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Lingerie Review of Full Brief Panties by Lucy B and Shadowline with THANKS to Commenters

THANK YOU to my blog Followers for sticking with me. This is my first post since August 28, 2016!!!

I have included a briefs THANK YOU to fashion beauty and lifestyle bloggers who commented on my last post a bit further down on this page, and tried to include links to your blogs, your YouTube channels and your Twitters.

I apologise for how long it has taken me to publish this post, and for not having taken any new lingerie review videos to embed in this post. I feel very grateful to the two women who, to my delight, obliged me and took the four photos below of me modelling the panties I reviewed in this post (with my camera). I'm so sorry for having left out the details - I edited out a total of 32 paragraphs of text that I had originally included in the rough draft of this post, but it is probably better that I learn to write shorter posts anyway. :/


Both of the Lucy B Lingerie high waisted nylon panties shown and modelled by me in the photos below are an absolute delight to wear! The leg-bands of the Lucy B Lingerie high-waist panties sit at the fold between ones' bottom and legs. The pattern and fabric used in creating the panty along with the tailoring of the curved rear seam of the cotton lined gusset yield an excellent fit with genuine full coverage comfort.

The vibrant ultra-feminine pink colour of the Lucy B Lingerie Pink And Black Polka Dot High Waist Panty is exactly the colour I most desire in a panty and go to great lengths to find.





As you can see, the Lucy B Lingerie Spring Blossoms High Waist Panty is very pretty and wonderfully feminine in appearance. Although the California, U.S.A. made 100 percent nylon panty is relatively closely woven, soft and smooth, it is in fact, as the name of the stretch nylon helenka fabric of the panty implies, quite stretchy. These Lucy B Lingerie high-waisted panties are a true full coverage panty, and are extremely comfortable to wear. I recommend Lucy B Lingerie's high-waist panties very highly.

Sadly, checking the Lucy B High Waist Panties that are currently available, I see that the panties I was lucky enough to purchase in Pink and Black Polka Dot and in Spring Blossoms are currently only available in size Extra Small.

I did notice, however, that this Lucy_B-Lingerie-Lavender-Zebra-High_Waist-Panty was, at the time of this writing, still available in all sizes (X-Small through XX-Large). I am thinking of purchasing a couple of pairs. Lucy B. Lingerie high-waist panties are made in California (U.S.A.).


The pretty Peri Frost (periwinkle) pair of full coverage nylon panties I posed in for the photographs below, was a pair of style 17032 Shadowline Hidden Elastic Nylon Classic Brief Panties purchased from HerRoom.

These panties are currently available directly from Shadowline Lingerie as well: Shadowline Lingerie Nylon Hidden Elastic Full Brief Panties Style 17032 from Shadowline

Here is a photo of the panties without me in them;


Here are two photos of me modelling the periwinkle pair of Shadowline nylon panties:



When I first compared them to other panties I own that are labeled size 6, I thought perhaps I had ordered these pretty Shadowline panties in too large a size (I had ordered them in size 6 as well). The closely woven knit of the Satintrique® nylon fabric yields a slippery soft feel and the briefs are patterned and tailored to be a true full coverage panty. The generous gusset with classic curved rear seam, the 9 1/2 inch side seams,10 inch rise, the 'full coverage contour' pattern and the excellent tailoring yield a panty that provides true full coverage without ride-up, even for those having a full bottom. The panties felt slightly more snug at the waist that I had expected, but turned out to be exactly the right size for me. I am wearing a pair of Shadowline panties right now as I type this. I have previously purchased one of Shadowline's other styles of full coverage panties (the Shadowline style 17042 Classic Nylon Full Brief Panty) from three different retailers. I love that style (17042) too, but it was the new colour Peri Frost (a pretty and vibrant periwinkle) of the Style 17032 Shadowline panty that helped me finalise my decision to make this most recent purchase. I love the colour Peri Frost and enjoy wearing these comfortable panties all day long.

Quoting from the Shadowline website: "These women's brief underwear are made with comfortable nylon and feature a high rise, full coverage contour with hidden elastic for a custom fit."

There are other brands that make and sell the kind of full coverage full brief panties I like to wear. Hopefully I will return to more active blogging and review more of them on this blog in the not to distant future.

