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National Underwear Day 2013, Lingerie Fashion, Briefs in News and Blogs

This post is mainly about lingerie and full brief panty events, news, videos and blog posts that I FAILED to participate in, FAILED to blog about in a timely fashion, and Failed to do yet. It's not in chronological order but there is a P.S.: "Thank You" at the end.
For future posts?

     Here's a photo of some of the blouses and full briefs I've purchased with the intent of reviewing in blog posts and videos but haven't gotten around to yet followed by a list of some of the brands and styles of the briefs in the photo.
img- blouses-and-full_briefs-awaiting-customer-lingerie-reviews.jpg


     Two of the blouses I ordered to complement the briefs turned out to be unavailable and the colours of a couple of them turned out to be a bit darker than expected. I's taking longer than I thought to decide which briefs to style with which blouse and vice versa and looking like I might have to buy even more blouses and briefs to get the complementary colour contrasts I'm looking for in my lingerie fashionista outfits.
A partial list of of the full brief panties I've bought and failed to review this year:
Elomi Valentina Brief in black, size L from Freshpair 
     I suspect there will be an even bigger backlog of full briefs to review before I get around to doing my next full brief panty fashion outfit and customer lingerie review post. 
      Here's some lingerie news I meant to mention in blog posts before now but hadn't: 
CurveNY February 2013 was covered nicely by The Lingerie Journal (here)
Kudos to Ms Emily McCombs:  
       Back at the end on April there was a post by @MsEmilyMcCombs the Executive Editor of  which proclaimed in all capital letters "I POST PICTURES OF MYSELF IN MY UNDERWEAR" which, as proclaimed, featured a photo of herself (a selfie) in black full brief panties and a matching bra. The article closed by stating: "I show you mine and welcome you to show me yours. And God willing, I'll continue to avoid the feedback." Unbelievably I never commented or contacted Emily or xojane - but very belatedly, kudos to xojane's Ms Emily McCombs for her bravery. I think the photo she posted of herself is lovely. Since I also post pictures of myself in my underwear it seemed very appropriate to give Ms McCombs an honorable mention and post a link to here. 
Panty preferences question with photos
On July 2nd, 2013 there was a Huffington Post  article by Lauren Leibowitz titled: "Pick Your Panties: What Does Your Underwear Say About You?(PHOTOS)" You'd think I would have at least made a comment on that one. The article states that wearing "High-waisted granny panties:" means "You're retro at heart." I loved the photos. 
CurveExpo NY, CurveExpo NV and Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC:
     Unbelievably it appears that I failed to cover or even make a mention of either the CurveNY International Lingerie Expo on August 4, 5 and 6 which was blogged about by Elizabeth Neal here, and by Ellen Lewis of Lingerie Briefs, here and here. Brands included Fleur of England, Zinke New York, Cake Lingerie, Touche Lingerie, Sokoloff Lingerie, Pretty Polly, Monette, and many many more. According to a report titled: Best of Curve NY 2013 Lingerie And Swimwear Show by the International Press Association and made a YouTube video of the same title (here). There were 282 brands being showcased at the show! CurveNV Las Vegas was on August 19th +20th, 2013.  
Lingerie Fashion Week in New York City  
Fortunately I got to read a couple of articles or watch videos from some of these lingerie events. LingerieFW - YouTube uploaded some videos from Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC including one titled "Dita Von Teese Introduces Secrets in Lace at LingerieFW SS14". I love the look of the vintage style full coverage panties from Secrets In Lace , the delightful vintage style lingerie, and all the rest of the videos too. The Lingerie Journal, was there covering Lingerie FW SS14, including lingerie brands like Bradelis (YouTube), Lola Haze, Uye Surana, Rococo Dessous, Nais, Nevaeh Intimates, Secrets in Lace, You! Lingerie, NOE Undergarments and Affinitas + Parfait. I wonder how many lingerie fashion shows I've missed out on reading about or viewing this year? I love lingerie!


