Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Flubbed Lingerie Fashion OOTD Review Video and Thank You Commenters

In the lingerie fashion OOTD photos and video below I'm male-modelling a too-tight but very pretty pink pair of Pink K brand Women's Nylon Brief Panties from Kmart. I took the photos and video three years ago, in January of 2013. In the photos and video I styled the pink nylon Pink K brand panties I was wearing with a too tight Green Surplice Peplum top in the colour "Green Appletini" from JCPenney. I did upload two out of the four photos I took previously and included them in my previous post titled "National Underwear Day 2013, Lingerie Fashion, Briefs in News and Blogs". The other two photos and the flubbed/blooper video are published here for the first time - almost three years after they were taken.

Here are quotes from my mortified self from that earlier post, trying to explain why I hadn't uploaded the video to YouTube:

"My excuse for not uploading the review back at the time I made it was that in the video I referred to the panties as Pink brand pink panties. After I'd made the video I saw that they were clearly marked "Pink K" on the tag. Pink K brand is unrelated to Victoria's Secret PINK brand panties, which I have yet to purchase, wear, and review. Good grief! You'd think I would at least get the name of the brand of panties I'm reviewing right when I actually have them on, but nooooo.... I had forgotten what the package said when I bought them in the store and then missed the "K" in Pink K when I read the tag."

So here are all four photos and that flubbed lingerie fashion OOTD and review blooper video (embedded):





MOV-flubbed-lingerie-fashion-OOTD-and-review-Pink_K-brand-womens-pink-nylon-panties-with-green-peplum-blouse.m4v (01:40 minutes)

IMPORTANT! I MISSPOKE IN THIS (FLUBBED) VIDEO. The full briefs being modelled and reviewed by me in this 4 Jan. 2013 video are Kmart's Pink K brand, NOT Victoria's Secret PINK brand. Comments on this lingerie fashion review video may be left on my blog Full Brief Panties

Transcript: "The pair of full brief ladies full brief nylon panties I'm modelling and reviewing today is a pair of Pink Brand [sic] pink nylon panties - from Kmart. I got them in a size that was too small for me - I got a size 6. Uh, Pink brand [sic] panties tend to run a little smaller than the Vanity Fair or Warners or Bali. uh, they're very similar in sizing to a Teri full brief. As you can see they're a lovely pink colour, a fully opaque nylon panty. Um, they have an, a nice lace waist, um. They're a ver, just uh generally a very pretty panty. I wish I could find, uh, panties in a lot of other brands in this same pretty pink. Uh, today I've paired this, this pair of, uh, knickers with a green Surplice Peplum top from JCPenney. The colour is called Green Appletini. This customer video lingerie review is released into the public domain. Please share it everywhere"

Here are some of the other places on the internet where you can find free photos and videos of me male-modelling full brief panties to browse, share and publish anywhere and everywhere:

Mister Panty Buns's YouTube Channel ;

@Panty_Buns on Twitter;

@Panty_Buns Twitter media;

PantyBuns on BuzzFeed;

Mister_Panty on FUNNY or DIE; / Mister Panty Buns;

Sissy Panty Bun's (Panty_Buns) Library; Archchive for the 'panties-modeled-back_view' Category; 'Free-Panty-Photos-Panty-Buns-in-Panties-Modeled-Back-View;

Just in case someone watched my flubbed video on YouTube and then wanted information on PINK brand I briefsly [sic] searched the Victoria's Secret PINK website perusing Victoria's Secret PINK brand panties online. I did a search on their site for "full briefs" and found this "Beverly Hills Pink" pair of "Picot trim" "High Waist" "Full back coverage" "Nylon" panties.


Whilst I do very much like the pink colour shown, the pretty all-over lace, and the full rear coverage, you can see in the photo above that the waistband of the panty does not come anywhere near the natural waist.

Then I did a search on their site for "high-waist-panty" and found the "Seamlessly Sexy High-waist Shaper Panty".


I'm considering trying out this panty despite the slightly high rise of the leg openings, but I'd want to see it in person at the store first, as I prefer not to return items and I'd like to make sure to purchase it in a size that will fit me.

I'm still hoping to acquire a camcorder to make new lingerie fashion haul and OOTD review videos for future posts. A couple of the blouses and full briefs I purchased and hope to publish reviews of in 2016 are the:

Forever 21 Paradise Found Embroidered Top ;

Unique Vintage White Floral Mesh High-Waist Dizzy Panty from @UniqueVintage / @HourglassAngel ;

Forever 21 Romantic Rose Knit Top ;

Lucy B Pink and Black Polka Dot High Waist Panty from @LucyBLingerie ;

Lucy_B-Spring-Blossoms-High_Waist-Panty from @LucyBLingerie ;

And many more.