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Here are a few other places on the internet where you can find photos and/or videos of me male-modelling full brief panties:
My (Mister Panty Buns's) YouTube channel's 'featured' page and my YouTube full brief panty review videos;
Me, @Panty_Buns on Twitter;  
The Archive for the 'panties-modeled-back_view' Category on my old WordPress blog;
the Page on my older, rarely used WordPress blog titled "Free-Panty-Photos-Panty-Buns-In-Panties-Modeled-Back-View";
Mister_Panty on Funny or Die;
I Love Having The Hanes On Me | PantyBuns on BuzzFeed;
I LOVE finding lingerie review photos videos of myself in blog posts, and in newspaper and magazine articles, and hope more people and websites and will re-post and publish them in the future.
All photos and videos of me male-modelling full brief panties are and have been released into the public domain by me, are FREE FOR REUSE and may be copied, shared, displayed and published without limitation or restrictions.
What good is it if nobody sees them?
Please download, re-upload, share, Tweet, post, re-post, publish and re-publish them everywhere!!!  :D
Which of the three panties I reviewed and modelled above is your favourite, and what do you think of each the different colours and prints of the ladies full brief panties I was seen and photographed modelling?
Panty number 1) The Lucy B Lingerie panty in pink with black polka-dots;
Panty number 2) The Lucy B Lingerie panty in Spring Blossoms floral print;
Panty number 3) The Shadowline Hidden Elastic Panty in Peri Frost
Do you have any suggestions for how I can go about getting more famous in my panties? Please don't be shy with your comments questions and suggestions - I LOVE reading them!!!
I currently plan to mention commenters and include their links with a "Thank you" in my next blog post, much as I did in this one.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE LINKS TO YOUR BLOGS WITH YOUR COMMENTS  - it makes it easier for me and other commenters to find and read your blog posts  :D


  1. OMG, I finally did a post after going over a year without one!
    Please don't be shy - I would love to read what you really think. Please feel free to ask me questions here in the comments as well. I'll try my best to answer them - and I would love it if you leave links to your blog so I can return the favour and visit more easily :D

  2. Great job, another funny post... thanks for sharing!
    Love, Paola.

  3. Fab reviews! Especially loving the floral panties!

    Thanks for the love, as always!


  4. The zebra briefs are so cute!

    Thank you so much for all the love, sharing my looks & commenting! I appreciate it! ♥

    Happy Monday! x

  5. I loved reading this it was so funny to read. Congrats on coming back after a year of not posting! xxx

    Melina |

  6. THANK YOU Paola Lauretano
    and Melina for laughing!!!
    I love it!!! :D
    THANK YOU Couture Carrie for answering my question wanting to know which pair of panties you like best out of the 3 pairs I modelled :D, and
    THANK YOU Suzy for letting me know you think the zebra panties are cute. Now I'm feeling like buying some to model for this blog even more than I already did!

    Paola Lauretano's blog is Express Yourself and
    her Twitter is @Paola_Lauretano;

    Couture Carrie's blogs are
    CC Loves,
    Couture Carrie, and
    Bikinis and Martinis
    and her Twitter is @CoutureCarrie;

    Suzy's blog is
    The Kawaii Planet : Florida Fashion Blogger,
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    her Twitter is @theKawaiiPlanet;

    and Melina's blog is
    I've Found Waldo,
    her YouTube = HeyyItsMelina's Channel Videos and
    her Twitter is @HeyyItsMelina.

    My hope are that bloggers will feel free to share this post
    and please don't be shy or hold back - I'd love to read your opinions, questions, suggestions and remarks or whatever you've heard around wherever! (In addition to learning which panty that I modelled you think is the prettiest:
    1) pink+black polka-dots;
    2) floral print;
    3) periwinkle blue.
    Thanks again!

  7. Love the polkadot panty! So cute. And I'm glad to see you posting again. :)

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  9. I want to say a big thank you for all your support. I'm glad to see that you're back with a new post.
    Pretty panties. Love that they're bright, fun and in such cool prints as they're so trending as well in clothing.

    Happy weekend!

  10. To the beautiful ‘Internet Love’ blogger Camila Faria of the blog Não Me Mande Flores and Twitter @_CamilaF_, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I love the polka-dotted pink panties too!!!

    To wp template? of wp best, thanks for the "waoo" and the compliment;

    To Las Vegas fashionista FashionRadi of the fashion blog FashionRADI and Twitter @FashionRADI, Your welcome! Thank you for your comment and compliment! I agree, these panties I bought for myself (and reviewed) are pretty! Thanks also for the weekend wishes!;

    To Polish fashion and travel blogger Ania Zarzycka of the fashion and travel blog Thank you!

    P.S.: I hope everyone will visit my YouTube (Mister Panty Bun's) channel despite my not having uploaded any new videos lately. My old one seem popular though (171,563+ video views).
    Please feel free to reuse and share the photos and videos of me modelling and reviewing full brief panties!

