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A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos

My initial full brief panty review in this post was of a pair of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Tailored Nylon Mini-floral Print Briefs which I purchased from JC Penney a while ago but hadn't gotten around to reviewing. I have also made a number of other blouse and panty purchases for future posts, and already done 8 new customer lingerie review videos for YouTube.

Vanity Fair nylon full briefs are carried by a lot of different retailers (including Freshpair, HerRoom, Bare Necessities, Satin Rose Intimates, Isaac Sultan, Lady Grace, Macy's, Kohl's, JCPenney, National, Beall's among others).

Even though these full briefs are carried by a large number of retailers it is still difficult finding the briefs in the solid vibrant feminine colours I like without actually visiting different stores in person, which can take a lot of driving and a lot of in-store lingerie shopping legwork. When shopping online for Vanity Fair full coverage nylon briefs online I have occasionally found briefs in a colour I like in very limited sizes and quantities. I suspect that other panty retailers and department stores also have briefs in feminine colours in-store but don't post them online because the quantities in each size are so limited. Another drawback of online shopping is that the colours of clothing often look different in person than it does on the computer screen. I wonder how much darker or lighter Haze Blue is compared to Soft Blue and Aqua Mist?

Amongst the other briefs I've purchased for my male-modeled customer lingerie review blog posts here and on my YouTube (Mister Panty Buns's Channel) but not yet done posts on are pairs of the: Bali Sleek Comfort Nylon Brief Panty A272 from HerRoom; Rhonda Shear "Blossom" Jacquard Panty Style 9566 in Petal Pink; Assorted (pink white and blue) Lace Trim Full Coverage Nylon Briefs from National; Warner’s® No Pinching No Problem™ Brief Panties 5738 in Hibiscus Pink; Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties in Peach; Vanity Fair Ravissant Brief from Kohl's in "Fuchsia Applique"; Teri Everyday Elegance High Cut Brief Panty 756 in a lovely yellow, size 6 from @HerRoom. There are other briefs I've blogged about but never done video customer lingerie reviews for, like the Filament Full-Cut Briefs from WinterSilks in Pink Tulip I was lucky enough to be able to purchase. More recently I purchased a pair of WinterSilks Mid-rise Lacy Briefs in Sunsilk Yellow but would want to wear a thong underneath them for YouTube or this blog. I have also been taking a long look at the Cosabella Never Say Never Shaper Bikini Panty NEVS05Z in yellow. They look lovely.

Originally I was intending to pair these mini-floral satin briefs with a women's plus-size Cascading Ruffle Blouse in Red Rose that I'd ordered from Avenue. Unfortunately there must have been a mixup. The wrong item got shipped. They sent a cheap sleeveless striped tee-shirt and it took a while before I received it. I almost never return things bu this time I did. they won't give me credit until it ids "processed" which may take another month. The charge for the more expensive blouse I never got is still on my credit card 22 days later. Even though I mailed it back Dec. 18th and they received it Dec. 22nd and they are saying it may take another 4 weeks to "process" the return and give me credit for it. Unfortunately Avenue.com's customer service is not good as Lane Bryant who gave immediate credit for a return, after which purchased another blouse from them - and will do so again. I already had my next nine coordinated/complementing blouse and full-brief-panty purchases made and links typed into rough outlines of reviews. 7 of the next 8 new blouses are waiting to be modeled, photographed, videotaped and reviewed along with a LOT of pairs of lovely full brief panties.

I had just finished trying on all the blouses I was planning to wear with them and thought about maybe getting a mastectomy bra and silicone breast forms, though I rarely wear the falsies and bras I already own, because the blouses were loose and a few were longer in back than I'd like. It's important for the seat of the panties being modeled to be visible after all.

My favourites among the new purchases were blouses by Alfani in yellow and by International Concepts in black. Many of the blouses were darker, longer, and less brightly coloured than they had appeared on the web-pages I had selected them from. I may try some in-store shopping in the future.

