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Shadowline and Victorias Secret Lingerie Fashion OOTDs and Reviews with Dressing Room Selfie Photos and Video with Blooper


    An alternate title for this post could be: Victoria's Secret Ruffled Babydolls paired with Shadowline Underwear For Women (Part 1). 
     I had originally intended this to be even more of an epic post on Shadowline's Style 17042 full coverage nylon brief panties than it already is. I had planned to include photos and embedded videos showcasing each of the five colours I have purchased them in: White, black, custom dyed pink, yellow and blue both all both with and without the optional extra lace at the leg-bands I ordered through Satin Rose Intimates,  Who knows, maybe I will yet complete the post in a "Shadowline Underwear For Women Part 2".  Between the time I started writing the post(s) and now, I ordered Shadowline panties from three different retailers including the custom dyed briefs with and without extra lace added around the legs. Unfortunately just recently I dropped my camera and it broke. Since I had only taken a limited number of photos (selfies in blue with no lace and pink with extra lace) and am unsure how long it will be before I purchase and get up to speed with a new camera I've decided to combine posts again. Obviously I'll have to  limit the photos and videos to the ones I had taken and uploaded to my computer before I clumsily dropped and broke my camera. I had also purchased three blouses to style with the briefs which I guess I'll have to style in a subsequent outfit(s) posts. Even though I've included most of the text of what was to be the next post in this one I'm still considering doing a second post on Shadowline full briefs within the next few months. 

     1) The text describing the first two out of three recent shopping experiences at a Victoria's Secret store; 
     2) Lingerie fashion haul , OOTD and PHOTOS (would you call some of them blooper photos?) 
     3) An embedded selfie customer lingerie review video with blooper  which might be a candidate for posting under http://www.reddit.com/r/cringe/ or http://www.funnyordie.com/Mister_Panty 
     4) The text describing the third of my three recent visits to a particular Victoria's Secret store; 
     5) The text of my review of the Shadowline style 17042 nylon full brief panties with Links to the places where I purchased the full briefs in the lingerie fashion haul and styled in my OOTD selfies photos and video, and for (hopefully) the next post (Part II) as well;  
     6) A thank you to lingerie companies who carry Shadowline briefs for following me on Twitter and their links; 
     7) LINKS TO THE BLOGS of the Fbloggers, Lbloggers, Bbloggers and fashionistas WHO COMMENTED ON MY LAST POST which was titled "Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs and Warner's Modern Briefs Reviews
     8) My plea, shamelessly begging for your comments on this post on Victoria's Secret Ruffle Babydolls with custom dyed Shadowline Briefs. 

     I feel I should apologise to Peet of the blog For Peet's Sake for my repeated use of the word "selfie" in this post. The reason the apology is warranted becomes clear if you read Peet's March 24, 2014 blog post titled: "For Peet's Sake: It's Self-Portrait, You Dumb Fuck!"  
       Now for the post itself!  