Some other news involving underwear that I've been late in blogging about: The dancing?/ twerking at MTV's VMAs by Miley Cyrus wearing a latex bra and panty set (see this photo of Miley in Lady Gaga stripped down to a revealing shell thong bikini (see this photo of Lady Gaga in Mail Online) by the end of her act in the opening song of the night - her song Applause. YouTube user hollywoodbackstage uploaded a video titled "MTV VMA 2013: Miley Cyrus Vs. Lady Gaga -- Performance" which didn't show the seashell thong Lay Gaga eventually stripped down to but did show her wearing a sheer dress over black briefs. Jessica Biel arrived to meet her husband Justin Timberlake for a VMA after party wearing an embroidered sheer dress over black full brief panties - (see this photo of Jessica Biel in Mail Online).
September 2013 MYLEY CYRUS UPDATE: According to Billboard Magazine,  "Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" Swings Atop Hot 100"  In the controversial hit  she appears in a pair of classic white panties and a crop-top. Here's a link to the YouTube video Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball - YouTube  uploaded by MileyCyrusVEVO

     As the month of August drew to a close I looked back and noted more unfulfilled goals I tweeted on my Twitter a while back: "@Panty_Buns Plan #lingerie reviews of briefs by @Hanes @RagoShapewear @Elomi_lingerie @VF_Lingerie @Maidenform
+Bali from @Freshpair @HerRoom @BareNecessities"  "Sorry for the delays doing new reviews on my blog and YouTube"   

I mentioned my most recent orders of full brief panties from HerRoom in a comment on their YouTube video titled "Undie Awards-Full Figured Winners 2013 - YouTube":
"misterpantybuns: I should have placed my recent orders at HerRoom in time to try them all before the Undie Award vote deadline. The Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau 13001 briefs are pretty and comfortable - though not quite as full cut and satiny soft as the Vanity Fair Ravissant 15712. Can't wait to try the others I ordered and model them I'm more full figured than the models shown and still wear either a size 5-6 in the Vanity Fair briefs. Cant wait to try the Rago 919, Shadowline 17042, Hanes 40S3 and Teri 331 briefs".
My YouTube Channel:

In another failure I still haven't uploaded an "introduction" video for my YouTube (Mister Panty Buns's Channel). Instead of making a new video picked a previously uploaded male modeled customer lingerie review video titled "Mister_Panty_Buns-loves-having-Hanes-Women's-Nylon-Panties-on" from one of my earlier blog posts "Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties" If I do upload a new introduction video I'll try to take YouTube's advice to make it brief.  
Freshpair's National Underwear Day 2013:
As Freshpair noted on their website in the weeks leading up to National Underwear Day 2013 noted: On New Years Eve the ball drops in Times Square. On National Underwear Day 2013 come rush hour on Monday August 5th at 5:00 PM the pants drop for 2 1/2 hours in Times Square. Show your confidence and your underpants to help break a Guinness world record on Aug 5, 2013 5-7PM in Times Square on Broadway between 46th + 47th Streets in New York City for National Underwear Day.  The Twitter Finalist will also be announced for the most creative display of underwear confidence from among photos people have Tweeted to @Freshpair  of themselves  out in public in their underwear with the hashtags #NUD2013 and #PDC (public display of confidence). 
Freshpair posted photos from the event on their National Underwear Day webpage and uploaded a (somewhat noisy) video titled:  "National Underwear Day 2013 - Cha Cha Slide - YouTube" to their YouTube channel

