Monday, January 16, 2012

Incomplete and Not so Brief Report on Briefs

I haven't done any of the new photo and video lingerie reviews of the full briefs, blouses and babydolls which I had been purchasing. I have a backlog of feminine apparel I could show off and write about. I'm still feeling down and discouraged. No new photos or videos of me male modeling and reviewing ladies panties in this post. Sorry.

There have, however, been plenty of instances of women's underwear in the news and pretty pairs of women's knickers I've seen modeled on the internet that I find worthy of blogging about that numerous but that other blogs have for the most part already covered. Among them:

"Lingerie models steal the show at museum" Reads the headline of ninemsn news. Quoting the article: "One of Paris's most prestigious museums is threatening to sue a lingerie company after three of it's models paraded around the Musee D'Orsay in their bras and underwear." There was a YouTube video made of the undie modeling performance titled: "Défi sexy : En lingerie au Musée !" uploaded by Etam Lingerie



Défi sexy : En lingerie au Musée !

Etam Lingerie's models have done a number pf panties in public appearances for their lingerie ads including Défi sexy : En lingerie sur la Tour Eiffel ! at the Eiffel Tower



And Défi sexy : En lingerie à l'aéroport... ! (Note: there's some microphone feedback at the end)

Back on 22 November, 2011 Sadie Whitlelocks did an article in Mail Online titled "Dita Von Teese lingerie line: Queen of burlesque offers sneak peek of debut lingerie line". The article included a photo of Dita modeling a lovely retro stle bra and classic full brief panty set (c) Scope Features. Quoting from that article: "Harking back to the Fifties expect over wire bras, high-waisted briefs and garter belts are accentuated with velvet ribbons, lashings of lace and mesh." The lingerie collection is expected to be available online starting in sometime this coming February, 2012.

I'm always on the lookout for brands and styles of pretty and feminine full coverage panties. I'm lusting after these Wacoal Awareness Briefs. They are a lightweight jacquard in signature awareness calla lily pattern and are intended to sit at the natural waist. They come in Deep Wisteria, Iris Orchid, Magenta, Black, Ivory, and Natural Nude.

The Hanky Panky After Midnight Tulle High Rise Brief has a pretty retro pinup look. It has vertical Chantilly style stretch lace inset panelss and is made of silky sheer stretch tulle with "back ruching for derriere definition".


I also like the looks of the following briefs although I haven't seen them up close and in person or tried them on yet:

American Apparel Micro-Mesh Nylon Tricot High Waist Brief


American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace High-Waist Brief


American Apparel Lace Print Nylon Tricot High-Waist Swim Brief.


Many of the brands and styles of full brief panties I lust after are available at HerRoom, Freshpair, BareNecessities, Satin Rose Intimates, and many other retailers in addition to most of the large department stores, plus size lingerie retailers like Hips and Curves, Lane Bryant and more.

I do not mean to diminish the joy shopping for full brief panties at the many smaller lingerie boutiques nor neglect the online Luxury and Designer Lingerie Boutiques like Faire Frou Frou and Bella Bella Boutique

Included in an articleTriumph Lingerie celebrates 125 years of bras with vintage range - Mail Online was a nice photo of some Triumph retro-style full briefs being modeled on the catwalk at Somerset House as part of London Fashion Week.

A video of the Runway show for the Triumph Lingerie Autumn/Winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week was uploaded to YouTube by LingerieBuyer's Channel
Running time 1:25

There was more performer diversity apparent in this wonderful Photo: apeparty.jpg of burlesque troupe in their lingerie from a BUST Magazine article by Bridgette Miller in Femminizzle on Nov 01, 2011 School-Sponsored Stripping: A Look Inside a College Burlesque Troupe The performances by this burlesque troop look indescribably and wonderfully fulfilling and entertaining both to participate in and to watch. I'm envious that I can't be that young again or be a part of it. Alpha Phi Ecdysia's productions look great! Now I wish I'd gone to the New York School of Burlesque myself to be instructed by the fabulous Headmistress Jo Weldon All the photos in this article are GREAT!

In another full brief panty - related note, fairly recently some prudes made a big deal over a mother and daughter modeling lingerie together, trying to say it was incestuous somehow. Looking at the ad which is currently on the homepage of The Lake and Stars lingerie and the photos of their collections, one sees only pretty lingerie modeled by pretty women. Any incest was in only the minds of the talking heads, and, perhaps, in the corporate relationships had by the networks.


Now that retro style full knickers are in vogue I'm discovering more and more gorgeous high waist briefs advertised that I have been lusting after.

By way of truly gorgeous opaque full coverage knickers there are some
gorgeous retro high waist full brief satin panties shown modeled at Dollhouse Bettie. I WANT THEM ALL!

There are also some beautiful retro style high waist panties shown at Secrets In Lace, at Lucy B (Vintage Inspired) Lingerie, at retro brief knickers at If You Please Lingerie. I like the these images of full brief knickers uploaded by If You Please Lingerie titled: "maitressesuspft.jpg" and "maitressbk.jpg".

The posts I've been so tardy doing will, if I ever do them, be titled "A Briefs Update (Part 3)" and Male Models Maidenform Dreams (Part 2)". One of the reasons I have postponed those posts is that I am feeling very discouraged. The long lost love I haven't seen in over 40 years hasn't spoken to me in over a year and a half and I've felt lacking in incentive to get back into shape. If I ever do the posts they would lkely include some new photos and videos of me male modeling and reviewing ladies full brief panties on YouTube, on this blog and for my Twitpics and Pictures by Panty Buns - Photobucket. A few the brands of lingerie and tops I've purchased but failed to male-model and review are briefs from Bali, Maidenform, ShopNational, Vanity Fair, Warners and WinterSilks and tops from D.H. Styles, Lane Bryant, Macys, J C Penney, and more.


  1. I left out a number of lovely briefs due to the fact that a number of them were quite sheer (self-censorship). If they had been worn by a male they probably would have been censored. I may include them in my over 18 blog Full Brief Panties Male Modeled at a later date. If you are a fashionista, on Twitter, and I'm not following you please let me know your Twitter name? Mine is @Panty_Buns

  2. I know better that expect anything of you - you know who you are - but I'm still Lost Without You ( Delta Goodrem-YouTube) and probably always will be - I 've been lost ever since you slipped away (Avril Lavigne Live -YouTube) almost 41 years ago . I been lost without you ever since. My soul aches. Without you no other purpose that seems to have any significant meaning. It's just getting to hard looking forward to my love being unrequited for the rest of this life at the same time there can be no White Flag Dido - YouTube - It appears "I will go down with this ship" Love can really hurt.

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    Wow, so much lingerie information here! I love the Dita looks, that is SO cute. She does such a great job adding vintage sexiness to modernwear. And I like the brightness from the videos.

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