     I wasn't always complimentary of Victoria's Secret in the past,, occasionally going on long rants about their use of overly thin models.  Although I have highlighted individual lingerie fashion pieces they carry I had refrained from buying some of them because I couldn't tell what they would look like on someone with a normal body.
     What I had failed to include in my previous posts mentioning Victoria's Secret is that all the memories I have of shopping in-store at different brick and mortar Victoria's Stores are happy ones. Years ago I had briefly visited a Victoria's Secret store in the Bridgehampton Commons in Bridgehampton, Long Island, NY, and the store's manager had waited on me. She was so sweet and accommodating that I felt terribly guilty for not buying the Chiffon Flyaway Babydoll  she suggested, even though that particular piece wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It was the polite helpfulness that I had encountered from the store's manager years earlier that made me want to return to this Victoria's Secret store again. 
      Quite recently I had some wonderful lingerie shopping experiences at that same Victoria's Secret store. It was immaculately clean and well stocked with very well organised neatly arranged apparel. All of the women working at the store in the Bridgehampton Commons (Long Island, NY) were friendly, polite and helpful. 
On my first recent visit I homed in on the same area of the store and noticed some pretty babydolls with white satin bows and ruffled hems. They didn't the have puffy sleeves I normally look for and I was unable to find the sizes on the tags. After ascertaining that I might be in some need of assistance, a very polite, helpful young woman made herself available to answer any questions I might have. She was very polite, accepting of me, loved fashion herself, found out what my tastes were (we both like Betsey Johnson's fashions), and took me on a brief look around the store. She then checked the sizes on the tags of the babydolls I had initially taken an interest in for me. The biggest size they carried was a large. 
     Even though I'd let her know I was a size 18-20 (1X-2X) she offered to let me try it on in one of their lovely dressing rooms. After she held up an Dream Angels Ruffle-Trim Babydoll in Bright Apricot for me up so I could see the width at the chest, I took her up on her very considerate offer and she unlocked a dressing room for me. 
     The Victoria's Secret locking dressing rooms were fabulous, very clean and had gorgeous spotlessly clean full length mirrors both on the dressing room door and covering the entire wall opposite the door, so a person could get a good look at how they looked from the rear without having to twist around to see. They also had an ottoman to sit on and a rack to hang up ones clothes on. 
     I had my camera with me and was wearing a custom dyed blue pair of Shadowline nylon full briefs. Seeing the set-up of the dressing room and those lovely mirrors I just couldn't resist taking some selfies in the Victoria's Secret Ruffled Babydoll and Shadowline full briefs panties I was already wearing. It took a while because I wasn't used to taking selfies in a mirror. 
     I resisted the urge to "accidentally" lock myself out of the dressing room in just the lingerie when I was finished, let her know the babydolls fit me beautifully and bought a black babydoll as well as the babydoll in Bright Apricot. At checkout I initially forgot to sign, and then, flustered and blushing slightly, absent-mindedly left my credit card behind. She sweetly set it aside for me. I noticed I'd left it when I went to order more custom dyed briefs with extra lace the next day. 
     Naturally I had to return to Victoria's Secret for my credit card. I hadn't purchased the blue or mint coloured babydolls so, thinking ahead what colour full briefs would style nicely with mint or blue, I wore a pink pair of Shadowline nylon full briefs with extra lace for my second visit. A different young woman waited on me, and though I didn't feel the rapport I did on the first visit she was still very polite, helpful and accomodating. I learned that it was the birthday of the woman who had assisted me on my previous visit. On this visit to the dressing room I took some more selfies, and then tried making a selfie lingerie review video in the dressing room mirror. After two attempts at making a customer lingerie review selfie video in the Victoria's Secret dressing room the camera's batteries started going dead and I didn't have any spare batteries with me. If the battery hadn't run out of power for the camera I would have taken more photos and videos until I got some better ones, because the two I took were a bit cringe-worthy.  
     After paying for the babydoll, thanking the woman who helped me, and driving home, I uploaded the photos and videos to my computer and took a closer look at them. Do you think that the video(s) qualify as being "blooper" videos, and that many of the blurry photos to could fall under that classification as well? Obviously I did, hence the inclusion of the word "blooper" in the title of this post!  


     If you're so inclined, please let me know in your comments below which out of all the photos is your favourite - (they have numbers at the end of their titles).  
     Here are the photos of my first and second hauls of full briefs and babydolls,   some of the selfie photos from the dressing room with some commentary and the embedded selfie blooper video I took in the Victoria's Secret dressing room, all of which I had uploaded to my computer before I clumsily dropped and broke my camera: 



     You can get a good look at the lovely extra lace at the leg=bands of the briefs and also see the superior design of the panties' cotton lined gusset in this close-up photo.
     Some of the dressing room selfies from the first of my three recent visits to Victoria's Secret wearing a Victoria's Secret Bright Apricot Ruffle Babydoll and Shadowline Nylon Full Briefs custom dyed S.R.I. (Satin  Rose Intimates) Blue: 

Except for the fact that the flash is obscuring my face, this is probably my favourite from amongst the selfies I took. The bright apricot orange of the babydoll, the excellent design and tailoring of the cotton lined mushroom shaped  full gusset, the sheen of the Opacitrique nylon fabric, and the custome dyed Satin Rose Intimates Blue colour of the full briefs all show up beautifully in this photo.   

This photo is probably my second favourite from the dressing room selfie sessions. I love the ruffles at the hem of the babydoll. 

