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Fbloggers Lingerie OOTDs and Reviews of Vanity Fair Ravissant Full Briefs

     THE WAY THE FABRIC OF A FULL BRIEF PANTY FEELS AGAINST MY SKIN and the way my panties fit are both extremely important to me. I love the feeling of wearing full coverage slippery soft nylon panties that both come up to my natural waist (around my belly button) and also have the elastic of the leg holes sit at the natural fold between my upper thigh and my bottom. The pair of Vanity Fair Ravissant briefs I'm reviewing today are a full coverage panty, have a satin sheen and a very slippery soft feel to them.
     Both the Ravissant and Lace Nouveau full briefs by Vanity Fair could stand to have a more generously cut gusset, especially near the rear seam. I would love these briefs a lot more than I do if the rear seam of the cotton lined gusset was higher, longer and had a significant curve to it the way most vintage briefs do and the way Vanity Fair briefs used to three decades ago. Unfortunately in most of the Vanity Fair briefs the rear seam of the gusset is sewn straight-across and is close to the same length as the front gusset seam. Most people are bigger in the back than in the front, so you would think briefs should be tailored that way instead making them in whatever way runs fastest through the sewing machines. Other than that one tailoring issue I love the VF Lingerie nylon full briefs.
     Apparently I'm not alone in loving how the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Style 15712 full briefs look and feel either They are a former Undie Award winner. Speaking of the Undie Awards, on April 2nd Tomima Edmark of HerRoom did a new blog post titled: "Vote in the 8th Annual Undie Awards! | Tomima's Blog - Lingerie & Underwear Expert". You can vote for your favourites here. I'm conflicted. There are many different brands and styles I love but I haven't found the perfect panty yet.
      Whenever I see an opportunity to purchase, review and wear pretty new pairs of silky-soft and comfortable panties in the brands, styles, and colours I long to own in my size, I generally jump at it. I will often put aside any preferences I have for specific retailers in order to get a the panties I want so that I can slip into a pair as soon as is practical.  , it comes to purchasing a brand and style of full briefs I like in a colour and size I long to own, I will often put aside any preferences I have for specific retailers in order to get a the panties I want and slip a pair on as soon as is practical. At the time I bought them the Vanity Fair Style 15712 Classic Ravissant Full Brief Panty was shown as being available in Park Avenue Purple, Soft Blue and Midnight Black from Bare Necessities. I have previously purchased them in White and Soft Blue from HerRoom, in Black from Macy's, and in Fuchsia Applique from Kohls. Eons ago I had owned a pair of Ravissant briefs in the colour Potpourri Pink (swoon) and had also purchased Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau lace inset nylon panties in the colours Silk Rose and Fuchsia Shock from J C Penney. If only they were available in those colours again!
     UPDATE: I just tried to order some Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief Panties Style15712 from HerRoom in the colour "English Lilac", size 5 only to get the message: "English Lilac Not Manufactured in the selected size". I went ahead and ordered 2 pairs in size six even though I knew they'd be a bit large for me. I'm feeling very frustrated that I can't find briefs like these in my size in the colours like the ultra-feminine neon pink I love so much. Why don't lingerie companies make panties in the most feminine colours and available in all sizes?
     To contrast with and complement the pretty purple colour of these satiny nylon panties in my first lingerie fashion OOTD I styled them with a Style+Co Plus Size Short Sleeve Pleated Top in Neon Yellow from Macy's. To my eye there is almost enough of a hint of green in this neon yellow Style+Company top to make it closer to chartreuse yellow than it is to the neon yellow I was expecting when I ordered the blouse. What do you think of the colour of this blouse and the way it contrasts with the purple colour of the nylon full briefs in my blouse-and-panty-outfit of the day? 
(the colours didn't come out quite right in this photo) 

     Here is the customer lingerie review video I made and posted to my YouTube channel at, along with the description and transcript I published with the video: 