I have been thrilled with all of the briefs I've purchased. I tried on one two pairs of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties in Peach, size 5. They are absolutely gorgeous and feel delightful - the perfect panty! I love them so much I ordered three more pairs. What a gorgeous and feminine pinup panty! I also love the yellow colour and fit of the Teri Everyday Elegance High Cut Brief Panty 756, the stretchiness of the Rhonda Shear "Blossom" Jacquard Panty Style 9566 and the silky-softness of all the other full brief panties I purchased.

Since the backlog of posts, photos and videos to be done was so large and Avenue.com hasn't gotten their act together I simply grabbed the vintage Lady Manhattan red blouse I'd worn on Halloween 30 years to complement this pair of briefs. It's a size 18 with puffy shoulders, some ruffles on the front and at the neckline and can be buttoned all the way up to hide my lack of cleavage or left unbuttoned with the right lingerie underneath. .

Here are a two photos of me male-modeling pair of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Style 15712 Ravissant Minifloral Tailored Nylon Briefs in size seven paired with the vintage red Lady Manhattan ruffled blouse in size 18 to complete my blouse and panty outfit. I've also embedded a hastily made, amateurish unscripted customer lingerie review video of myself in the blouse-and-panty outfit:


Vanity Fair's floral print tailored briefs seem, to me, to be of a heavier closely woven satiny nylon fabric and to run a size smaller than indicated compared to the Vanity Fair Ravissant Style 15712 full briefs for sale in solid colours. This pair of full briefs is a size 7, whereas I normally wear a size 5 in Vanity Fair. That would be equivalent to a size 6 in Warners or Bali and a size 8 in some styles by Hanes or Pink. The elastic leg bands also feel more substantial than most Ravissant briefs and are of a different colour than the base fabric of the panty. These panties feel wonderful, and in my opinion, are suitable for outerwear or to wear to the beach in addition to being lovely underpants. They are one of many full coverage briefs that, in my opinion, would be perfect for wearing in an underwear in public event like the annual "No Pants Subway Ride" or on "No Pants Day".




TRANSCRIPT: "The ladies full brief nylon panties that I'm male-modeling and reviewing today are Vanity Fair's Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Minifloral Nylon Briefs. As you can see, they have a nice lilac coloured leg bands that have quite a bit of give in them. Uh, the fabric is quite opaque, uh, so you could probably wear it to the beach. Um, for some reason the mini-floral patterns by Vanity Fair tend to run a little smaller than the regular Style 15712 Ravissant briefs, um, and the fabric is, I don't think, quite as stretchy. But it's a wonderful feeling, they're wonderful to wear. I've paired it today with a vintage blouse from Lady Manhattan. This customer lingerie review is released into the public domain. Please share it everywhere."


Transcript: "The pretty pink full brief nylon panties that I'm male-modeling and reviewing in this video are the 'Ahh Blossom Seamless Jacquard Brief Panty' by Rhonda Shear. Um, they came quite quickly in the mail, and I was delighted to see this really pretty catalog From Rhonda Shear that came with my order. As it says in the catalog, "Behind every great woman is a great behind", lovely picture on the back. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the panty. They looked small, but like in the commercial, they're very stretchy. I've paired this pair of panties today with a braided trim peasant blouse from Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant's service department is excellent. I initially ordered a blouse that was too small, sent it beck, which is rare for me, and there was no problem, and I made an exchange, and got this pretty blouse. You've probably heard of Rhonda Shear's name before and seen her on Home Shopping Network. She's quite a star and queen of, uh, President of Shear Enterprises. Um, and I'm delighted with the service and very pleased with the colour of the panty. This colour is Petal Pink. Um, I'm also thinking of ordering another panty from this catalog. Uh, 'Sweet Spice Butterknit Brief' Uh, they look like a really pretty full brief, and it looks like I could get them in pink and other colours as well that I'd like. They're a nice feminine panty and stretchy and very accommodating. This lingerie video review is released into the public domain. Please share it everywhere or use it as you see fit."




