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Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs and Warner's Modern Briefs Reviews

     Since I already jumped the gun in publishing both of the videos for the two Fbloggers lingerie fashion OOTDs and reviews referred to below, I decided I might as well combine the two reviews into a single post as is now noted in this post's title. If you don't have time to wade through the overly verbose way I redundantly and pretentiously repeat myself again and again in the text (that's a joke) you could simply take look at my lingerie fashion photos for outfit number 1 of 2 and outfit number 2 of 2 (and maybe watch the two very short embedded customer lingerie review YouTube videos) before, hopefully, giving me an opinion on which blouse, which pair of briefs, and which outfit you like better etc. etc. etc..
     You might also want to check out the blog links for the Fbloggers, Lbloggers, Bbloggers and fashionistas who commented on my last post. The bloggers who have  commented on this blog are fabulous. Their links and the links to their blogs are listed just above the questions I ask at the end of this post.
     Fbloggers OOTD and Lingerie Review number 1 out of 2: Tender Bud Print Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs Styled with a Laura Scott Women's Plus Black Crinkled Peasant Blouse:

     The "Tender Bud" print of Bali's Skimp Skamp Briefs was the catalyst for my purchase of these panties. Bali Skimp Skamp briefs have been available in a wider range of colours and prints than many other full briefs. I realise this review is coloured by my own personal preferences.
     I like the fact that the women's nylon panties by Bali Intimates are relatively full cut, but wish they could combine the features I like the most from the different styles in one panty. I love the print, feel of the fabric, high rise and long side seams of the Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs Style 2633. For the most part I like the tailoring of the Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs, but the rear panel of the panty could stand to be a bit more rounded near the side seams, and I prefer a more generously cut gusset, especially near the gusset's rear seam. I am not as big a big fan of vertical back seams as I am gusset seams, even though the vertical back seam may contribute to adding shape to the panty. I prefer the tailoring of the Bali Sleek Comfort Style 2272 which I reviewed in my post titled "A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos" and uploaded a video review of titled: "MOV-male-models-Bali-Sleek_Comfort-full-brief-panties-26.AVI ". The nylon fabric of the Sleek Comfort briefs was not woven as finely as the fabric used in the Skimp Skamp Briefs.
     I purchased pairs of the Bali Skimp Skamp Brief 2633 in Tender Bud Print from Freshpair, from HerRoom, and from Bealls Florida. This panty is also available from One Hanes Place, from Bare Necessities, and from many other retailers and fine department stores.
     For this outfit of the day I styled these pretty Tender Bud Print Bali Skimp Skamp briefs with a black Laura Scott Women's Plus Black Crinkled Peasant Blouse which I purchased from Sears
Quoting from the Sears webpage:
"Stylish smocking and carefree crinkle deliver trendy texture to this Laura Scott women's plus top. Smocking at the neckline, cuffs and hem create a decidedly feminine look, while the keyhole opening with beaded ties lend a laid-back folkloric vibe to this soft, stretch jersey knit top."
"Smocked scoop neck Keyhole opening with beaded front ties Smocked short sleeves Crinkle texture Smocked blouson hem Jersey knit construction Fabric: Polyester/cotton/spandex blend Care: Machine wash Imported"

     I purchased the pretty Laura Scott Crinkled Peasant Blouse from Sears and chose to style it in this OOTD and lingerie review in order to provide a sharp contrast with the white background of the Bali Skimp Skamp Tender Bud Print Briefs. I purchased three pairs of these briefs - one each from Freshpair, HerRoom and Bealls. The Laura Scott Peasant top was a touch longer than I had hoped, so I has to tuck it up a bit to reveal the panties I was reviewing. If I had let the blouse drape naturally it would have showcased the blouse's feminine look better and hit at the very low hip.
TRANSCRIPT: "The pair of ladies full brief panties that I'm male-modeling and reviewing in this customer lingerie review video, is Bali Intimates Skimp Skamp full brief panty in Tender Bud Print. Uh, this particular pair of panties is one that I was thinking of wearing to National Underwear Day in Times Square, but chickened out, um, as per usual. Um, this, uh particular brief, the Bali Skimp Skamp Brief was also a former winter, winner in HerRoom's Undie Awards. Uh, the fit and feel is fabulous, the, the material feels wonderful against my skin, and they're a pretty feminine panty. Um, I paired it, uh, today, for this blouse and panty outfit, with a Laura Scott, Scott blouse. Um, these panties remind me why I love so much wearing ladies panties. This customer lingerie review is released into the public domain."
Normally I avoid back seamed panties and would prefer my briefs to have a more generously cut mushroom shaped gusset, but the print won me over because to me it seemed so feminine.

Fbloggers OOTD and Lingerie Review Number 2 of 2: Warner's Modern Brief Panty in Vintage Pink:
     It took me a long time to decide which pair of briefs to style with the multi-coloured Alison Brittney chiffon floral ruffle hemmed top to complete my blouse and panty OOTD. I love everything about the Allison Brittney blouse. I also LOVE wearing these feminine vibrant vintage pink full brief nylon panties.
     I purchased the Warners No Pinching, No Problems Modern Brief Panty in Vintage Pink from HerRoom, and I purchased the Allison Brittney Women's Chiffon Floral Ruffle Top from Sears.
Quoting from Sears webpage about this Alison Brittney blouse:
"Let your look blossom in this sheer chiffon women's top from Allison Brittney. Medium-sized vibrant floral prints complement any skin tone in this easy-to-wear chiffon blouse that boasts smocked edging, puff sleeves and frilly ruffles down the front placket. Smocked round neckline Short smocked puff sleeves Ruffle front Smocked waist Peplum hem Woven construction Fabric: Polyester blend  Machine wash  Imported"

