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CW_network: Renew Nikita | Wrath of Nikitaverse

This post is yet another (5th) update/continuation of my prior post (significantly off topic for this blog's theme) titled: HELP SAVE NIKITA! We Need Nikita Season 3! It's on the subject of my favourite television show, NIKITA.

My January post Incomplete and Not so Brief Report on Briefs was much more representative of my blog's theme - on the subject the many brands of full brief panties which I love to buy, wear, review and male model both on my blogs and in my YouTube uploads on Mister Panty Buns's Channel.

The ALL NEW Nikita Episode 2x19 "Wrath" airs Friday April 20th, 2012 at 8 PM EDT/7c on CW TV. We will be trying to trend #RenewNikita on Twitter at 7 PM Eastern time and if it doesn't trend we will be adding "Wrath of Nikitaverse" to our tweets starting at 7:30 PM EDT/4:30PM Pacific.

The trend idea submissions, trend vote list, and tallies were the work of Julie @CW_posts_early on her trending account @KickassNikita. The winning trend idea was submitted by @nikitaobsession and I blabbed it all over the place via my Twitter @Panty_Buns and YouTube account Mister Panty Buns's Channel.

Here is the written synopsis from CW TV:

"When Nikita (Maggie Q) worked for Division, she targeted a man named Nicholas Brandt (guest star Rick Ravanello) and infiltrated his inner circle. She captured him and he's been behind bars ever since. However, Percy (Xander Berkeley) springs Brant, and his first mission is to capture Nikita for payback. After he has her in his clutches, he tortures her, forcing Nikita to face a side of herself she thought she had long buried. Meanwhile, Percy continues to play mind games with Michael (Shane West), Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sean (Dillon Casey), pushing one of them to the brink of death. Aaron Stanford also stars. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Albert Kim."

Nikita 2x19 "Wrath" Producer's Preview

WATCH THIS! See why Nikita is a MUST-SEE!

Nikita - What Now? Trailer

We will be attempting to trend #RenewNikita on Twitter Friday April 20th 7PM EDT/4PM PDT. If unsuccessful trending #RenewNikita by 7:30 EDT Nikita fans will be attempting to add the trend Wrath of Nikitaverse starting at 7:30 PM EDT/ 4:30 PM Pacific.

They have also just started a Twitition - Emmy For Maggie Q.

Don't miss out on this great show! Watch Nikita on CW Television Tag: NIK219

UPDATE: image Wrath of Nikitaverse Trending World Wide jpg

Notes: The current TV series Nikita was preceded by Luc Besson's 1990 film Nikita also known as La Femme Nikita, the 1993 film "Point of No Return" starring Bridget Fonda and the earlier TV series "La Femme Nikita" broadcast as Nikita in Canada. That Nikita series starred Peta Wilson as Nikita.

Some of the actors and actresses who play (or played) characters of the current TV series Nikita are (as listed in alphabetical order by first name under "LABELS" (tags) at the bottom of both my both posts so far about the TV series Nikita. Longer descriptions of the characters in the current TV series Nikita can be read in Wikipedia's List of Nikita Characters:

Aaron A. Stanford as Seymore "Nerd" Birkhoff @AaronAStanford on Twitter;

Alberta Watson as Senator Madeline Pierce @Alberta_Watson on Twitter Alberta Watson (IMDB) also played Madeline in the earlier TV series "La Femme Nikita" which was broadcast as Nikita in Canada;

Ashton Holmes as Thom;

Devon E Sawa as Owen Elliot, a "Guardian". His Twitter is @DevonESawa;

Dillon Casey as ex Navy Seal Sean Pierce, son of Senator Madeline Pierce. His Twitter is @DillonCasey.

