Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lady Gaga's Cosmo Cover and Music Video Telephone with Beyonce

It is a delight to see Lady Gaga gracing Cosmopolitan Magazine's cover in her nylon full brief panties. Inside Cosmo there are more pictures of Lady Gaga in her full brief panties and an interview. The Article was entitled: Lady Gaga Wants You. Needless to say, this issue of Cosmopolitan is a tremendous hit and there are posts about around the fashion world. The photo of the Lady Gaga Cosmo cover 2010 is from Lady Gaga's "Blaug of Gaga". The result of being on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine is that Lady Gaga has been on display in her full brief panties not just at newsstands, but has had her pantied photo prominently visible near the check out lines of almost every grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, and supermarket in the country if not around the world. The cover made for good copy not only in  the fashion world, but in numerous blogs, online newspapers and magazines worldwide. The following links are to just a few of the numerous articles and posts commenting on or featuring articles on the Gaga-Cosmo cover and article. If I didn't list yours and you want your link here I hope you will let me know:           
     Amy Grindhouse , the Daily Stab , LOFT965 , the Hollywood Gossip which published more Lady Gaga photos , Cele|bitchy , The Huffington Post , Fashion Whore , Fashion Magazines World , The Lipstick Diaries , The Chic Spot , Jessica Harlow , Fashion Gossip , All About Lady Gaga , I Cannot Blog , In Case You Didn't Know , mystyle.com . It was even more of a delight to watch Lady Gaga's latest music video, Telephone with Beyonce and be able to watch the premiere of Lady Gaga and Beyonce on YouTube(VEVO) as  well.  There was an interesting discussion about this latest Lady Gaga music video on the Bitch Magazine blog post "TELEPHONE"   


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