Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disqus LIES

I would have preferred to be blogging about my latest lingerie and fashion hauls rather than going on a rant about discrimination, trolls and censorship again. When my old computer died I lost everything on it including all of my documents including my rough drafts, notes and research for future posts and the URLs for blogs I like to look at and read.  Another setback I had was having my camera break, and not having one that will take lingerie fashion OOTD videos. Despite all of that I had thought I would be somehow manage doing some new lingerie fashion haul, OOTD, and review posts by now complete with photos and embedded videos.

The backlog of full brief panties and fashion blouses I've purchased and have been planning to review keeps growing larger.

Before I launch into tearing Disqus a new one for lying about me and removing innumerable blog comments I've made, speciously claiming they were spam, I'll begin with the post with A huge THANK YOU!!! for commenting on my last post titled “Fbloggers Lingerie Haul, Excuses, Old Pics, Lingerie News and Thanks to Commenters" TO the following Fbloggers Bbloggers and Lbloggers. THANK YOU:

To fashionista Editor, fashion blogger and yoga/pilate instructor Couture Carrie of the blogs CC Loves , Couture Carrie, and Bikinis and Martinis and Twitter @CoutureCarrie;

To Seattle Washington fashion blogger Tina Phan of the blog JustATinaBit, and Twitter @JustATinaBit;

To the beautiful ‘Internet Love’ blogger Camila Faria from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil of the blog Não Me Mande Flores and Twitter @_CamilaF_;

To Rachel-Beth of the blog The Daily Luxe and Twitter @TheDailyLuxe;

To Kizzy Von Doll of The Dainty Dolls House YouTube The Dainty Dolls House Channel/videos and Twitter @DaintyDollHouse;

To Polish fashion blogger and modelAnia Zarzycka of the blog;

To law and accounting graduate Imogen from Sydney, Australia of the fashion and lifestyle blog Tia_Cherie, YouTube Tia Cherie’s Channel/videos;

To the D.I.Y. and vintage fashionista from Wisconsin, Indy of the fabulosity factor, YouTube Fab Factor’s Channel/videos, and Twitter @Fab_Factor;

To Harija Ravi, a student from Toronto Canada of My Lyfe ; My Story, and Twitter @MyLyfeMyStory;

To Italian teacher and fashion blogger Paola Lauretano of the blog Express Yourself and Twitter @Paola_Lauretano (four comments :D ) ;

To Sonia De Macedo writer, blogger, and sartorial enthusiast from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia of Daring Coco, YouTube /Sonia De Macedo's Channel/videos and Twitter @SoniaDeMacedo;

To Israeli fashion and travel blogger Hadas Aharon of the blog Fashion Matters and Twitter @Hadas_Aharon;

To Olivia Aimes of the blog Friday Night Style, YouTube Olivia Aimes's Channel/videos and Twitter @OliviaAimes;

To fashion blogger Patricie from Prague, Czech Republic of the blog Patricia loves fashion;

To Italian lover of fashion, shopping, sun, sea, music, entertainment and travel Eniwhere Fashion of Eniwhere Fashion YouTube Eniwhere Fashion's Channel/videos and Twitter @EniwhereFashion;

To Irene Thayer of YouTube, and Twitter @irenekthayer;

To the London England beauty blogger Talisa Tossel of Talisa Talks Beauty, YouTube Talisa Tossell’s Channel/videos and TalVlogs Channel/videos and Twitter @TalisaTossell;

To Danish blogger Ziff L. Qvash of VonSnef YouTube Ziff L. Qvash's Channel/videos and Twitter @vSnef for the comment "Great post!";

To Russian lifestyle blogger Nastya Deutsch of NastyaDeutsch Beauty + Fashion + Lifestyle YouTube Nastya Deutsche's Channel/videos and Twitter @Nastya_Deutsch;

Now on to the subject of this post's title: Disqus LIES -
and then lies about having lied. I discovered that Disqus has been lying about my thoughtfully composed and arduously hand typed comments, marking them "Detected as spam" and removing them from view for over a year. The owners of the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and other blogs and websites where I left my thoughtful and complimentary comments had no idea that Disqus had removed the comments or that I had even made them.

