Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Madonna Rocks Black Knickers and Bra in her New Music Video

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Lyric Video)

My fist thought upon seeing this wonderful video was that Rebecca Szymczak , noted lingerie designer (including for Playboy lingerie) and serious Madonna fan must be LOVING it, as do I. Madonna is a full-brief-pantied legend! Mags still rocks it, looks and sounds great! When I see Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna or and so many other stars out in public in their undies it makes me feel more in vogue male-modeling full brief panties in videos and photos on My YouTube Channel , in my albums on Photobucket and in Twitpics.


  1. I just got a reply from @FemmeNextDoor :) at my twitter account @Panty_Buns. Quote: "yes! Amazing"

  2. Lovely posts...

  3. The new MDNA album is out! One of the "Girl Gone wild videos" was apparently to racy for YouTube (prudes) but Madonna Vevo now has a new a "Clean" version of Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video on YouTube

  4. very cool song by Madonna! love her style hey...