Helena Mattsson plays Cassandra, a double agent for MI 6 and Gogol and the mother of Michael's child;

Lyndie Greenwood as Sonya, a relatively new but brilliant techie working for Division. There is rivalry and mutual attraction between Seymour "Nerd" Birkhoff and Sonya;

Lyndsy M. Fonseca (Wikipedia) as Alexandra Udinov, the daughter of Nicolai and Katya Udinov. Her Twitter is @LyndsyMFonseca . A large part of the plot is centred around her character. Nikita fans have generally been unconcerned that the last name of the daughter of a Udinov and the last name of her mother Katya should both be Udinova;

Melinda Clarke as Amanda, division's Inquisitor @TheRealMsClarke on Twitter. Melinda Clarke had previously played the fictional character "Lady Heather", a dominatrix on the TV show CSI. Her character's role has similarities to those of Madeline (Alberta Watson) in the previous series "La Femme Nikita";

Maggie Q (Wikipedia) as Nikita Meers@MaggieQ on Twitter;

Noah Bean (Wikipedia) as C.I.A. analyst Ryan Fletcher @noah_bean on Twitter;

Peter J. Lucas as Sergei Semak;

Peter Outerbridge (Wikipedia) as Ari Tasarov, head of the Russian mercenary company Gogol;

Rob Stewart (Wikipedia) as Roan, head "Cleaner" for Percy and Division;

Sarah Clarke as Katya Udinov, mother of Alexandra Udinov (both last names should properly be Udinova). In real life Sarah Clarke, who plays Katya Udinov on Nikita, is married to Xander Berkely who plays Percy on the same show;

Shane West as Michael. Shane's Twitter is @shanewest_1;

Thad Luckinbill as Nathan, Alexandra's neighbor whom she had dreams of having a family with;

Tiffany Hines (Wikipedia) as Jaden, one of Alex's fellow Recruits at Division who had an interest in Thom. Her Twitter is @tiffanyhines;

Xander Berkeley as Percy, an sociopathic manipulative evil homicidal mastermind who carries out vile acts for powers that be and on the side for himself and, in his own rationalizations, for Division.

Wikipedia's List of Nikita Episodes (click here).

Nikita episode descriptions by CW TV and also published on KSiteTV by author Craig Byrne.

Nikita Episode 2x20 "ShadowWalker" to air on CW TV Friday April 27, 2012 at 8 PM EDT/ 7c

"BIRKOFF IS ARRESTED BY THE FBI — Nikita (Maggie Q) convinces a reluctant Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) to use 20 million dollars of his own money in a plan to bankrupt Percy (Xander Berkeley) and Division, but when Percy ends up stealing Birkhoff’s entire life savings, Birkhoff and Nikita clash. Team Nikita has one last chance to hit Percy again, but Birkhoff is arrested trying to regain his millions and Nikita realizes she must break him out of jail before Division gets to him. Michael (Shane West) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) go after Birkhoff’s stolen money while Nikita goes to save Birkhoff. Nick Copus directed the episode which was written by Kristen Reidel."

Description of Nikita episode 2x21 "DeadDrop" to air on CW TV on Friday May 4, 2012 at 8 PM EDT/ 7c

"RYAN TELLS NIKITA IT’S TIME TO INVOLVE THE CIA — When it looks like Percy’s (Xander Berkeley) nuclear weapons plan is getting out of control, Ryan (guest star Noah Bean) suggests they go to the Director of the CIA, Morgan Kendrick (guest star Brian Howe), for help. Nikita (Maggie Q) is vehemently opposed to the plan and is surprised when Michael (Shane West) takes Ryan’s side. Tensions escalate when Nikita is proven right after they discover Kendrick has a link to Percy. Meanwhile, Sean (Dillon Casey) is shot by Percy’s men, shaking Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) to the core. Aaron Birkhoff also stars. Michael Robison directed the episode written by Kalinda Vazquez."

Description of Nikita Episode 2x22 "Crossbow" to air on CW TV on Friday May 11, 2012 at 8 PM EDT/ 7c

"PERCY THREATENS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES — Percy (Xander Berkeley) calls the President the United States (guest star Cameron Daddo) and threatens to set off a nuclear explosion unless his demands are met. Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) finds two scientists who could help stop Percy’s new nuclear satellite, so Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) head after one and Sean (Dillon Casey) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) look for the other. Unfortunately, Alex and Sean get caught at the very location that Percy blows up as an example of his power. Meanwhile, Nikita realizes the best way to stop Percy is to go into the belly of the beast – Division itself. Danny Cannon directed the episode written by Andrew Colville."