And now, on to thanking MY FABULOUS BLOG COMMENTERS:

A huge THANK YOU!!! for commenting on my last post titled “Disqus LIESTO the following Fbloggers Bbloggers and Lbloggers:

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What do you think of the pair of Pink K brand panties I'm seen modelling in the photos and video above? What are your thoughts about the photos and video of me? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about me posting and releasing the photos of me and my flubbed / blooper video for sharing and re-publication? Thanks in advance for any comments and questions

PLEASE DON'T BE SHY WITH YOUR COMMENTS QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS - I LOVE READING THEM!!! I plan to mention commenters and include their links in my next blog post too, but please feel free to LEAVE LINKS TO YOUR BLOGS with your comments below as well - I love visiting your blogs and you leaving your links makes that easier. :D


  1. Yay a new post! Always a treat to hear from you and see some fab panties ... Love the pink ones! You inspire me to take more selfies lol. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, darling. Best wishes for 2016!


  2. Good to see another post from you. Anything this beautiful shade of pink has my approval.

  3. I love this review, great post! Thanks for sharing :)
    Have a wonderful new years!

    Lots of love,
    Kayla xo // Kayla's Vibration

  4. Beautiful shade! Thank you for your comments!

  5. Thanks for the shoutout. Hope you have a fab NYE and an even better 2016!

  6. I agree, this is such a beautiful pink shade! I know these aren't Victoria's Secret but I'm so excited we're going to be getting our first store in my city next month... I can't wait to buy lots of lovely pieces! :)

    Those Forever21 tops are very sweet.

    T x

  7. Wishing all of my commenters a fashion-tastically Happy Year 2016! Thank you for your comments on this post to:
    Couture Carrie of CC Loves,
    Imogen of Tia Cherie,
    Kayla Kruse of Kayla's Vibrations ,
    Jeanne of Fashion Musings Diary,
    Ania Zarzycka of Fashion,
    Cheryl of Oh To Be a Muse, and
    Jade and Tara of The Style Rawr.

    Please visit my YouTube channel, watch some of my other YouTube videos and follow me on my Twitter @Panty Buns?

  8. Love your post, great content!
    Happy New Year!! Wish you and your loved ones all the best!

  9. Happy new year! May 2016 be a wonderful year to us all! I want to see new reviews over here. \o/

  10. Thank you
    Harija Ravi of My Lyfe ; My Story and especially to you,
    the beautiful and supportive Camila Faria of Não Me Mande Flores.

    I'm not at all certain about doing future reviews here due to the following recent occurrence:

    In an act of blatant sex-discrimination, Google's "YouTube Team" has struck again, restricting viewing if my "OOTD: Lingerie Review of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High-Waist Satin Panties with Blu Sage Blouse", by implausibly claiming the restriction was Age-restricted "based on Community Guidelines" - AN OUTRIGHT LIE. I think it's time for the "YouTube Team" to be officially designated as a hate group.

    Best wishes to all for Year 2016. May your expression through speech, writing, photos and videos be free from the kind of censorship I have been subjected to.

  11. Happy New Year to you! And so good to see a post too. I misread things all the time, especially when it comes to "brands". And it's so easy to do it anyway. They usually have the same logos and colourings, just an extra letter here or there.


  12. They're a good colour and I prefer longer pants too!

  13. I already worked selling panties in a lingerie store ("Lojas Marisa", here in Brazil). There are really no big panties sizes, just panties for thin women. I needed a job and this store was hiring, I went in saying that I wanted to have my own lingerie store in the future, but that idea was already out of my head.

    1. That is a beautiful dream to own your own lingerie store in the future.
      I looked at some photos taken at a Lojas Marisa store near Rio de Janeiro using Google. In the photos the Lojas Marisa store reminded me a little bit of the Kmart store where I bought the pink coloured 'Pink K' brand ladies panties I was modelling in the photographs above.
      P.S. All photos of me modelling panties are Free to Re-use, share, display and re-publish, as are my blouse and panty modelling and review videos on YouTube.
      P.P.S.: I like your recent blog post titled Winter Solstice :D

  14. I wish you a happy new year Panty and vaccines for all of us!

    1. Thank you very much!
      I love and agree with your wish for vaccines for all of us.
      I also ove the all of the fashion beauty and lifestyle posts you do on your blog "Marisa's Closet" and all of your YouTube videos.
      I am especially loving your recent blog post titled Happy New Year!!
      A very happy year 2021 to you as well!

  15. ALL PHOTOS+VIDEOS OF ME MODELLING FULL BRIEF PANTIES on my YouTube (misterpantybun's channel videos) on my Twitter @Panty_Buns and on this blog HAVE BEEN RELEASED BY ME INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN and are FREE FOR REUSE to share, display and publish anywhere and everywhere.