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    Great review!

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  14. Welcome back to posting again! It must feel good to get back into the blogging game after so long! Thanks for your very thoughtful comment on my latest blog post! I love comfortable undies!

    Rina Samantha

  15. Thanks Malifica (Sandra Radojković) of the blog I am Maleficent.
    Actually you had visited this blog before and were in fact the 26th commenter on my previous post and thanked in the text of the post above. Thank you for visiting again!!! :D ;

    Alicia Mackin of the blog ALLIE NYC xoxo, Alicia Macklin's YouTube channel videos, and Twitter @AliMackin, THANK YOU so much! I too love high-waisted fashions! For me it's a perennial quest, looking for high-rise, full coverage full brief panty fashions that are pretty, comfortable, feel wonderful against the skin and resist riding up! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment! Thank you also for the wonderful comment on my post 2016 No Pants Subway Ride and Thanks to Commenters!;

    THANK YOU fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Rina Samantha Doria! I love your blog And She Dressed... and Twitter @AndSheDressed! Yes, I do feel very relieved to have finally done a blog post after such a long break! Now if I could just get it together and make some new blouse-and-panty full brief lingerie fashion review videos for my YouTube (Mister Panty Buns's) channel!

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    To to blogging ballerina and interior designer RaeAbigael of the fashion and lifestyle blog Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire, YouTube Raellarina's Channel, and Twitter @RaeAbigael!!! I love those polka dotted panties too! I LOVE the ultra-feminine pink colour, the pretty look of the panty and how it feels having the panties on me.

    I hope everyone will visit my YouTube channel and watch my full brief lingerie reviews there as well.

    All photos+videos OF ME modelling full brief panties on
    my YouTube,
    on my my Twitter Media,
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    All photos+videos OF ME modelling full brief panties YouTube, on my blogs and on my Twitter
    are released into the public domain and are FREE for sharing, reuse and publication wherever you wish.

  40. I love a good comfortable brief and these sure look the part.

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    THANKS for your comment! I love finding other fashion bloggers who appreciate the looks, comfort and feel of the kind of classic ladies full coverage full brief nylon panties that I so love to wear and being seen modelling. After all, what good it if nobody sees them? I am always hoping my panty modelling and review photos will be shared as widely as possible!!! :D

    To Portuguese fashion blogger Marisa Cavaleiro of the blog Marisa's Closet;
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  63. I liked the third panties more, this shade of blue seems to have a vintage touch!
    My twitter is @mestremorgan but I don't update it often.

    1. THANK YOU very, very much for taking the time to look at each of the three different pairs of panties I was wearing in the photos above and for letting me know which panties you liked the looks of best!!!!!!!
      I love your feedback!!!
      I will definitely start checking your Twitter @mestremorgan more often just in case you do some new Tweets there :D
      My Twitter is @Panty_Buns
      P.S.: Do you have a YouTube channel and have you ever done any fashion or beauty videos you could upload there?
      My YouTube is misterpantybuns Channel

  64. Why don't you update your blog anymore? Does the site continue to malfunction?

    1. This blog seems to be working well now! As you can see I added a link to your blog on the right-hand side of this main page, and I am also able to do new posts and to edit old ones.
      I keep coming up with a lot of different excuses for why I haven't done any new posts / blog updates, but I know they are just excuses.
      My main excuses are:
      The camera I used to take photos and videos broke, and my tripod is falling apart;
      (not a good excuse)
      I am feeling self-conscious about having put on quite a bit of weight, gotten older;
      (also not a good excuse)
      Some good reasons why I SHOULD do some new posts are that I have purchased new pairs of panties in the style with the vintage touch as the pair above that you like but in a vibrant Flamingo pink :D
      P.S.: I love the posts you do on your blog Bruna Morgan xx <3 :D

  65. Lingerie sexy When your website or blog goes live for the first time, it is exciting. That is until you realize no one but you and your.

    1. The lingerie at the link you left looks pretty,
      but it appears that the second sentence of your comment is not complete.
      I visited your lingerie blog and enjoyed reading your blog post titled The Ultimate Guide to Buying Men's Lingerie (after using Google Translate and reading the translation into English from French).
      I also failed ascertain whether or not you have a Twitter or a YouTube channel. ;-((

      In addition to reading my other posts on this blog, I hope you will visit my YouTube and watch my: (misterpantybuns's Channel) customer blouse and full brief panty OOTD+review videos and also check out the Tweets on my Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns :D