Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Couple of Recent Briefs Fame Notes

Extra TV dot WarnerBros dot com published a photo of @rihanna looking ravishing laying on a bed modeling a lacy bra and panty set for a Giorgio Armani underwear advertisement.

@ditavontease 10 minute long YouTube edit of her Lingerie show "LMFF - Von Follies - Presented by Target".


I doubt that I. @Panty_Buns will ever get that famous but I think I might already be the world's most famous male panty model thanks to my photos and videos being posted in so many places - as Panty_Buns on Photobucket, Panty_Buns in Twitpics, Mister Panty Buns on YouTube and, of course, the photos of me in my panties on my WordPress blog page


  1. I'm so addicted to ladies full brief panties! They feel heavenly to wear and look so pretty!

  2. Fabulous post ~ love Dita!
    And congrats on your "fame"!


    P.S. That was Caroline Trentini modeling the vinyl thigh highs :)

  3. these girls definitely do rock those looks. Especially dita. her body was MADE for lingerie. :)

    and for what it's worth, you are the only one I've ever seen modeling those styles ... so to me, you are the most famous!

  4. You're the only male panty model I know, so you might be the most famous one indeed :D
    And dita von teese is such an icon. No matter what happens, she is always perfect, a true idol :)

  5. Dita von Teese is so hot. I wish I had her body.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I received two Tweets from Camila Faria @_CamilaF_ via twitter informing me that:

    "I just wanted to let you know that I've been trying to post comments on your blog, but somehow they are never accepted. :(" and "I wonder if you're having trouble receiving other comments from wordpress users. Anyway, I've been enjoying your posts! :)"

    Camila Faria is a long-time cherished commenter here and beautiful blogger who writes the blog nao me mande flores internet love"

    I wonder how many other comments I've been missing out on. I understand I'm not the only one. It's a Google/Blogger-wide problem that just cropped up recently. My apologies to everyone who has had their comments swallowed up and disappeared.

    Dear Google and Blogger: PLEASE FIX THE COMMENT PROBLEM

  7. YAY, now I can comment! I've been having that same problem in other blogger sites, it's really a shame! In some of them I can only comment when the spam control is turned off, but I can image this is not a very good thing for the blog owners.

    Anyway, Dita is looking pretty amazing, as usual. She's the ultimate diva and looks so good in every lingerie she tries on!