I made numerous attempts to contact Disqus support and Disqus help, all to no avail. I even took screenshots of the thoughtful comments I'd made that had the red Disqus lie "Detected as spam" label, but there was no way to redress my grievances. Apparently Disqus enables comment trolls to moderate blogs and when busted for it makes the lame excuse that they are not responsible because their algorithms did it. Eventually I took to Twitter to contact some of the bloggers whose blogs my comments had been wrongfully removed from. The screenshots I took both of the comments I made and the responses from bloggers learning of the comment removal prove that Disqus LIES

Here are the screenshots of those Tweets and of my false-flagged comments on Disqus:

This was just a sampling of the comments I've made that have been wrongfully flagged as spam and removed by Disqus. If you are a fashion beauty or lifestyle blogger and have Disqus installed, and if it is practical, I would love it if you'd check to see if I have made comments that have been wrongfully removed. It burns me up to think about how many bloggers might have found me but for the comment removals.
     I am sooooo glad I that I did not install Disqus on this blog.
Hopefully my next post will be back on topic. Thank you to any fashion beauty and lifestyle bloggers who made the effort to read this far.
Please don't be shy with your comments questions and suggestions - I LOVE reading them!!! I plan to mention commenters and include their links in my next blog post. Please feel free to LEAVE LINKS TO YOUR BLOGS with your comments too - I love visiting your blogs :D


  1. Did my last comment come through? Anyway sorry for all your censorship troubles, that is awful!


    1. Thanks! I had the blog offline briefly to correct all the html manually after the Blogger program added an extra "" to the front of all the commenters links. I'll test it in the comments here with the links to your blogs. Thank you for your support - you're a doll. Love your blogs + Twitter:
      Couture Carrie

  2. Ugh! I really had no idea this was a thing! I will absolutely have a oil at my end and see what's been removed, and ask why. Censorship has no place on my blog! X

    1. Thank you for giving it a go, for stopping by, especially for commenting here, and for your support via your Twitter @imBeingErica. I love your London life and style blog being Erica. :D xoxox

  3. Bless you Panty Buns, don't let the bigots get you down (easier said than done, I know).
    You are unique, brave & fabulous.

    1. Thanks! I would have tried leaving a comment on your blog if you had one but I couldn't locate it ;(

  4. So sorry about the issues you've had with your camera and computer. And sorry about all that nonsense with Disqus. Fortunately, I don't use it on my blog so you can comment freely! :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You are welcome on my blog and you can comment freely!
    Have a great start of the x-mas week hun!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. So sorry for all that. I'm sure it'll all turn back around and be wonderful again. Have lovely holidays!

  7. Ahhh sounds like a frustrating situation! That's so weird that your comments are getting flagged. Just keep doing what you're doing and you know you'll have my full support! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!


  8. Wonderful post :)
    I invite you to my blog, maybe follow for follow? :)

  9. That's absolutely awful, I would be so gutted if I were you, I love leaving comments on blogs and there's just no need for it. I hope it sorts out for you and that Disqus actually replies! Thank you for you lovely comment on my blog by the way too!

    1. Thank you for the sympathy and sweet comment! I love your blog Sheepishly Shameful, your Twitter @CharlotteHobbsx, and the video you uploaded to your YouTube Sheepishly Charlotte's Channel/videos.

  10. I forgot to note in the text of the post that my YouTube channel is at and my Twitter is @Panty_Buns

  11. That's ridiculous. Tech companies seem to be the worst about bad customer service. I'm sorry you've had so many issues lately :/ -Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: 90's James Bond Villain

  12. Oh no this is no good at all. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all this, I can't imagine how painful it must be, especially when trying to find a solution. I've had trouble with Google in the past, not like the dramas you face however but still I needed support and was unable to reach them directly. You have to search through forums for answers. Have you tried doing this? Maybe a google search could lead you to others who experience this issue? I hope you get it resolved, nothing worse than writing out long and thoughtful responses only to have a computer decide it's spam. Honestly I get annoying spam on my blog and it always goes undetected.


  13. This is so unfair! All of your commments are so wonderful and thoughtful and are the total OPPOSITE of spam! The most annoying thing is that I get multiple spam comments left on my blog by the same person, but i can't even block them! Yet yours are getting removed.

    I hope Disqus sorts it out for you! Have a wonderful Christmas :)

    Rachel xx

  14. This is crazy! I hope that they can fix this issue for you! This is insane. Just want you to know that I do love your blog. And thank you for sharing this story because it can help out a lot of readers! Have a wonderful day and happy holidays hun! I was trying to find your twitter so message me so I can follow you back sweetheart. XOXO

    Lots of love,
    Kayla Xx

  15. Hi my dear and thank you very much!!! I'm very happy for this. I hope you had a very happy Christmas. Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

  16. I absolutely adore no pants subway ride!!! I live in Manhattan and this was the first year I got to see everyone in action! When I was an intern years ago I had only seen a couple of people do it, not to the lengths that people go to now! I'm so sorry you're having issues with Disqus and I hope they reply.

    xx Belle

  17. Have a great start of the week!
    Kisses, Paola.

  18. Thank you for another very sweet comment on my last post. Your comments are always so thorough and in-depth. I really appreciate that you take the time to read my writing =)

    Rina Samantha

  19. Great post! I follow you, follow me back. plz. <3