I wrote in a comment to their video: "So sorry I was missing in action, didn't join in. What a wonderful event and celebration. I had recently purchased some Elomi Valentina briefs and some Tender Bud print Bali Skimp Skamp briefs that would have been perfect for the event. It looked like fun. I have been meaning to write blog and YouTube reviews of some of the briefs from Freshpair and pick up a few more pairs. I hope you do this event again next year and that there is even more media coverage!"
The Bali Skimp Skamp Brief Brief Panty Style 2633  I had thought of wearing to the Times Square event is quite popular and was HerRoom's 2010 Undie Awards Favorite Overall Panty (YouTube video)
UPDATE: Freshpair added another video: National Underwear Day 2013 — Freshpair's Curvy Kate Interview (done while wearing pretty Curvy Kate underwear in New York City's Times Square)

My Twitter list For Lovers of Lingerie:
Since this post was supposed to include what I have NOT DONE, I thought about listing all the Tweeps I follow (140 of them) who are in my list For Lovers of Lingerie whom I haven't Tweeted to lately but there are 141 of them. I figured I would at least list the Lingerie Tweeps I follow who follow me on my Twitter, @Panty Buns, and whom I haven't Tweeted #FF s or "Thank you"s to or Retweeted in the last month: Without links: a belated Follow Friday to: 
@HerRoom @DollhouseBettie @PremierJourPj @LingerieForum  @SatinRose @JeneLuciani @LingerieBriefs @BellaBellaB @Freshpair @RagoShapewear @LingerieJournal @LingerieCanada  @frenchknicker  @FreyaLingerie @underfashionny @CallMeViolet @PlayboyFashion @FemmeNextDoor @PrettyWittyAnne @BEXnewyork @ILOVEAGOOD @ShopCosabella @UndercoverWear @MeUndies @luluandlush @skinbikini @SwimwearLingeri @KMentionables @BeautifulBottom @LuckyLadette @Lingeriedunet @MyLunaKiss @lingerie @B_A_B_Y_D_O_L_L @Lingerie1Heaven @BubblesLingerie @LingerieGoddess @MyLingerieAddic (apologies to those I left out).  
On September 2nd there was an article in the blog Lingerie Talk @LingerieTalk on Twitter) titled: "AP Bites The Hand That Fetes It ". Richard of Lingerie Talk embedded Agent Provocateur's recent racy and controversial video 
"Agent Provocateur: Control Yourself - YouTube" in the post. The Agent Provocateur panties in the video weren't full briefs, but were quite sheer in the back. The video was featured in Mail Online article as well. The video was part of Agent Provocateur's AW 2013 Campaign and stars Melissa George, Chloe Hayward and Elettra Wiedemann and features Autumn Winter 2013 Collection.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  More undies in the news at  Burberry Prorsum Womenswear S/S14:

     The tabloids were abuzz with the news when Paloma Faith put her Burberry lingerie on display at Burberry's Spring/Summenr 2014 fashion show at London Fashion Week. A Mail Online article featured a photo of Paloma Faith dressed to attend the Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show at London Fashion Week in an article titled: "So cute she just HAD to show them off: Paloma Faith exposes underwear in see-through skirt at Burberry show" included a nice (click here) photo of Paloma Faith showing off her Burberry's heart printed underwear with a totally see-through skirt in Mail Online She had a seat in the front row at the  Burberry fashion show.

Several YouTube news Channels uploaded the short (1:56) Mail Online video of a briefs portion of an interview with Paloma Faith at the Burberry fashion show at London Fashion Week all having the same video title. Two of them were:
Paloma Faith shows off her knickers at London Fashion Week by CNN BREAKINGNEWS and;
Paloma Faith shows off her knickers at London Fashion Week by skynewsofficial012

YouTube user Burberry  uploaded a brief video titled The Burberry Prorsum Womenswear S/S14 Show Highlights - shot entirely with iPhone 5s and on Set. 17th, 2013 uploaded a video titled:  "Full Show - Burberry Prorsum Womenswear S/S14 - shot entirely with iPhone 5s". The video features a large number of see-through dresses.  Quoting Burberry: "Celebrating rich British fabrics and expert craftsmanship, the Spring/Summer 2014 runway features intricate English lace and Scottish knitted cashmere in vibrant pastels and soft powdery hues". Though I could see Paloma Faith in the front row of the show I didn't see the heart print briefs. I thought many of the Burberry fashions were very pretty and there were some pretty looking full briefs visible through the dresses. The main reservation I had about the show was that I think using too many overly skinny models sends a bad message to young fashionistas and may encourage eating disorders.
I found the interview of Paloma Faith by  YouTube user Triumph UK, (makers of Triumph Lingerie) very interesting. It is titled "Women in Making: Paloma Faith - YouTube"

There will be more lingerie events coming up as well. I wonder how many more lingerie and full brief panty events I will have FAILED to participate in, news I lingerie news I will FAIL to cover, videos and photos I will FAIL to take, post and write about in these last four months of the year?    
An unpublished lingerie review I did back in January: 
     Another blog post I hadn't gotten around to posting included photos and a customer lingerie review video of myself male-modeling a pink pair of Pink K Women's Nylon Briefs from Kmart. I'd taken the photos and video back on 4 January 2013 but I still haven't uploaded the video to my YouTube, Mister Panty Buns's Channel.  My excuse for not uploading the lingerie review video back at the time I made it was that in the video I referred to the panties as Pink brand pink panties. After I'd made the video I saw that they were clearly marked "Pink K" on the tag. Pink K brand is unrelated to Victoria's Secret PINK brand panties, which I have yet to purchase, wear, and review. Good grief! You'd think I would at least get the name of the brand of panties I'm reviewing right when I actually have them on, but noooooo....  I had forgotten what the package said back when I bought them in the store and then I missed the "K" in Pink K when I read the tag. Yes, I actually bought these panties in-store instead of being lazy and buying them on line. The fabric is not as slippery and silky-soft as a couple of other panties I've worn such as Vanity Fair Ravissant or Shadowline classic briefs. but they do feel good against my skin. I'm holding back my complete assessment of the way they feel and fit until I purchase the size that's right for me.
To complete my January 4th OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) I styled the Pink K brand pink nylon full briefs with a Green Surplice Peplum top from JCPenney in the colour "Green Appletini".  

    The last time I checked Kmart's website I didn't see the briefs I reviewed. Here are two of the photos of me male-modeling the Pink K full briefs back on January 4, 2013:  



     What do you think of the colour, design, fabric and fit of these panties? Should I have uploaded the video to YouTube even though I had name of the brand wrong in it? I would like to buy more in the same colour (and will if I see them in-store) but in the next size larger. 
P.S.: A big THANK YOU for commenting on my last post to:
Peet of For Peet's Sake     
Thank you also to everyone who has commented on other prior posts of mine. I really appreciate you're having taken the time. 
     P.P.S.:  Have a happy September!  


  1. P.P.P.S.: Apologies to everyone whose blogs I normally comment on for not commenting lately. Maybe I'll get back to commenting again soon? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Look at all those beautiful briefs!
    Happy belated underwear day, darling, and thanks for the shout-out!


  3. It's very frustrating when you receive something in a different color than you were imagining, right? Good luck figuring out your briefs-blouses color combinations!

  4. First off, you have lingerie fashion week?? In Slovenia, we're lucky we got a fashion week last year.:D Of course it's not as grandiose as the NYFW...

    I really liked Miley's latex number, Gaga's got some balls, I love her courage to walk around in a thong and Jessica would have been better off walking around just in her underwear, that dress was coo-coo.

    I wish I was in NYC on the 5th of August, I'd definitely go, that had to be so much frigging fun!!! You really should have gone.:)

    The panties you're modeling are pretty, I do like the color, but the JCPenny top definitely wins this time - who doesn't like some appletini in their life?:) Great name, no doubt!

  5. MORE (earthshaking) LINGERIE NEWS Via the Lingerie Journal: Hanes Brands to Acquire Maidenform Brands. O. M. G. !!!
    Be still my heart! (See my previous posts Male-Modeling Maidenform Dreams, Male-Modeling Maidenform Dreams Part 2, and Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties). Between the Maidenform "Dream" campaign I dreamed of being a part of, the Hanes advertisement that said "Wait 'til we get our Hanes on you" and the recent Hanes ads asking us to let them know what our "UnderCoverColor" is (with photos?) I'm swimming in lingerie fame-acquiring fantasies!!! Hanes also makes Bali, the maker of the Skimp Scamp Briefs I've been meaning to review. Wow.
    To Couture Carrie of CoutureCarrie, Camila Faria of Não Me Mande Flores, and Peet of For Peet's Sake, Thank you so much for your comments!!!

  6. That are a whole lot of panties yet to review! You will be busy for a while I think. :) I also wish you a wonderful September too!

  7. P.S. Sofia did totally rock that gown!!


  8. Hello there! I just saw your comment and I have to do two things. First, thank you for all the thoughtful words, those comments are the best and just make my day! And second, I have to tell you what spooning is. It's this.:) Apparently somebody thought it's exactly like what spoons do when you stack them together and called it spooning.:)

  9. you really have nice collection of undies-- great colors and they all look so comfy! :)

  10. To Ruby And Siel of Two Wonder Girls, Thank you. Yes it is a lot of undies to review and I'm very tardy reviewing them. I'd better get working on it. I love your recent post. To Couture Carrie of CoutureCarrie, You post photos of a lot of pretty gowns on your blog. I think Sofia Vergara could make most of them look fabulous. To Milex, thanks for the seal of approval.To Peet of For Peet's Sake, I love reading your blog. You're hilarious! Thanks for letting me know what spooning is :) To Vanessa Mercado of Voguely Van, Thank you for the compliment on my undie collection! I think we have similar tastes in colours. Most of the undies are very comfy - I'll try to describe the feel better when I do the reviews. You rock some very pretty and comfy looking fashions yourself.
    P.S.: I hope everyone checks out mi customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube, Mister Panty Buns's Channel. I just recently enabled moderated comments there.

  11. Wow! I'm amazed by all your selections! I've always felt that a woman's complete total look is inside out! Soo sexy.

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  12. To Angel Feliciano of Pinkoolaid Thank you for complimenting my blouse and panty fashion haul! I like your recent post on Gyaru Fashion and Makeup in the Philippines.
    To Ania Zarzycka of Fashion | , Thank you! I love that light blue Oarry embroidered floral mini-length homecoming dress you styled in your post A dream is a wish your heart makes.
    To Jo Abiog of StyleAt30 , Thank you for complimenting my fashion haul choices! I love the idea of complete total looks being styled from the inside out :)

  13. Wow that sure is a lot you have to review, all the blouses and underwear look so lovely collectively like that. It reminds me of how I am always drawn to the wsy clothes look all together in stores. There sure is a lot of news surrounding underwear - a lot of it I didn't know so that's very interesting. The Miley Cyrus events sure caused a lot of controversy and news time. Despite the whole thing, I do love the song. Hope you have a good week.

  14. i had forgotten how much i love your blog.

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    To Belle Armed of Belle Armed It was sweet of you to stop by, read and comment. It's a relief to read that your still among the living and wrote another post, "and Maslov didn't even listen" I'd encourage everyone to visit your blog (and be nice to you). What you've written of your life is gripping. Hang in there, you're worth it!

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  21. Stopping by the wish you happy holidays and a fabulous new year.

  22. To Couture Carrie, Thank you! I hope you have a fabulous New Year! I love reading your blog CC Loves

    To Imogen, Thank you! It's always a treat reading your latest fashionista blog posts on your blog Tia_Cherie. Wishing you a fabulous year 2014 as well!

    Sorry I haven't done those long promised full brief panty reviews or posted new lingerie fashion ootd and review videos to my YouTube yet. I may have to make it a New Year's resolution.