For some reason there was a lot of static noise in this video. I'm sorry about that.  This is the second time I've encountered this kind of noise in one of my lingerie OOTD videos. The other time was, coincidentally, during the review of a different pair of Vanity Fair Ravissant briefs in a similar purplish colour called 'Fuchsia Applique'. The colour of the pair of briefs I'm reviewing in this customer lingerie review video is Vanity Fair's 'Park Avenue Purple'. I think the colour of the Style and Company blouse in this outfit is actually a chartreuse yellow.  
TRANSCRIPT: "For this blouse and panty outfit of the day and customer lingerie review, I've chosen a blouse by Style and Company. Uh, the colour is described as 'Neon Yellow' but to me it seems to have a touch of green in it. The full brief panties that I'm reviewing are one of my favourites for sleeping in because they feel so wonderful against my skin. They're Vanity Fair's Perfectly Yours Ravissant Style 15712 full brief nylon panties. Um, the colour of this particular pair of panties is 'Park Avenue Purple'. Um, Vanity Fair often comes out with colours that I really love that are not on the shelf that long. The pretty ones seem to sell out really fast. This customer lingerie review is released into the public domain. Please share it everywhere."  
     I purchased these purple Vanity Fair Ravissant briefs from Bare Necessities in size 6 and ordered the Style + company "Neon Yellow" Short-Sleeve Pleated Top from Macy's to style with and provide contrast in my blouse and panty outfit of the day. 
     I wasn't 100 percent sure about pairing these panties with the "Neon Yellow" blouse due to the hint of green in the blouse. Would you consider it a chartreuse yellow? WHAT DO YOU THINK of the purple colour, the sheen and fit of these panties and the colour combination in this blouse-and-panty Outfit Of The Day and how they look being modeled by me?  
     UPDATE number 2: (this post was written over a period of weeks) I ordered and just received those two pairs of  size 6 (one size larger than I wanted) Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief Panties Style15712 from HerRoom in the colour English Lilac. The colour is pretty and looks to me to be in between lilac and lavender. I just couldn't resist showcasing them in photos and a video!  While looking for a blouse to pair for the lilac coloured panties I noticed that the colour was almost identical to the briefs I  wore in my "Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties ". I decided to style the Vanity Fair briefs with the same green Eyelash Ruffle Top from Dressbarn and compare both pairs of panties in a photo:   

     You may be able to see the difference in the sheen of the panties. It is significant. While the Vanity Fair briefs are made of a superior fabric and have a higher rise (not a higher cut), the Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief panties have a superior pattern from which the gusset and panels of the panty are tailored. You can see the more generous gusset having a curved rear seam on the Hanes panties and also observe more of a curvature on the cut of the rear panel. Hanes and Carole are tailored more like the vintage Maidenform and Vanity Fair full briefs used to be three decades ago.  




     Please forgive me for the shakiness of the video in the beginning. My tripod setup was not the best. I didn't bother describing the blouse I styled in this OOTD because I had worn it with another outfit previously. For more detail on both the green eyelash ruffle blouse and the full coverage briefs, please visit my lingerie fashion and review blog at 
TRANSCRIPT:  "In this lingerie fashion outfit of the day and review I'm wearing a pair of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant full brief nylon panties in the colour English Lilac. The fabric of these panties feels heavenly against my skin. It's very slippery soft and smooth, um, and very comfortable This customer lingerie review video is released into the public domain. Please feel free to share it everywhere and republish it." 
     Do you see how similar in colour the Vanity Fair briefs in English Lilac are to the Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties
          It's hard to overstate how slippery soft and satiny these panties feel against my skin. They feel heavenly. Although there's still room for improvement in the tailoring, this particular brand and style of panties are still my favourite to wear to bed at night because of the comfort and luxurious feel of the fabric.   
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     Still to come: More lingerie OOTD and review posts with videos for my YouTube channel at already taken and transcripts in the process of being written up for this blog) featuring the Bali Skimp Skamp Brief 2633 from Freshpair, HerRoom and Bealls Florida; the Warners Modern Brief Panty in Vintage Pink from HerRoom; and, hopefully after receipt, some Shadowline full brief nylon panties Style 17042 custom dyed with extra lace from Satin Rose Intimates. and un-dyed from HerRoom. There are a lot of briefs I've purchased and not reviewed that I haven't mentioned here. 
UPDATE number 3: I just uploaded two more customer lingerie review videos to my YouTube channel intended for future posts:


     A few side notes: I do NOT accept any kind of gifts or compensation. My blogging and reviews are done solely out of my love of full brief panties. After all, what's the point of wearing pretty panties if nobody knows or sees them? You can see more of my customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube channel at I don't take comments there but I would love to know what you think here in the comments below or on my Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns
     P.P.S.: Ultra-feminine neon pink is still my favourite colour for lingerie,but out of the two pairs of briefs reviewed above which colour panties do you think look prettier on me, the English Lilac or the Park Avenue Purple? I like the English Lilac but I think I might prefer the Tender Bud Print and Vintage pink of the briefs I plan to blog about next. Actually I know I love the Vintage Pink of the Warners briefs but I also prefer the feel of the Vanity Fair Ravissant. Why, oh why can't I have it all? 
     What do you think of the colour and tailoring, of these two pairs of Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief nylon panties, of how they fit and look on me? I'd love to know your thoughts.  
     Meanwhile I'll be wearing a pair of the Vanity Fair Ravissant Full Briefs to bed tonight and hopefully having some lovely lingerie dreams. 
      P.P.P.S.:  Please don't forget to leave your Fbloggers, Lbloggers and Bbloggers links to your blogs along with your comments below.  Thanks!    :D   