This photo was taken without flash. I took most of the rest of the photos with no flash, but that meant the shutter speed was slower and any movement caused the photo to be blurry. If you think this photo was blurry you should see some of the others I didn't include in this post. 

This selfie came out fairly clear and you can see my face as I'm stupidly looking into the viewfinder of the camera instead of looking into the observer's eyes via the reflection in the big beautiful mirror I'm taking the photo of. 
     I took a lot more dressing room selfie photos (and two selfie videos) on the second of my three visits to Victoria's Secret wearing a Victoria's Secret purplish-blue Ruffle Babydoll and Shadowline nylon full briefs custom dyed Satin Rose Intimates Pink with added extra lace at the legs. Normally I need to take about 50 photos to come up with two to four good ones. Unfortunately the battery ran too low and I never got to the good photos, so here are some lingerie outfit photos that should have ended up on the cutting room floor unused. Even though I'm not happy with them I decided to go ahead and use them anyway because I wanted to get a post done:  

     I love the way the camera flash helps showcase the satin sheen of the Opacitrique opaque nylon fabric of the Shadowline Style 17042 Full Briefs. 


      Do these panties make my butt look big? The photo is a bit blurry but as you  can see the Opacitrique nylon of the panty is opaque, and tell that the ruffly extra lace trim of the panties maintains its ultra feminine look when stretched. The length of the babydoll is perfect, not showing my back when I bend over but not covering the briefs up when standing. 

     A relatively clear photo with my face visible and even looking in the right direction! Even though I've gotten out of shape I think my arms and shoulders tend to make me look too masculine. That's why I prefer blouses and babydolls that have puffy sleeves when I can find them. I love the pink colour, generous gusset and extra-feminine ruffly lace of this pair of ladies panties. 


     The electronic security device can be seen hanging down below the hem of the babydoll and the leg-band lace of my panties in this photo. (blooper

     This photo was close to being one of my favourites. I was looking a little sideways at the camera in the mirror and my pinkie got into the photo though I managed to I crop most of it out. I  also think my arm looked a little too big and masculine. It's good I didn't flex. Other than that you can see that the babydoll and panty are both very pretty. 

     In these lat two OOTD photos I'm standing up rather than kneeling on the ottoman. The drawback of standing rather than kneeling is that it was harder to make sure I was entirely in the photograph and to keep still for the longer shutter-speed to avoid blurriness. 

     This photo was aimed too high and I moved so it blurred. On the left side of the photo (and in each of the dressing rooms) there is a Victoria's Secret pink Pink T-Shirt to try on if one wants. They must be popular. 

This was one of the only photos I took semi-standing where I stood far enough from the mirror (and close enough to the dressing room door) to fit entirely into the frame without the photo coming out too blurry from me moving and not using flash. I love the femininity of this outfit of the day.

All of these photos of me male-modeling the Shadowline Nylon Full Brief Panties and Victoria's Secret Ruffle Babydolls are released by me into the public domain and may be shared and republished.
3) AN EMBEDDED SELFIE CUSTOMER LINGERIE REVIEW VIDEO perhaps better described as a BLOOPER SELFIE FASHION VIDEO which might be a candidate for posting under http://www.reddit.com/r/cringe/ or Funny or Die (feel free to share it there or anywhere else for that matter).
Cringe-Worthy Fbloggers Dressing Room Selfie Video Lingerie Fashion OOTD Review with Blooper



While I was making this "selfie" customer lingerie review video in the mIrror of the Victoria's Secret dressing room I didn't feel nearly as relaxed as I had on my previous visit, when the woman who had assisted me had been the one who suggested I try the babydoll on and had been so accepting, helpful and reassuring. I had trouble keeping the camera lined up, hadn't rehearsed any lines, and kept forgetting the name of the brand of panties I was wearing. There were women outside the dressing room as I was taking the selfies and I could hear them talking, so I was trying not to be two loud. The nervousness in my voice as I was making this selfie customer lingerie video is clearly audible and women's voices outside the dressing room can be heard faintly in the background. Just to clarify where I may have misspoken slightly in the video: The briefs are opaque satiny Shadowline style 17042 Opacitrique Nylon Full Brief Panties from Satin Rose Intimates, custom dyed S.R.I. Pink with the optional extra lace at the legs. I paired it with a Victoria's Secret Ruffle Babydoll purchased in-store. I misspoke when I called it a "Babydoll top".
TRANSCRIPT: "In this customer lingerie review and outfit of the day video, I'm male-modeling and reviewing a pair of Satin Rose Intimates custom dyed Shadowline Panties in Satin Rose Pink with extra lace. I'm also, I've paired it with a Victoria's Secret Ruffle Babydoll top. Um, This selfie customer lingerie review is released into the public domain. Please feel free to share it everywhere."
     After my second visit to this particular Victoria's Secret store I looked up    
Victoria's Secret babydolls online and liked the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Ruffle Babydoll, and the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Ruffle Chiffon Babydoll in Hibiscus Garden Floral Print.
     4) The text describing the third of my three recent visits to a particular Victoria's Secret store;

      I made one more visit to the same Victoria's Secret store (in Bridgehampton) on "No Pants Day", Friday May 2nd, 2014. I had been shopping nearby and cruised past the Victoria's Secret store looking at it longingly. I saw the same nice young lady who helped me on my first recent visit to the store time looking out the window waiting for customers. I tried to muster my courage to go in with fantasies of a wonderful "No Pants Day" opportunity. Then I thought to myself that three visits  in two weeks might seem like too much, that I might come off as being pervy, chickened out and started driving home. Then I thought about the babydolls I'd seen online on Victoria's Secret's website. I had seen a floral babydoll with puffy shouldered short sleeve. That thught overcame my lack of courage and I turned around and drove back to the store to see if any babydolls had been stocked in Mint, Red or Floral.
     I found one size Large Ruffled Babydoll in pink. That same young woman who had assisted me on my first recent visit recognised me right away, was sweet, and asked if she could help me. I told her I hadn't done a post with the Victoria's Secret babydolls yet, and she asked if I would tell her my lingerie fashion blog's URL again because she'd forgotten. I wrote down my blog, YouTube, Twitter and BuzzFeed URLs for her:
- but I forgot to give her my Funny or Die URL:
       I told her about the First Friday in May being "No Pants Day", and asked if she'd seen any trouserless people.  She hadn't heard about it or seen any. When I meekly asked whether she would consider photographing me for a "No Pants Day" post if I came out of the dressing room in babydoll and panties she said she would be worried about keeping her job if someone came into the store  at that moment. I said I understood and dropped the subject. Little did I know at that point that when I had dropped my camera earlier it had broken and wouldn't have worked anyway. I didn't want her to feel uneasy, so I said that since the babydoll was the same style and size as the others I had bought there previously I probably didn't have to try it on. Sadly she agreed ;((  So I wound up not even trying the babydoll on, much less coming back out of a dressing room into the store to check out in my panties as a No Pants Day outfit.