TRANSCRIPT: "This lovely pair of ladies full brief nylon panties is Warners 'No Pinching, No Problems, No Muffin Top' full brief nylon panty in Hibiscus Pink - Hibiscus Petal Pink. It's a lovely colour. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it. Um, they're, the feel is wonderful, they're very stretchy, very forgiving, um, I wear them all day long, A lovely panty. I've paired it today with a V-neck blouse by Alfani in Corn-silk Yellow from Macy's. This customer video lingerie review is released into the public domain for any and all purposes. Please share this video or make whatever use of it you want. Please share it everywhere."




TRANSCRIPT: "The pretty pair of women's yellow nylon knickers that I'm wearing, male-modeling and reviewing in this video is a pair of Teri Everyday Elegance High Cut Brief Panties. Um, I got these panties from HerRoom in a size six. Um when you buy Teri, if you're accustomed to some of the other brands like Vanity Fair, might want to size up one size. I probably should have gotten a size seven in these, which would have been more equivalent to a Vanity Fair size five or six. But there's quite a bit of stretch in them, and they feel wonderful, and they look lovely, and it's, it's very difficult finding a really nice yellow full-cut nylon brief panty that this is one of the, other than Teri,and Cosabella, I, and possibly Wacoal, I don't know of any other panties that are currently made in a pretty yellow colour like this. I've paired it with an International Concepts blouse. A long sleeved peasant top. This customer lingerie review is released into the public domain for any and all purposes. Please feel free to use it and share it everywhere."

The description of the Teri Everyday Elegance High Cut Brief Panty 756 on the HerRoom website included the words: "High-waist styling with a bow at the center front" "This brief panty is made of smooth and soft microfiber..." "Beautiful embroidery adorns the sides of the panty, which comes in pretty pastel colors" "Made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex fabric." "Sewn in cotton crotch of the same color." Its all true. Even though the first three pairs I ordered were a bit small side for me I loved the look of the panty and that yellow colour so much that I ordered another three pairs in size seven.




TRANSCRIPT: "The pair of full coverage ladies nylon panties that I'm male-modeling and reviewing in this video is a pair of Vanity Fair's Perfectly Yours Ravissant Style 15712 full brief panties. This particular panty is in the colour 'Fuchsia Applique' I was expecting something a little closer to fuchsia, but I was very happy when it came out such a gorgeous, gorgeous feminine purple. These purple panties by Vanity Fair Ravissant Briefs are extremely comfortable. This pair is a size six. Um, they're very silky-soft. Ravissant briefs by Vanity fair are, well they're so comfortable that I could wear them night and day. I've paired it today with a Metallic Gold Style and Company Batwing Sleeve Blouse from Macy's. This customer lingerie review video is released into the public domain for any and all purposes. Please share it everywhere."


TRANSCRIPT: "The pair of ladies panties that I'm male-modeling and reviewing in this video is Bali's Sleek Comfort Nylon Brief Panty A 272. It came in a package of blue, mocha and black. Um, it's, uh, it is what it says it is. Sleek comfort. A very comfortable full coverage brief with a lace trimmed waist. I'm male-modeling it now with a Fuchsia Romantic Smocked Sheer Lace Top by DH Styles. This is a very comfortable panty, uh I happened to order it from HerRoom but it's available from a lot of other retailers. I've had excellent service from HerRoom. Thank you Tomima! This video lingerie review is released into the public domain for any and all purposes. Please share it everywhere."



You can view all of these videos and as well as some of my older full brief panty reviews on my YouTube at Mister Panty Buns's Channel, you can find me on Twitter where I'm @Panty_Buns, in Pictures by Panty Buns - Photobucket, on the feed of my WordPress blog entries. in the older photos of me male-modeling panties there, and as Mister_Panty on FunnyOrDie.com I have released all photos and videos of myself male modeling and reviewing ladies full brief panties into the public domain.

So which pair of panties do you like the best and which ones do you think look best on me out of the videos you've seen so far? (The best are yet to come!) Wait until you see the GORGEOUS PINUP PANTIES I purchased from Dollhouse Bettie!


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