Monday, May 27, 2013

Customer Lingerie Review of National Full Coverage Nylon Lace Trim Briefs

      For this lingerie outfit post I've paired a batwing sleeve Elle Lace Top in Ultramarine Green from Kohl's with a pair of lace trimmed Full Coverage Nylon Briefs from National.
     Quoting from Kohl's webpage: "ELLE tops are fashion forward. Lacey open-work design makes this women's top a trendy choice. Accessorize with jewelry from our ELLE collection to complete your head-turning ensemble.
Batwing sleeves offer modern style.
Smocked inset on the front ensures a flattering fit.
Soft cotton blend and full lining lend continuous comfort.
Short sleeves
Body: cotton/nylon
Lining: polyester
Machine wash
     I have been getting catalogs from National for many many years. They carry a variety of comfortable women's apparel at very reasonable prices.
      I purchased 2 three packs (6 pairs) of the Lace Trim Full Coverage Nylon Brief 1440 in "Assorted (1 Pink, 1 White, 1 Blue)"  by telephone from the National catalog at 1-800-480-4673, since my browser is having difficulty connecting to their website at  The National catalog is from National Wholesale Co., Inc., 400 National Blvd., Lexington, NC, 27294. A description of these briefs from their catalog: Lace Trim Full Coverage Nylon Brief 1440 "Silky-soft smoothness and waist-high styling.Stretch lace trim. Cotton lined crotch. Machine wash, dry. Imported. All White, All Beige, or Assorted (1 Pink, 1 White, 1 Blue )"

     I also purchased some support stockings, a garter belt, and some Vanity Fair Nylon Lace Inset Briefs in Aqua from National. I was very pleased with the quality of the lingerie I've purchased from National and have found their customer service to be extremely pleasant and helpful.
    MOV-Mister_Panty_Buns-models-National-Full_Coverage-Nylon-Briefs.AVI - YouTube
The outfit I've chosen for this customer lingerie review video pairs an Elle batwing sleeve Lace Top in Ultramarine Green from Kohl's with a pair of pale pastel pink lace trimmed Full Coverage Nylon Briefs from National.
TRANSCRIPT: "This full  coverage nylon panty, I ordered from Shop National dot com ,  Uh, I got it in two packages of Assorted, with pink, white and blue. Uh, this a uh, a very pale pink. Um, this full coverage panty is very comfortable, and silky soft. Uh, the service is excellent, uh, the price is very reasonable, and I'll be shopping with National um, a lot more in the future. Uh, I've paired it today with an Elle scoop laced, uh, an Elle scoop neck lace top, Obviously it's got bat-wing sleeves. This lingerie review video is released into the public domain for all purposes. Please share it everywhere."
Mister Panty Buns models lace trim Full Coverage Nylon Briefs from National  

     male models National Full Coverage Nylon Lace-Trim Briefs 

All of the photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please feel free to share, display and publish them everywhere. You can see more of my customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube (Mister Panty Buns's Channel) or tweet me on Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns
Originally I had been planning a large post titled "5 Shades of Pink" and was going to include this review. I am way behind, and though I've ordered some more full briefs and blouses to male-model and review, there is now way I would have had such a large post done this month. Sorry this one is so late and short. 
     How do you feel about inexpensive but comfortable full-coverage "Granny Panties"? Though I like the comfort I was disappointed at how little colour they have in them. They're a very pale pastel pink. What do you think of the look and colour of these nylon full brief panties? 


  1. I apologise once again for taking so long in between posts. I'm working on new ones and should probably do another post sometime in the near future thanking you, my commenters. The URL for this post is

  2. I love a good bat-wing! I have a lot of tops like that and I love them. I'm glad you had such a good experience with Shop National. I have never heard of them but I'm interested in checking them out. And don't worry about length between posts, blogging takes a long time! Totally understandable. Have a great week friend!

  3. I'm very picky when it comes to lingerie and it's hard to find a suitable shape and then I don't find the color I want, of course, so I feel your "pain".:) Sometime I just wish I could (or better yet know how to) make everything myself! And that lace green number is adorable!!

  4. I do think they are a lovely colour but I can understand what you mean, more colour in them would be even better! I adore the top, I'm really loving this colour at the moment. Good to see you posting again. Thanks again for such beautiful comments, really makes my day every time.

  5. I think inexpensive + comfortable is a fabulous combination! And I kinda like this very pale pink.

  6. Fabulous review!
    Love that top!


  7. P.S. I have almost exclusively side tie bikini bottoms, and not only do they stay put, they are the most flattering!


  8. I'm not on youtube or twitter at the moment. I used to have a twitter but I never really used it. I am however planning to create a new twitter account soon and get into that properly so I'll let you know when I do.

  9. I wrote a customer review of these Full Coverage Lace Trim Nylon Panties at ShopNarional on ShopNational's website right after I had first tried them on and worn them to bed to sleep in - a while before I had taken the photos and video in this post. I should have re-read my own review on the ShopNational website prior to writing the post. Reading my own review might have reminded me that the colours are more noticeable in natural light than they appeared in the photos and video (Mister Panty Buns models National Full-Coverage Nylon Briefs - YouTube) I took in them and was looking at when I wrote this post.

    Here is the text of my earlier customer review of the Full Coverage Lace Trim Nylon Panties at ShopNarional:

    "These pretty full cut nylon briefs are some of the most comfortable and silky soft panties I have ever worn and that's saying a lot. I am a lingerie addict and have tried all different brands. These briefs don't ride up, have a generous cotton lined gusset, and a pretty lace waistband. I was pleasantly surprised with the pastel colours of the briefs in this package (pink, white and blue). Many manufacturers put so little colour into their briefs that one has to look twice to make sure which colour they are, but the pink and blue of these briefs are nice shades and the white is really white. Not only do they look pretty to me as I view them in the mirror, but the fabric is silky smooth and feels heavenly against my skin. I feel like wearing them around the clock. I have not yet taken photos of myself modeling them but they are so pretty that I'm sure I will and would love to submit them sometime in the future."