Friday, June 11, 2010

Apology and a Belated 2010 Undie Award Update

First, an apology: i am way, way, way overdue on writing a new post. i apologize  profusely to my followers and commenters who had been looking for a new post. 
The opportunities have been rushing by and i have been exceedingly tardy and slothful. i really should submit to some well deserved good old fashioned spankings. 
Among the subjects i had thought about doing posts on were: 
All the hoopla concerning Lady Gaga's recent appearances at: A baseball game wearing the same bra and panties she wore in the Music Video Telephone. The paparazzi went nuts with the cameras right behind home plate causing her to have to move and some booing whereupon she flipped a double bird and the news media all covered it, and; Her appearance at her sister's Catholic school graduation in a see-through outfit (with her panties showing, naturally). 
Some of the future posts i had intended to write about include but are not limited to:  
Modeling, Anorexia and Bulimia;    
Appreciation for the followers of my blog and their comments as well and links to a few examples from amongst the countless wonderful posts on their blogs;      
Care of silk briefs. (male model), and possibly;  
More About The Historic Maidenform Ads, or; 
If i get around to doing enough research, a more comprehensive look at the history and evolution of the kind of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau and Ravissant full briefs, like the rose pink nylon panties i male-modeled in this YouTube video. If i do the post on Care of Silk Briefs i will, of course, post a short video clip on my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns) and then embed it in the post here. 
Now to that belated Undie Award update:    
HerRoom has uploaded a YouTube video for the 2010 Undie Awards Overall Winners . The 2010 Overall Panty Award was won by the Bali Style 2633 Skimp Skamp Brief which comes in a number of colours including White, Moonlight, Mocha Mist, Rosewood, Animal Print, Pink Champagne, Blue Skye, and Black. 


  1. Sorry i'm taking so long to write the posts mentioned above and to give my followers the attention and spotlight they deserve (naughty me). Hope you'll stop by my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns) or my other blogs and let me know your thoughts. Have a great weekend and a wonderful upcoming summer!

  2. interesting,
    i was wondering where you went i thought you abandoned the blog!
    can't wait for your upcomming topics they sound interesting

  3. Well, well- look who is back??? Your new topics sounds super insightful and really interesting so I hope you become "unslothful" and post of them!!!! I would love to hear your take on such lofty issues (Gaga is lofty to me, yes). I hope YOUR summer is going beautifully!!!

  4. Hi there, I'm glad you're back! I missed your posts!

  5. Welcome back, darling!
    No apologies necessary!

    Looking forward to your future posts :)


  6. At last, a post from you. I will definitely check out those You Tube videos. Miss your post in your other blog too. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  7. Welcome back! No worries, we all go through blogging phases : ) Have a lovely week xx

  8. oh yeah you were gone too long!glad your back with all your info about undies,
    i recently went to buy a bra and i saw a lot of maidforms undies and it reminded me of you.
    i didnt buy any bra cuz i dont wear them but i thought it was time for me to start.
    well i had to wear one with the sheer blouse
    and i had that one since i graduated from high shcool which was 9 years ago.
    ok so im gonna go now ,im typing a lot
    have a nice weekend and thank you for your amaizng comment
    your the best

  9. thank you, yes i had one next to my bed when i was little but then it got lost!
    it was very pretty too!

  10. Hope everyone Stateside (U.S.A.) had a happy and healthy Fourth of July. i got to watch some fireworks myself and reflect.
    Hope your days were beautiful wherever you were. Love, Panty Buns,

  11. awww... me too darl..
    i 've been a mont not in blogspere because i was so busy..
    still, this post is lovely..


  12. welcome back ! i didn't know about Lady gaga's appearances !

  13. thank you, yeah i love the tee too!

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