Friday, June 17, 2011

A Briefs Update, Part 2

I am way behind on what I intended to be a more comprehensive update, and self-modeled photo and video customer review of all the various brands, styles and colours of full briefs I have purchased recently in addition to reporting on full brief panties in the news. Unfortunately the self modeled briefs and reviews of them will have to wait until a later post.

In the way of news I saw an article recently an article recently titled: "SlutWalk London: Hundreds turn out in lingerie for march |" but there weren't as many photos of ful briefs as I'd hoped.

In other news, two of my favourite styles of full brief nylon panties which I wear regularly were 2011 UNDIE AWARD WINNERS

HerRoom posted videos for the winners on YouTube.

The 2011 Undie Award Winner: Regular Cut Brief -Vanity Fair 15712 in the video embedded below is one I have male-modeled myself.

I am wearing a pair of these Vanity Fair style 15712 Ravissant full brief nylon panties right now as I'm typing this and in fact bought them at HerRoom. They are so silki soft, comfortable, and feel wonderful against my skin. I wear them to bed at night too and hate to ever take them off.

The rel="nofollow">YouTube - 2011 Undie Award Winner: Overall Panty - Vanity Fair 13001 is also one of my favorite panties. I love these Style 13001 Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties and intend to buy more of them from HerRoom. I have male-modeled a pair of these briefs on my own YouTube channel and am perplexed by why two of the videos of me modeling these briefs are still currently flagged as "This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users" so people have to log in to see them. As everyone can see there is nothing inappropriate here.

Here is a YouTube video of me that was mistakenly (benefit of the doubt) false flagged male-modeling the exact same brand and style of briefs, back view only. It is titled


Transcript: "The ladies full brief nylon panties that I'm wearing right now are Vanity Fair's Memoir Rose Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties. I love these panties and the color especially, which I wish that they still made. Um, as you can see, the gusset has a straight across rear seam, unlike the classic vintage Vanity Fair Style 13001 briefs which were manufactured years ago. These are my favorite panties."

You can see why I feel it was false-flagged due to my gender.

If you try some of these on I think you will find them comfortable as well. The style 15712 Ravissant briefs have a slightly fuller cut and feel a touch softer than the style 13001 Lace Nouveau briefs do.

I apologize for not getting the reviews done all the other briefs I've purchased recently. There are some I bought by Bali, Warners, briefs from Macy's, some mini-floral briefs from JCPenney and briefs from ShopNational, and I'm thinking of purchasing some briefs via Bare Necessities, Pandoraschoice, Satin Rose Intimates, and others I have discovered via all of you, my fellow fashionistas.

Thank you all for your patience and sweet comments!


  1. P.S.:
    So sorry I'm taking so long between posts and haven't thanked you all individually for your support as I have felt depressed over not having heard from my true love for over 11 months (nor seen her in over 40 years).

    If you're feeling so inclined, I could really use your support and comments on my YouTube Channel - misterpantybuns' Channel - as well, and if you have a YouTube Channel would gladly return the favor.

    Thanks again, love, Mister Sissy Panty Buns

  2. Oops! I forgot to mention that I'd purchase briefs and a top from Maidenform too. Maybe I'll do an entirely separate post for the Maidenform briefs and and title it "Male Modeling Maidenform Dreams Part 2"

  3. they seem awesome, and they are so comfy who wouldve thought!

  4. Great reviews, can't wait to see the others that you're planning to do!

    Glad you're feeling much better now:)

    Thank you so much as always on the comments you leave on my blog, I love reading them a lot!

  5. Loved your reviews! Hope you well and had a good weekend xx

  6. thank you for your comment :)
    I am so bored! That is why my blog is always being updated , i also started a lifestyle blog that officially launches in july:

    I hope you are doing well!

  7. ♥Hello sweetie!
    How are you? I believe your doing great & well and thank you so much for making me smiled today i was so happy to see your comment and absolutely made my day!

    I couldn't believe i've been 5 months long never update my blog! But there's always a reason and i hope to share with all of you when i'm ready! Your comments always mean the world to me i really enjoyed reading all of them and do you know your the sweetest blogger friend of mine!!!

    Indeed, i will get back on track asap:)
    ((HUGS)) You're the best thanks for the friendship and everything♥

    Much ♥

  8. I wish I could try them out, they look super confortable!

    Have a fabulous week!

    Camila Faria

  9. Slutwalk is such an interesting concept, I read a lot about it this weekend :) I liked it. Nice reviews on the panties, I think you know more about ladies' lingerie than my local Victoria's Secret.

  10. P.S. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments recently!


  11. Just wanted to drop by and say hi! hope you're having a good week so far:)


    HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want.... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  13. I love how strong you are in your sobriety!!! You always just talk so matter of factly like it was a time in your life, and now it's done. And 22 years... always amazes me. Keep it up friend :)

  14. Hi Panty Buns.
    I'd like you to know that I found your blog to be awesome. Besides, you're very brave by posing full-body. The full-brief panties by VF you model are very pretty types which I've actually tried myself. However, being that I favor a tight fit, I'd rather go for the light control, full-brief types. How could you manage to find the VF Nouveau Lace 13001 model in pink? Please provide with some clues. After much searching I could only locate them in just five colors (star white, candleglow, fawn, midnight black and azure mist) with Isaac Sultan. Cheers and keep going. You're doing wonderfully.

  15. Pantybuns,

    I am another guy that likes to wear briefs.

    I have on a blue regular Vanity Fair brief right now. I feel feminine in it.