     I  bought pink ruffle babydoll and got a free Victoria's Secret catalog. I told her I hoped her birthday had been a happy one and that her birthday wishes come true. In fact I totally chickened out of participating in "No Pants Day" all together, not just there but everywhere else too, and so another excellent opportunity for helping me realise my fantasy of being the world's most famous male panty model went to waste. Even so, my experiences shopping at Victoria's Secret were all extremely pleasant ones.
      If you're ever in the vicinity of Bridgehampton, NY,  I highly recommend shopping at the Victoria's Secret in the Bridgehampton Commons. The store is beautiful and its staff are extremely courteous and helpful. Even if they don't have exactly what you want the shopping experience there is fabulous.
     The panties I'm reviewing and male modeling in the photos above are SH17042 Shadowline Full Brief Nylon Panties from Satin Rose Intimates.
     Full cut full coverage retro style full brief panties are often referred to as "granny panties". Unfortunately there are times I've seen that term used in a dismissive manor out of ignorance rather than in the affectionate appreciative way many of us feel about them. Attitudes have been changing what with full retro style briefs coming more and more into vogue along with the sheer couture that puts lingerie on display. Sometimes described as having retro or vintage styling, the classic full briefs I love usually have a high rise but are not high cut. My view is that if a panty is not full coverage then it is not classically cut. I prefer a rise of 8 to 11 inches (measured from the gusset to the waist) and side seams (measured from the leg holes to the waist) of seven to nine and a half inches.
     One impediment to the manufacture of what I consider "perfect panties" occurs when lingerie companies mistakenly cater to people who don't like underwear in the first place and don't want to look like they're wearing it. They hate panty lines. I am not one of those people. I love lingerie! In addition to its practical function, the gusset of a panty is a desirable fashion feature that contributes both to the looks of the panty and to a good fit. The gusset, in my opinion, should be an integral part of the design of the patterns used for the tailoring. Unfortunately with many brands of panties it seems that tailoring has been given a back seat (sadly not a pun) to the speed and reduced costs of sewing straight seams or of substituting stretchier fabrics for good tailoring.
     I can't help but wonder whether the difference in cost for fabric that has a fine denier, good tight weave and high thread count versus more coarse fabrics is a factor. Could short term profits be more important to lingerie company executives than customer satisfaction and a long term reputation for quality?
     In the recent past it has been difficult finding this style of panties in vibrant feminine colours that not only look pretty on me, but that are comfortable and are made of a fabric having a high thread count of a fine denier Opacitrique nylon, resulting in that wonderful slippery soft feeling against my skin that I love so much.    
     It''s the combination of the looks, comfort and feel of well made panties like Shadowline that is why I love wearing ladies full brief panties like Shadowline so much.
     One reason I had not ordered that many pairs of Shadowline full briefs style 17042 in the past was that they were only made in white, ivory and black. I had previously ordered Shadowline Pants + Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panty 17042 in white, size 6 from HerRoom and Shadowline Pants + Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panty 17042 in black, size 5 from HerRoom
     Checking further, I found that one can also order three packs of these Shadowline Lingerie Nylon Classic Brief Panties Style 17042 directly via Shadowline's website in black, white, and ivory and also from ShopNational (The white briefs are the ones Satin Rose Intimates dyes in their custom colours).
     It was during the course of shopping for Carole full brief nylon panties that I noticed Satin Rose Intimates advertising Custom Dyed Panties on their website.
     I had liked both the tailoring of the gusset and the lace of the Carole briefs but custom orders take time and it would be important to me to make sure the briefs were the style with the softer nylon having a higher thread count rather than the somewhat more coarse style 845 Acetate briefs if I were going to place a custom order.
     Then, as I read further on the Satin Rose Intimates' website, I noticed that in addition to custom dyeing panties they also offer extra lace at the waist and the legs. Carole, Shadowline and Vanity Fair are some of the brands that they will custom dye in SRI pink, blue and yellow. I found the fact that they offer to sew extra lace onto the Shadowline briefs to very, very  tempting - so tempting that I just couldn't resist. I went ahead and ordered 6 pairs of Shadowline full brief nylon panties from Satin Rose Intimates - 2 each in S.R.I. pink, yellow and blue, and I went ahead and ordered extra lace at the legs and waists of the pink pairs. After receiving them I liked them so much that I ordered 2 more pairs each of blue and yellow, 3 pairs of the pink, and one each of black and white all with the optional extra lace at the leg-bands.           In the recent past it has been difficult finding this style of panties in vibrant feminine colours that not only look pretty on me. but that are comfortable and are made of a fabric having a high thread count of a fine denier nylon, resulting in that wonderful slippery soft feeling against my skin that I love so much. The company that makes Shadowline briefs, Velrose Lingerie, was a small family business started in 1914 in Philadelphia and has stayed a family business (third generation). Click here for the "about" link on the Shadowline Lingerie website.
     Here are some of the descriptions from the websites where I ordered pairs of these briefs:
      The Shadowline Pants & Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panty 17042 description on HerRoom's website: "This classic nylon brief panty features a flexible fit that molds to your curves for the perfect fit. Made with Opacitrique nylon for a special soft matte finish. Flat elastic along waist and leg openings for less bulk. High rise. Full rear coverage. Sewn-in crotch. Please Note: This panty is made of Opacitrique 100% nylon satin tricot knit, which is a more opaque, modest fabric."
     "The Shadowline Pants & Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panty 17042 features a flexible fit that molds to your curves for the perfect fit. Made of nylon with a cotton crotch lining. Shadowline's Pants & Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panty features high-rise styling to cover more of your tummy."
     I purchased Shadowline Pants + Daywear Nylon Classic Brief Panties 17042 in black, size 5 and white size 6 from HerRoom.
     Quoting from Freshpair's website with respect to the Shadowline Nylon Classic Brief 17042: "Committed to exceptional quality and comfort, Shadowline delivers beautiful lingerie you can depend on. Made of silky nylon fabric, the Nylon Classic Brief features a comfortable high rise for more tummy coverage and a smooth seamless seat. Complete with covered elastic along the waist and leg bands, get the fit you want with Shadowline."
     Satin Rose Intimates has stepped up to fill the gap I had been waiting to see filled: Full cut full coverage quality nylon panties in the feminine colours of pink yellow and blue with lace at the leg-bands. I enthusiastically love wearing these panties and would love the whole world to be able to see for themselves how lovely they are.