  1. My apologies for not commenting on everyone's blogs recently - and a big thank you again to everyone who has commented on my previous posts! Please don't forget to leave your blog links/URLs with your comments if you want to. Thanks :D

  2. Love that intense shade of purple, very vampish! x

  3. Fabulous reviews!
    Love the color of the first pair.


    P.S. I have about a zillion bikinis, some with strange and unique straps. In answer to your query, the tan generally evens out rather than looking stripe-y :)

  4. Replies
    1. thank you so much for your lovely comment :) Have a nice week :)

  5. hooray for neon pink! :) haha. i think both color looks good on you but i think that the park avenue purple looks prettier on you :>

    Thank you so much for the ever so sweet comments on my blog and thank you for mentioning me in the post!~

    Have a great week!~

    rae abigael

  6. I can definitely see how these two panties are similar, but still different, although I do prefer the combination with the darker shade of green. It somewhat reminds me of the Gucci S/S 11 color blocking.:) But as for your tripod and static and shakiness 'issues', I know how annoying it can be dealing with all of the equipment yourself while you have to think of the final product as well, I get so frustrated with the whole process sometimes. But I guess the important thing is not to give up, right?;)

    I hope you had an amazing weekend, dear, and thank you again for being so kind and considerate! Your words always make my day a bit brighter...

  7. The satin sheen of these panties is amazing! They look very luxurious indeed.

  8. P.S. Highly recommend Tatu Couture... So glad you love so many pieces!

  9. The colours are super perfect they are my favourite colours, and these are really great combinations. Love that silky soft feel its the best. Thank you so much for the mention and for your beautiful words. It's very admirable how much you get to know other bloggers and leave the most lovely comments.

  10. Thank all of you for your fabulous comments! I really appreciate them. Since none of you left your blog links in the comment thread separate from your profiles, I will. All of your blogs are wonderful. Thank you to:
    Vix of Vintage Vixen;
    Couture Carrie of CC Loves;
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    me, Panty Buns, also on youtube at and Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns :)

  11. My comment didn't post. I was saying I'm surprised you found good service in VS. They usually are talking to each other and don't care to help, in my experience. I think you buy more underwear than me so I'm a little jealous. But i do love a lace thong :D

    1. I know you intended your comment to be placed under my May 6th, 2014 post titled: "Shadowline and Victorias Secret Lingerie Fashion OOTDs and Reviews with Dressing Room Selfie Photos and Video with Blooper"
      I'm not sure whether it's just that the particular Victoria's Secret store I visited has great employees or whether it might be that they were preparing for the influx of Summer people and tourists in the Hamptons and the Summer Season hadn't started yet. It could be both. I feel lucky to have had such wonderful experiences there.

  12. Attention bloggers, reporters, columnists, publishers, broadcasters, etc., etc., etc.:
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  13. Hello Panty
    I think I already commented on this post but my comment I can't see it !! Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I like the purple color, very extravagant !!

    1. That purple colour really is fabulous!
      THANK YOU very much for all the wonderful comments you have left on several of my customer lingerie fashion review and other full brief panty related posts!
      I really love reading what readers and viewers think of the appearance, colours and fit of the full brief panties I model and review, as well as comments and opinions about me and how I look wearing them.
      I also love the beautiful posts you do on your blog 'Marisa's Closet', like the on your recent outfit fashion and style lookbook post titled 'The Looks Of The Week'
      I also LOVE your beautifully made short YouTube channel videos!!!!!!

  14. I really like panties that give us this increase in self-esteem, this purple color is beautiful, very bright!
    I am learning more english in this quarantine, it is still difficult write sentences without googletranslate haha

    1. I too love the feelings I get while wearing pretty panties like these!
      Thank you also for taking the time to use Google Translate to translate my blog posts from English to Brazilian Portuguese and to translate your comments from Brazilian Portuguese into English! Although I use Google Translate to read your blog posts, I realise that I have been consistently naughty by leaving my comments on your blog only in English.
      Your recent blog post titled '300 Things Everyone Should Do, Part 5' is AMAZING!!!!!!
      I LOVED looking at your fifth instalment of the experiences you have had involving astronomy, music, travel, beach, trail-making, Sexy Fair, protest, Carnaval costume, artistry, photography, nudism, scenic views fashion beauty, and saying 'I Love You'. The photographs in your post are fantastic! :D

  15. Supplemental note:
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