I love the chiffon floral peplum of the Alison Brittney women's puff sleeve top I styled with the Warners Vintage Pink nylon full briefs in this OOTD. This blouse also has some frilly feminine ruffles down the front. I love the length of the blouse which hits at my high hip.
TRANSCRIPT: "In this customer lingerie review I'm male-modeling a pair of Warners No Pinching No Problems No Muffin Top full brief panties in the colour 'Vintage Pink'. In this, uh,  lingerie review, I've styled this pair of panties with an Alison Brittney floral peplum top. I've previously reviewed this brand of panties. Um, they're very comfortable, and I love this colour. Um, as soon as I saw that colour, 'Vintage Pink', I knew I had to have them. Um, I wish I could find some more of them. Uh, they're a very pretty panty. Um, this customer lingerie review is released into the public domain. Please feel free to share it everywhere."
     Here's a link to my previous customer lingerie review of these briefs in a different colour on YouTube: MOV-Mister_Panty_Buns-models-and-reviews-Warners-Hibiscus-Petal-Pink-full-briefs-24.AVI. In that video I did a more detailed verbal description of the briefs and the feel.
     THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING Fbloggers, Lbloggers, and Bbloggers who commented on my previous post  Fbloggers Lingerie Fashion OOTDs and Reviews of Vanity Fair Ravissant Full Briefs   TO:
The colourful queen of vintage, Vix of Vintage Vixen, Twitter @Vintage_Vix66, YouTube Vix Brearley, and curator (with Jon) at Kinky Mellon's Retro Boutique;
Fashionista editor Couture Carrie of CC Loves, of Couture Carrie, and of Bikinis and Martinis Twitter @CoutureCarrie;
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The beautiful Camila Faria of Não Me Mande Flores Twitter @_CamilaF_;
The recently married law and commerce accounting graduate, lawyer, feminine fashion and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Imogen of Tia_Cherie;

Thank all of you! You are all amazing, thoughtful, articulate, sweet, brilliant bloggers too! I feel very lucky that you visited and commented here.

     Which blouse and panty outfit do you like better, outfit number 1 or outfit number 2? Which of the two blouses do you like the look of better, the black Laura Scott Crinkled Smocked Peasant Blouse, or the Allison Brittney Women's Chiffon Floral Ruffle Top? Which panty do you like the look of better, the Tender Bud Print Bali Skimp Skamp Full Briefs, or the Warner's Modern Brief Panty in Vintage Pink?
     What do you think of the "Tender Bud" print on the Bali Skimp Skamp Full Briefs? How do you feel about the look of panties that have a vertical back seam? About the back-seamed "big pants" Renée Zellweger was seen putting on at the beginning of the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary"? About the way the Tender Bud Print Bali Full Briefs fit and look on me?
     What do you think of the Vintage Pink colour of the Warner's Modern Brief Panty and of how they fit and look on me?
     Was that too many questions?

     You can see all but one of my customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube channel I have disabled comments on YouTube due to trolls and the requirement to join Google+ to comment. Why should I let others comment on my videos if I can't myself?

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  2. Amazing briefs!
    Loving the print on the first pair.
    And pink is your color ;)


  3. The Bali Skimp Skamp ones are so pretty, what a lovely print. :)


  4. I think I like Allison Brittney Women's Chiffon Floral Ruffle Top better... But I'm all for black outfits too!

  5. Loving the prints. I often go for colors and solids but the print is so pretty! Loving the pink! Thank you for the kind words over at You should definitely go to Marshalls and AMIclubwear has some great stuff!


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  9. hello! thank you for the sweet words to my blog posts. I really enjoy reading your comments :) anyway, i love your outfit number 1 more but number 2 looks amazing on you too. I find the buds pattern on the first brief panty adorable.

    by the way, in reply to your comment on my previous post: My hair did get tangled a lot too especially in the morning after i wake up. But they magically untangle themselves after I take a bath and after using a hair conditioner. :) I think you should use a conditioner too because it's really effective in making a curly hair soft and manageable. It helped mine :D


  10. Yowza! That pink is awesome, that would be a great lipstick color in my humble opinion :) The underwear looks nice and comfy which is a quality I appreciate in it :)

    Nice to hear from you too, thank you for your nice words!!!!! It's nice to 'see' you all again :)

  11. The second choice is my favourite - vibrant pink and gypsy style are two things I love. x

  12. I like no. 1, florals and black is always a good combo and the floral print is really nice!

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    I love the first pair, the pattern is lovely.

    Corinne x

  15. God, I hear you, I hate those vertical back seams, those should be banned by law! Who doesn't find those annoying??? But I have to say I prefer the Tender Bud Bali panties, that print is just adorable. Although the bright pink is a fun color and I LOVE fun colors, so I'm kind of torn, I guess.:) But as far as the the overall outfit goes, I give my vote to the second look.

    I hope you're enjoying your Tuesday, dear, and have a great week!;)

  16. Beautiful panties, both of them! I like both of these looks, but I prefer the second one probably because of the pink colour scheme. Vintage pink panties are amazing, such a nice shade of pink! That second blouse is so pretty, just a perfect match with those panties. Looking good! Have a great week!

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    Those vintage panties are beautiful, what can I say more!!

  22. Attention bloggers, reporters, columnists, publishers, broadcasters, etc., etc., etc.:
    PLEASE FEEL FREE to make use of any lingerie fashion blouse and panty modelling photos and videos that feature ME modelling full brief panties
    on my YouTube channel
    and on on this blog. They have all been RELEASED BY ME into the public domain and are all FREE TO SHARE, REUSE, download, re-upload, publish, re-publish and display anywhere and everywhere without limitation!
    Please do! After all, what good is my wearing pretty pairs of panties if nobody sees them?

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