6) I want to taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU TO LINGERIE RETAILERS WHO BOTH CARRY SHADOWLINE BRIEFS AND ALSO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. Many apologies to those of you I've left out of this list. I'm followed by a LOT of lingerie companies and retailers. HERE ARE A COUPLE OF THEIR LINKS::
Satin Rose Intimates' website and @SatinRose on Twitter;

     HerRoom's website,
     videos on HerRoom's YouTube Channel,
     and @HerRoom on Twitter
      Freshpair's website;
     videos on Freshpair's YouTube Channel;
      @Freshpair on Twitter

 7) LINKS TO THE BLOGS OF the Fbloggers, Lbloggers, Bbloggers and FASHIONISTAS WHO COMMENTED ON MY LAST POST which was titled "Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs and Warner's Modern Briefs Reviews". THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS TO:
Fashionista editor Couture Carrie of CC Loves, of Couture Carrie, and of Bikinis and Martinis Twitter @CoutureCarrie;
Acclaimed multiple award winning fashion bloggers Jade & Tara of the UK fashion and style blog THE STYLE RAWR! Twitter @TheStyleRawr;
The beautiful Camila Faria of Não Me Mande Flores Twitter @_CamilaF_ (twice!) ;
The pretty and popular fashion blogger from Poland Ania Zarzycka of the fashion blog Fashion with blog photos taken by her sister Klaudia;
To the vintage thrifting, fitness guru, dancer, boudoir spokesmodel and fashion blogger Shana Emily/Shana Dahan of ColorBlind now at http://www.colorblindblog.com/, , Shana Emily YouTube and Twitter @ShanaEmily;
gabusiek of Gabusiek bloguje
The recently married law and commerce accounting graduate, lawyer, feminine fashion and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Imogen of Tia_Cherie;
The poetic, inspiring, dancing phenomenon RaeAbigael of RAELLARINA- The Ballerina on Fire , and  Raellarina's Channel - YouTube and Twitter @RaeAbigael
The recently engaged (and returning to blogging with updates) Miss Caitlin S. of Candyfloss and Persie Twitter @CaitieLady08;
The colourful queen of vintage, Vix of Vintage Vixen, Twitter @Vintage_Vix66, YouTube Vix Brearley, and curator (with her mate of 22 years, Jon) at Kinky Mellon's Retro Boutique;
The English + Philosophy student and fashion blogger Ina R. a.k.a. Carina from Dusseldorf, Germany who writes the blog BadTasteToast;
Houston fashion blogger MalibuMara of the fashion and lifestyle blog .MalibuMara., YouTube Malibu Mara TV and Twitter @MalibuMara
The pretty, witty, sometimes  self-deprecating UK fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Corinne of SKINNEDCARTREE.com, Twitter @bloggerforums with theTwitter hashtags #SocialBloggers #Fbloggers #Lbloggers #Bbloggers and YouTube Corinne C.  at http://www.youtube.com/user/skinnedcartree;
The sometimes controversial and always thought provoking fashionista and philosopher Peet and her blogging dog Leos, a.k.a. Mister Fartz of the blog For Peet's Sake and Twitter @4PeetsSake;
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     You can also Tweet comments to me on Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns
Please free to share, embed and republish my videos and photos everywhere!

