Friday, January 7, 2011

Hint Of Scandal: YouTube - Borgstrom: "Julian Assange kicks kittens!"

     I realize this is not within the parameters of what I normally blog about. This is only a quickie off-topic interim post while I continue to procrastinate over completing  the posts I'd previously promised, namely a post expressing appreciation to my commenters and followers and a Briefs Update post.
     The following video is just the tip of one of many icebergs regarding information being withheld in the effort to distract from the real scandals WikiLeaks touches on: Extraordinary rendition and torture, who was involved. who authorized it, who is trying to cover it up, and what methods are they using.
YouTube - Borgstrom: "Julian Assange kicks kittens!"
YouTube -MsSashaMile's Channel
By Elizabeth_M.
Claes Borgstrom explains how a big powerful Swedish politician became involved in tha Julian Assange case. He tells all about the relationship between himself and Thomas Bodstrom, including the real reason he and his friend, chief prosecutor Marianne Ny, chose to pursue the case against Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. Or not.."
The YouTube video Borgstom: "Julian Assange kicks kittens!" is only a small hint of the truths people don't know about Claes Borgstrom, Thomas Bodstrom, Marrianne Ny et al. and the attempts to silence those who would uncover more truths about responsibility for extraordinary renditions and torture. I see Karl Rove's hand in this. It is already known Rove was involved in the reelection campaign of the Swedish Prime Minister in addition to having been "Bush's brain".
     Sorry for the delays in previously promised posts and failure to comment on all of all of your (bloggers I follow) wonderful posts. Have a wonderful year 2011/


  1. In addition to apologizing for my tardiness in posting and failure to comment on everyone's blogs lately, I'd like to apologize for not visiting the YouTube channels of my followers and commenters as I should have while I was logged in to my own (Mister Panty Buns's) YouTube Channel

  2. It's always nice to hear from you, always talking about important topics! There's no need to apologize!


    Camila F.

  3. I love your blog! Great topic!

  4. Ms Sasha Miles noted that there is more information with respect to the Karl Rove connection on Icicle's Diary | Icicle's blog.

  5. ugh, I wish I could watch this video- I don't have sound on my computer and it's so annoying. I am interested in the different post idea though, you have a great way or writing and I always appreciate your point of view. Personally, I do not believe in Wikileaks or its cause, I think it's doing a lot of damage with potential to do a lot more.

  6. @ Miss Caitlin S.:
    It's too bad you don't have sound on your computer and couldn't appreciate the post. I'm also sorry to hear that you have apparently fallen prey to the LIES AND MYTHS about WikiLeaks. If you do enough research onthe topic you might change your opinion. it hopefully I will soon be updating the post on my Wordpress Blog titled: "What Is The Government Hiding By Blocking WikiLeaks?". Of course if you were a big supporter of George W. Bush, extraordinary rendition, torture, spying on the american people etc.. I could understand it.

    It's quite ironic that Karl Rove, who was part of Richard Nixon's "Dirty Tricks" team, was not only present during planning for the Iraq War and torture planning, but it was Karl Rove who who provided affirmation to reporters of the veracity of the leaks by Richard Armitage to Robert Novak which outed covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson and the CIA front company she and other operatives working on nuclear anti-proliferation were using as a cover in retaliation for her husband, Joseph Wilson's New York Times op-ed titled "What I Didn't Find in Africa".

    Now, as noted in this post, Karl Rove has apparently been involved again

    After I had made a comment wondering about Karl Rove on Ms. Sasha Miles's YouTube Channel page she suggested I have a look at Icicle's Blog. There was a post on that blog titled: "Six Degrees of Karl Rove". They are planning to translate more from their native Swedish into English.

    I really do hope that you're not a big fan of Karl Rove, Miss Caitlin.

    Normally I wouldn't have done a post on a free speech, free press, and censorship topic on this blog, which is more about fashion generally. I just thought the video was amusing (maybe you would have found it so if you had sound and had researched more. Oh well.

  7. yeah but i wish i could buy the shoes i have no money too expensive anywyas!