Monday, July 12, 2010

Lady Gaga And Fame In Panties

Naturally when looking for News about Lady Gaga i checked the official Lady Gaga : News web-page posted by HAUSOFGAGA on July 9th, 2010.  Following a short paragraph (with photo) of Lady Gaga at Rockefeller Plaza where 25,000 of her "Little Monsters" had gathered to watch her perform live and in person on The Today Show, it appeared there were some videos, but i guess my browser settings weren't right.
As i am still writing this i checked Lady Gaga : News : New Tweet From @ladygaga. Lady Gaga's Tweet: 25,000 LILMONSTERS   GATHERED WITH THEIR CLOUD=RAIN MAKING THE PERFORMANCE OF A MISFITS LIFETIME: Lady Gaga Teeth Live On The Today Show.
While browsing the results of  Google searches for news on Lady Gaga and visiting some of those sites, naturally i stopped by the Today Show site where there were both an article the title of which began: "Lady Gaga draws 20,000 to Rockefeller Plaza -" and a 43 photo slideshow titled "Photos: Fashion gone Gaga".
 i  enjoyed re-visiting a past 18 photo slideshow of Lady Gaga  titled "LOOK MA, NO PANTS!" published Nov. 24th, 2009 in "Best of 2009 | Lady Gaga: The Years Most Daring Fashionista. There were some great photos in it.
E! Online had an article by Ella Ngo titled: "Lady Gaga Kills It in Rainy Rockefeller Plaza".
Amongst other Lady Gaga news, reports and blogs, i came across a number of MTV News articles. i enjoyed visiting MTV's Artist Page for Lady Gaga recently and reading the brief two paragraph "".
On July 9th, 2010 MTV News published an article written by Jocelyn Vena titled: "Lady Gaga Writhes In The Rain For 'Today' Show". There was also an
MTV News article by Nuzhat Naorheen with additional reporrting by Kimberly Reynolds titled "Lady Gaga Fans Camp Out For Days for 'Tody' Performance".  Two days earlier, on July 7th, MTV News had an article by Maura Johnston titled "Lady Gaga Plays Triumphant Homecoming Show At Madison Square Garden" and the day before that there was an article by Kyle Anderson of MTV News titled "".    
A lot of news outlets and blogs reported on Lady Gaga having become
the most popular living person on Facebook including  Jezebel which ran a paragraph by Irin Carmon titled "Lady Gaga Beats Obama In The Battle Of Facebook Fans"
Visiting the Lady Gaga Official YouTube Channel and the YouTube LadyGagaVEVO channel, both which i subscribed to via my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns), i noted she has has over 127,000,000 upload views and around 38,000,000 channel views on the Lady Gaga Official YouTube Channel, and over 800,000,000 views on her Lady GagaVEVO YouTube channel.  So what's the big surprise about her having the most Facebook fans with over 11,000,000? Were you surprised? i wasn't surprised at all.  
Lady Gaga does have a knack for attracting attention and causing controversy, sometimes in ways that remind me of Madonna and sometimes in ways that seem to shock the press despite their knowing how she craves attention and fame. In a previous post i mentioned how the paparazzi went nuts when she made an appearance behind home plate at a baseball game (it was a Mets Game at Citi Field) wearing a bra and panty set  that looked similar to the ones she she wore in her music video Telephone which also starred Beyonce. The distraction had roved to much and the Mets had her moved to Jerry Seinfeld's private box seats without his permission. She was reportedly pissed at the paparazzi's having gone overboard and causing her to have to be moved and flipped them one fingered salutes, first with one hand and then with both.
It was not long after that when Lady Gaga made news again by showing up at a Yankees baseball game, again without pants and wearing a Yankee pinstripe jersey with her black bra, panties and fishnets showing. The jersey was unbuttoned at the top and tied in a knot near the bottom, allowing the paparazzi to put their telephoto lenses to good use. The Huffington Post published the photos in post titled: "Lady Gaga Drinks Beer In Her Underwear At Yankees Game (PHOTOS)". The photos were also published at Cele|bitchy.
Among the many articles and blog posts with photos had been one at Jezebel titled: "Lady Gaga Throws Fit, Flips Bird At Mets Game". The tabloids like the Daily Mail's Mail Online had jumped in with both feet with an article titled "Batty Lady Gaga wears studded bra and knickers to the baseball".  and describing the way she dressed as inappropriate while eagerly publishing a number of photos of her supposedly inappropriate attire in an article titled "Lady Gaga stands out from the crowd at sister's graduation".
The Hollywood Gossip quoted Lady Gaga as saying "A middle finger is more New York than a corporate ambush. I bleed for my hometown, and I'd die for my fans." and "I guess I'm just a Bronx cheer kind of girl." The article at which included photos, was titled: "Lady  Gaga Defends Her Baseball Cheering Methods".
                                                                                                        also, naturally, also did a post titled "Lady Gaga's Wet'n Wild "Today" Show Performance".  
My apology again for the extended delays on not having done some of the (quote from last post) future posts i had intended to write about include but are not limited to:
Modeling, Anorexia and Bulimia;  
Appreciation for the followers of my blog and their comments as well and links to a few examples from amongst the countless wonderful posts on their blogs;    
Care of silk briefs. (male model), and possibly;
More About The Historic Maidenform Ads, or;
If i get around to doing enough research, a more comprehensive look at the history and evolution of the kind of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau and Ravissant full briefs, like the rose pink nylon panties i male-modeled in this YouTube video. If i do the post on Care of Silk Briefs i will, of course, post a short video clip on my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns) and then embed it in the post here. i also apologize for not having done any new posts on my other blog, Full Brief Panties Male Modeled. Unfortunately i have let myself gain weight and get even more out of shape. Somehow i seem to be getting older too, though i don't know how (excuses, excuses). It may have to be a mostly-text post. Maybe i should write about getting as famous in panties as Lady Gaga is.
Though Lady Gaga does look good in all the lingerie she wears, naturally i would love it even more if she would perform and appear in the kind of full brief panties that i love to wear and be seen in myself even more often than she already does. It is, after all, those full brief panties in public (along with her composing, singing, performing, entertaining and outspokenness) which were part of her original path to fame.


  1. Thank you everyone for being so patient and for your comments. i know i should make the effort to thank each of you because you deserve it. i do really love the comments you leave here, at my blog Full Brief Panties Male Modeled. If you get a chance i hope you will check out some of the videos on my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns)as well. :-)

  2. Grace The Spot has uploaded two videos of Lady Gaga's Madison Square Garden performance on July 9th, 2010 to gracethespot's YouTube channel. The videos are cryptically titled: GTS MSG GG (for part 1) and GTS MSG GG2 (for part 2 - the letters standing for Grace The Spot Madison Square Garden GaGa 1 and 2).

  3. Yeah, she's a really powerful woman. I think she's great!

  4. nomatter who she is, i like lady gaga, she is smart and have great self confidence..
    and i like ur writting too dear..
    but u should up load some photo to make it perfect..
    great job..

  5. You do have a fondness for the full-brief huh? More to the imagination. I have a feeling Gaga could rock them quite well!! She is always thinking outside the box.

  6. i think she and you can pull it off.
    and yeah scream is good
    my mom says that sometimes we should go in our closet and scream our lungs out
    dont know why hahha

  7. no matter what, i love lady gaga. she is so bold and never seems to care what anyone says

    xx lue

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