Should I  have simply walked from the dressing room into the store in babydoll and  panties on "No Pants Day" or better yet paid for the babydoll while wearing it and then driven home that way (with No Trousers on)?
Do you like frilly ultra-feminine fashions?
Which photo out of the ones in this post is your favourite? (they have numbers before the .jpg)
Which babydoll and which pair of panties do you like best ?
How do you think these panties and babydolls look on me?
Please don't be shy about commenting, and feel free to leave your Fbloggers, Lbloggers, Bbloggers and fashionista blog links with your comments below. Thanks!   :D




  1. Please don't be shy about letting me know what you think. I've been including commenter's blog links in the text of each following post. If you actually read the whole post you're amazing, and THANK YOU! I know it was an incredibly long post. Don't forget to leave your blog links so it's easier for me to visit your blog. Thanks again! :D

  2. Amazing haul and fabulous selfies!
    Must give VS another try one of these days.


    P.S. Love your idea of wearing radiant orchid lingerie under that white lace Lover dress!

  3. I loooove a pretty, clean, tasteful dressing room! Definitely adore the ones at VS, but find it hard to afford their prices! I've been finding a lot of great stuff at the thrift store lately, for cheap! And a lot of it's pure silk and made in the US!

    I love those peachy pink colors! :)

  4. This is my favorite among all your previous posts! I like the baby dolls :)))) I can't believe how big the dressing room is. In my country, dressing rooms are sooooo tiny. anyway, thanks a lot for the link! my youtube channel is rarely used, to be honest. I just upload my dance videos there so I can share in different platforms. :) Thank you so much again! :D


    1. hello! here is my reply on your comment on my blog post http://www.raellarina.net/2014/05/design-diary-bedroom.html

      thank you! most of the time, everything should be put on paper... either written or drawn... to get everything organized. That's why I always carry a notebook and a pencil with me. I just need to put all of my ideas down or else I might forget. haha. I don't know but maybe you're like this too. :)

  5. I LOVE babydolls, they're so sweet and feminine. My favorite is the peachy pink, that's a great color for lingerie!

  6. love everything! great photos :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  7. Should I have simply walked from the dressing room into the store in babydoll and panties on "No Pants Day" or better yet paid for the babydoll while wearing it and then driven home that way (with No Trousers on)?
    Yes, you should have kept the babydoll on, paid for it and driven home wearing it. My customers tell me that the sign of a great buy is wanting to wear it immediately!

    Do you like frilly ultra-feminine fashions?
    Ruffles, frills, pretty trims - always!

    Which photo out of the ones in this post is your favourite? (they have numbers before the .jpg)
    0001 - the apricot and blue colour combo is deliciously girly and vibrant.

    Which babydoll and which pair of panties do you like best ?
    I'm spoilt for choice.

    How do you think these panties and babydolls look on me?
    Great, I can tell you feel great in them and confidence shows.


  8. First off, apology accepted.:D It wasn't even needed, though, unfortunately I use selfie from time to time too, it's more of a slip of the tongue thing but still.:)

    I can't believe what kind and helpful people you've encountered at VS! I was in a VS shop only once in NY and I thought I'd lose my mind, it was so crowded. And all the employees looked so busy and annoyed, I was too afraid to approach anyone.:) And you got some great pieces and took some awesome selfies.;) My favorite picture is the 0008 one and the babydoll you're wearing in it is my definite favorite.

    Also, I'm exactly like you when it comes to taking pictures! I have to take 200 pictures to then find 5-10 I don't hate.:)

    And I also wanted to tell you that I always answer any questions you have on my posts under your comment but then I don't remember to come here and answer them here too — sorry about that... Have a phenomenal Friday and weekend too, dear — in a babydoll, pants or panties.;)

  9. I'm so glad that lovely sales assistant was so helpful and sweet to you. I reallllly wish we had a Victoria's Secret in my city! The only thing I don't like about VS is their one size thongs! We're not all the same size. Hmpf! ;)

    You bought so many beautiful pieces, I really like the first collection photo #23 and the babydoll you're wearing in the selfie (photo #7) is just lovely. :)

    Tara x

  10. Lovely pastel colours, so good for spring!

  11. It's lovely to hear the assistant was helpful to do you. You were brave to do the video on the changing rooms, I always feel weird about making videos on public!

