports "Law school angry over library photo shoot" after Diesel took "photographs of men and women in skimpy lingerie in racy poses alongside books and computers". Daily Mail had an online article with more photos of the models in Diesel Brand underwear posing in a Brooklyn, NY law school library as did which titled an article full of the photos: "Advertisement Photos of Diesel Be Stupid". In fact there were a whole slew of articles that included photos like this one:
Photo of Models Posing In Diesel Brand Underwear Photoshoot
     The photos were posted everywhere in the tabloids, where in typical tabloid fashion there was feigned outrage while making sure to publish the sexy photos.
     The only really controversial part was that the Dean of the Law School which had rented out the space had his panties in a bunch about it after the fact, claiming the law school didn't realize the nature of the photoshoot. Just how detached from reality are all these people who claim to be offended and where do they get off railing against free speech, free press, and photos or videos of the lingerie shoot being published?
     There have been far sexier and more provocative lingerie ads in the past by other companies like Agent Provocateur, plenty of public print lingerie ads by Maidenform for decades, Underwear modeled publicly by Trashy Brand Lingerie models, Victoria's Secret models on television and on the Jumbo-Tron in Times Square, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, The No Pants Subway Ride, The Jamaica Underwear Run in Central Park, NYC, several other public, and countless other events where people showed up in their panties. Appearing in public in panties has really come into vogue ever since Lady Gaga burst onto the scene seeming to appear almost everywhere out in public in her panties, including at the airport, doing screeners a favor. There were plenty of panty-clad people out protesting the TSA's policies of either seeing everyone virtually naked or else groping them to the point of it becoming a sexual assault or abuse. It seems to me that if officials are going to condone forcing people to be seen in their underwear (or less) then voluntarily being out in public should be perfectly acceptable, and in fact it has become so. Models are regularly featured in their underwear on the covers of fashion magazines and the lingerie manufacturers and retailers post videos of their lingerie being modeled in YouTube video as do their customers. Even I have posted videos of myself male modeling different full brief panties on YouTube (Mister Panty Buns's Channel) and have posted photos like this one of myself male modeling ladies panties before:
Vanity Fair Rose Pink Nylon Full Brief Panties Male-Modeled Back View
    The New York Post also posted their report (with photos) on their YouTube channel in a video titled "Troublesome Underwear - New York Post".
     I just couldn't resist making a comment on their video and on all the articles in general.


  1. I love a good underwear controversy!


  2. Oh I do love ads that cause a bit of controversy!

  3. very interesting problem here, I can see it from both angles but I will say that the ads themselves are pretty sexy and bold, I dig it. I guess they need to be better about what they allow to be shot on their campus??? I think we are all kinda past lingerie ads, I mean, rarely do I see one that shocks me anymore and I'm surprised it remains to be an issue! And I remember when you posted on those panties, love pink panties myself! :) ps were you saying you were going to model on top of the chicago building, haha- would be so cold in lingerie!

  4. I don't find anything horrible about the ads... anything can look respectable if done in good taste. The use of the books and the library as the props for the ads is part of the theme they were trying to deliver.

    Like your poses, I didn't find them disrespectful. In fact, I find them so cute. I guess it's all a matter of opinion. To each his own and we cannot please everybody.

    Have a good day! xoxo

  5. I can see how much you love pink! I'm definitely a pink addict myself, in fact I'm thinking of having an entire room dedicated to that color in my future home. Not sure if the boy will be too happy about that though:P


  6. Looks like those people doesn't have anything better to do than complain. I loved your comment on the New York Post video and I totaly agree with you!

    Camila F.

  7. yeah this ads are not too much
    i agree with the rest
    and yeah i will soon have to get those cute maternity dreses!

  8. aww thank you for your comment.
    you might be right about your interpretation of the photos! I think they are beautiful.
    My thanksgiving will be boring too,
    i might spend some time online shopping LOL, my father and i are cooking a small meal, but yea. nothing special.
    thanksgiving is a lame holiday anyway.

  9. @ MalibuMara; For some reason your profile link didn't come out in your comment above so i included it here and hope you don't mind :-)

  10. Hey sweetie! Wanted to thank you for your such caring and sweet comments as usual in my lil blog you've always the one who made my day!!! Hope you're doing great there:) As I thought it's a pretty eye catching from Diesel advertisement and those underwears is cute I'd wish to buy it for fun:) the idea and concept shooting in a law library with books I think it's not a very big deal somehow eveyone have different views and perspective though.
    Hope you had a very lovely thanks giving day!

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  13. Love the ads that cause a bit of controversy etc : ) Happy Wednesday xx

  14. i actually want the long thermal thing!

  15. hahaha... love the 1st pic..