Monday, November 30, 2009

Lady Gaga Falls, Later Trips During Montreal Performance (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez took a pratfall as well recently at a recent Awards performance. When will they learn not to allow such a glossy slippery finish on floors where they know people will be dancing? Lady Gaga looked incredibly HOT as always. I will be forever grateful she brought exposed panties into style. Lady Gaga in not only a treat to listen to and pretty, but she always manages a superbly entertaining performance. It is a shame the slippery floor caused her to have to restrict her moves somewhat. I'd be curious as to what Paula Abdul would say about the floor conditions. Then again, Paula Abdul is such a well studied dancer, she would no doubt have dealt with it well. It is hard to think of Lady Gaga, panties and dance without thinking of Madonna too. Madonna can dance! Love them both.
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  1. PLEASE make and post a video of YOURSELF dancing around in your panties and post it, or go out and run around in your panties in front of some TV news cameras. You dared us to help make you famous in your panties and asked if we were too chicken to help. Stop being so chicken yourself, Mister Panty Buns! I want to see you put that pantied fanny of yours on YouTube and Jerry Springer. Write a book and then get yourself on the nightly news. Then maybe you can get Oprah to have you on and shame you about it. That would be funny.

  2. I hope this is all right...I'm having a lingerie giveaway on my blog right now and would love for you to enter! :-)

  3. hi! thanks so much for your comment, yeah they have a bodyshop here, just one minute walking from my house ;)

  4. thanks hon for yoru comment
    omg she falls i need to watch this
    and yeah i couldn not go just with panties either
    hahahah imagine

    great blog!!

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  6. I just wrote a NEW post on Lady Gaga and will undoubtedly write more in the future.