    I went into Victoria's secret last week while in the US and I have to say I didn't like it that much. I thought it would be better than it was, everything seemed all mixed in and jumbled up!

    Corinne x

  12. You look divine! I love the pale pink personally! To be honest I just stumbled across your blog today and it's awesome! This post is great though!

    I also run a lingerie blog. You should check it out sometime, it's early in the works but Hey I have so much in store!


    Keep up the beautiful posts!
    Millie xx

  13. P.S. You were so right about the bridal couture in that Beyoncé video - exquisite!


  14. Hi! I know Tara has already commented but I just wanted to say that I just read this whole post and it was awesome, go you! You should do longer posts more often. I'm happy that you found a helpful VS assistant, I'm sure she would be happy to have you as a regular customer. I hope she reads your blog and our comments and sees how much you appreciated her :) J x

  15. you are looking very pretty girl, i will suggest you shellac product to do Shellac Manicure then you will look more pretty and attractive. Also I want to like get connected with you, if you feel happy with me then connected with me. Thanks

  16. what an awesome post! enjoy reading it :)
    follow each other..? follow me and let me know.. i will follow back :)
    www.nadieyaagibb.com - Glam is Everything

  17. I'm happy to hear you had such a bad experience shopping in VS. Don't feel bad about the sales lady not agreeing to take a photograph, it is probably against the policy of the store. You can always celebrate the no pants day next year.

    My favourite combo is the first one, I like the colour combo. I heard good things about VS lingerie, it's nice that you were able to find many items you liked enough to purchase. The VS sales ladies sound really nice, especially the first one, and that's always important.

  18. I love babydolls!
    And the fabric is so comfortable to sleep with!

    On my yule post, the opposite of yule is litha (summer solstice), which occurs there in the northern hemisphere on June 20, while here in the southern hemisphere the winter solstice occurs on the same date.
    Samhain's correspondence is the beltane ^^

    1. Thank you for your informative replies, both here and in reply to my comment on your post
      'Winter Solstice'!
      Beltane sounds very interesting!
      I agree with you very much with respect to babydolls being so comfortable to sleep in.
      Babydolls also look wonderfully feminine, flattering to the figure (I love the empire waists) and if they are the right length still allow the panties to show. I LOVE to be seen wearing them with complementary contrasting full brief nylon panties.
      I wish I had done as Vix suggested in her comment above: Come out of the dressing room wearing the babydoll, paid for it, and driven home wearing just the babydoll and panties.
      P.S.: I also love your new post: LGBT + Love Stories For You To Read :)

  19. Attention bloggers, columnists, reporters, advertisers, etc.: Do you want or need a free blog, gossip or news subject? ALL PHOTOS and VIDEOS OF ME modelling panties are in the public domain and FREE FOR REUSE! PLEASE FEEL FREE to share and republish them anywhere and EVERYWHERE, including on blogs, online and print news and gossip articles and magazines, in videos, movies TV and billboards!

  20. hello Pantie
    I have never bought anything from VS but I would love to be able to! Lucky you!! Keep up the good mood and thank you for your comment you are always welcome!



    1. THANK YOU for all of your fabulous comments and encouragement!
      I did enjoy my lingerie shopping (and try-on) visits to Victoria's Secret very much.
      I apologise for my sloth and tardiness in doing any new posts, photos and videos (naughty me).
      I LOVE your blog Marisa's Closet and your (Marisa Cavaleiro's Channel) YouTube videos!!!!!! I have, in the past, Tweeted links to your fabulous videos on my Twitter @Panty_Buns
      Additionally, thank you very much for watching my videos, although so far I have only enabled comments on two of them to date:
      My video titled Lingerie Review Warners Vintage Pink Nylon Full Briefs | YouTube and;
      My video Mister_Panty_Buns-loves-having-Hanes-Women's-Nylon-Panties-on | misterpantybuns - YouTube.
      Please don't be shy about commenting on them!
      Additionally, as always, please FEEL FREE TO SHARE any and all photos and videos of me modelling ladies full brief nylon panties anywhere and everywhere!
      #MakeMeFamous :D