Description of Nikita season finale: episode 2x23 "Homecoming" to air on CW TV on Friday May 18, 2012 at 8 PM EDT/ 7c

"IT’S NIKITA VS PERCY IN THIS EXPLOSIVE SEASON FINALE — Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) invade Division in an attempt to capture Percy (Xander Berkeley). Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sean (Dillon Casey) get caught in a deadly gunfire battle with the U.S. Marines and Ryan (Noah Bean) must convince the President of the United States not to destroy Division until he is sure Nikita and Michael are safely out of the building, but the President is eager to end Percy’s reign. Meanwhile, Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) asks Sonya (guest star Lyndie Greenwood) for help, and Nikita corners Percy in his office, but he pulls out one final trick that may cost her the battle. Eagle Egillson directed the episode written by Carlos Coto."

During the course of watching past Nikita episodes innumerable times I realized that there is more than ample material (a lot of really ludicrous stuff) for one or more feature length spoofs of Nikita. It's too bad Leslie Nielsen isn't still with us. He'd be fantastic as a bumbling Percy.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy having some of Nikita's cast members reply to me or retweet me as well as reading their tweets:

For more reading on Nikita see my previous post: HELP SAVE NIKITA! We Need Nikita Season 3!

You can watch Nikita on Fridays at 8 PM EDT/7c. If you have a Twitter account and want to help with World Wide Nikita trends they start Fridays at 7PM Eastern / 6 Central / 4 PM Pacific time.


On Friday May 11th just as we had been finishing preparations to do a Twitter trend including the words "Renew Nikita" producer Craig Silverstein tweeted an earth-shattering BOMBSHELL OF A NEWS RELEASE via a Tweet on his Twitter account @sesfonstein!

Craig Silverstein"Um, don't know if y'all are interested but Nikita season 3 is ON!!!"
MaggieQ: "Holy SHIT! Thank u Nikita supporters! We DID it!" Here are the pics of the Tweets:

Needless to say the trend idea "Renew Nikita had to be changed. Last Minute we picked "NIKITAAA Renewed"

Enjoy Season 3 of Nikita, Nikitaverse!

The renewal of Nikita for Season 3 changes everything. This post will be updated in the future (hopefully soon). I will add some postscripts, may do a new Nikita post or may even start a new blog devoted to Nikita. The writing is already underway.

In the meantime I should have been be summoning my nerve and thinking of what to do, blog, post and Tweet about for Friday May 4th, "No Pants Day" - here on this blog, on my Twitter @Panty_Buns and if I'm brave enough to participate (I'm such a scaredy cat) post a video to my YouTube Channel.

Update: Find out what did and didn't happen - I've done a post titled Click here to read the post I wrote on No Pants Day - May 4th, 2012.


  1. You absolutely MUST participate in "No Pants Day"! You would fit right in. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. If I do I hope its in the news or that someone photographs it, lets me have copies and that I don't get arrested and jailed in my panties (heart pounding and in throat, quivering). I'm such a scaredy cat and at the same time wondering where I'd participate - Time Square? Grand Central Station? Near a TV station? By some televised event? I feel like such a chicken.
      P.S.: Love your blog, Glam Kitten's Litter Box

  2. haha aw, I seriously feel for you! I hate losing shows that I love! It's so annoying- any progress made????

    1. I think there is a reasonable chance of it being renewed but I was dumb letting myself get so attached to it. I need to get back to living life and, of course, doing my lingerie reviews of "Full Brief Panties" I don't know when they'll decide whether they're going to renew Nikita or when they'll let us know.

    2. NIKITA HAS BEEN RENEWED! 22 Episodes of Nikita Season 3!