Friday, January 3, 2014

Lbloggers Fbloggers OOTD and Review of Shimera Seamless Full Briefs

     If you are reading this it means I finally got around to posting a review of Shimera Seamless Full Briefs in Pink Beauty. It's closing in on one year since I purchased them from Nordstrom, on sale, in late January of 2013. These briefs are currently being advertised as having a fabric composition of 90% nylon, 9% spandex, and 1% cotton. The briefs I male-modeled for this customer lingerie review said 91% nylon,  7% spandex, and 2 percent other. Though I don't see the colour Pink Beauty on the Nordstrom website as I'm typing this. I do see Shimera Seamless Briefs listed in the colours Pink Rose, Pink Plumier, and Pink Fairytale. 
     For a complementary colour contrast in this lingerie fashionista OOTD I styled these  pretty pink briefs with a Textured Lace Applique Peasant Top in Bimini Splash blue from Dressbarn
Quoting from Dressbarn's webpage about the blouse: "This floaty peasant top becomes even more feminine with lacy blossoms and embroidery. Tonal lace applique with embroidered border on front only. Ruffled cuffs, neckline and hem. Slightly textured fabric. Imported"  
"Smocked elasticized neckline, cuffs and bottom
Keyhole with tie at front of neckline
Short sleeves; banded bottom 
65% polyester/35% rayon 
Machine Wash"
     In person the blouse looks very blue. Unfortunately my photos didn't do justice to the actual in-person colours of either the blouse or the panty.
     For some reason the blue colour of this peasant blouse looks green instead of blue in the first photo. In the second and third photos the colours look faded, whereas in person both the pink and the blue are fairly vibrant. You can get a good look at the colours  by viewing them on my youtube at
Note: This photo does NOT show the actual colours In real life the blouse is actually a pretty blue and the panties are a very pretty pink colour. I included this photo to show design of the front and some detail. 


TRANSCRIPT: "In this customer lingerie review I'm male-modeling a pair of Shimera Brand full brief panties in the colour Pink Beauty. To complement the pink colour and complete my blouse and panty outfit of the day, I've paired it with a lace applique peasant blouse in the colour Bimini Splash Blue. This pair of panties is made of nylon and spandex, a fairly high thread count, um the Fabric feels soft and the pair of panties is comfortable to wear. They're not as generously cut in the rear as I would like. Um, the fabric has somewhat of a dull finish, and other fabrics don't slide over it very easily. Um, for my liking the gusset could be a little more full. Um, this customer lingerie review is released into the public domain."
     When I made this video I failed to mention the fact that the colour of these Shimera Seamless Full Briefs lived up to their name, 'PINK BEAUTY'. I decided that styling the blue peasant blouse with them in my Lbloggers OOTD would make a pretty contrast. I'm sure many women would like wearing the Shimera Seamless Full Brief Panty due to the looks and comfort. The pretty feminine pink colour and comfort of this panty are enough to make them a welcome addition to my panty drawer. I happened to buy the Shimera Briefs from Nordstrom and bought the blouse I styled them with from Dressbarn.
     For me looks, comfort, and soft slippery feel against sensitive skin are each important in a panty. Do you buy briefs for looks? For comfort? for Feel? For all three? I'm still searching for the perfect panties with the best of all three attributes.
     What do you think of the colours of the pink Shimera panties, the blue peasant blouse, pink and blue together in outfits, and the outfit I'm showcasing in this post?
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  2. Beautiful briefs and review!
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  4. I know you say the photos don't do them justice, but I think the colous are so lovely. They must be gorgeous shades in person. I wish you all the best for 2014, and welcome back to blogging.

  5. I don't know how these look in person, but they look great on screen! I like the combination of pink and blue, I have a turquoise bag I love wearing with my pink jeans, those two colors were made to be seen together.:) To be honest, I mostly buy lingerie just for comfort and their function, of course I like them even more if they're pretty, but that's not the driving force behind my purchase. Sadly.:) I think I should change that, you're definitely a great spokesperson for this!!

    I hope you're having a phenomenal day and I hope the new year's been good to you so far, dear.;)

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    2. You're more than welcome! And I completely agree with Imogen above.;)

  7. I love pale pink and I think it looks great with blue! I guess I buy lingerie mostly for the confort, but sometimes I can't resist a pretty piece.

    Happy 2014!!!

  8. super cool! XX I waiting for you on my blog!

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  13. The color is magnificent! :) I love it :) Happy New year and I wish you all the best this 2014! God bless :))


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