Monday, February 3, 2014

Lbloggers Fbloggers OOTD and Review of Elomi Valentina Heart-Print Nylon Briefs

     Normally I try to avoid buying panties which don't have enough of a rise to come at least close to the natural waist, but the red heart print on this black size L EL8405 Elomi Valentina Brief was so pretty that I just couldn't resist buying and reviewing them. I decided to style these knickers with an American Rag short-sleeve lace-trim top in the colour '"Yellow Combo" from Macy's in order to provide a nice complementary colour contrast for my lingerie fashion OOTD and review. I purchased the Elomi Valentina heart print nylon briefs from Freshpair. Unfortunately while I was typing this post I noticed that the Elomi Valentina Brief from Freshpair (where I bought them) is currently being shown as no longer available. I do see that there are still a number of other Elomi Panty styles available for purchase there. The Elomi Valentina Brief is also showing as no longer currently available at HerRoom or at Bare Necessities either. You can check out the Latest Collections from Elomi Lingerie here (link to Elomi's site). The delightful pair of red on black heart print Elomi Valentina Briefs I ordered from  Freshpair arrived promptly and I'm very happy to have received them before they were all sold out. It's too bad they're not widely available right now. I think these panties are perfect for Valentine's Day. The Elomi website (link): Elomi Lingerie - beautiful lingerie for the fuller figure.
     The yellow blouse I chose to complement and contrast with the Elomi Valentina Brief Panties in my OOTD and review is an American Rag Plus Size Short Sleeve Top with Lace-Trim in Neon Yellow from Macy's.



TRANSCRIPT: "As you can see, the pair of ladies panties that I'm male-modeling and reviewing in this lingerie review video, have a pretty heart print. It's aptly named Elomi's Valentina Brief. The fabric has a wonderful slippery soft feel. Um, they don't come up to the natural waist, but they're a very pretty panty. I've paired it, uh today, with a uh, an American Rag blouse, for, to complete my blouse and panty outfit for this review. This customer lingerie review video is released into the public domain. Please share it everywhere."  
You can check out the Latest Collections from Elomi Lingerie here (link to Elomi's site). I like the look of the Elomi Betty Raspberry Brief from the front but they look like the coverage is slightly less than full in back viewing the Elomi Betty Brief on HerRoom's site. The Elomi Amelia Brief in the image at HerRoom appears to have more complete coverage and is high cut but the fabric is listed as a nylon spandex and cotton blend. 
     As I noted earlier in this post, there are a number of Elomi Panty styles available at Freshpair in addition to many full coverage briefs. I have yet to make an in person appearance to participate in Freshpair's National Underwear Day (which I blogged about in my post titled" National Underwear Day 2013, Lingerie Fashion, Briefs in News and Blogs), or to look into participating in Freshpair's Confidence Project by taking the first step and filling out their secure their secure form. I wonder whether someday I might be seen being interviewed in one of the videos on Freshpair's YouTube Channel. I promised I'd Tweet them @Freshpair on Twitter when I uploaded a new video. It's time to tweet! 
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  2. Absolutely gorgeous briefs!
    One of my fave reviews of yours yet, darling!


  3. You're right, that red heart print is adorable!!!

  4. I agree the heart print panties would be perfect for V day. Perfect for a gift too, if some of the boys need some inspiration.:) But I, unlike you, am not a fan of the high rise, I don't think I have any of those. Although those make your legs look longer and they help you with your tummy... Now thinking about it, maybe I should invest in some.:D

    Have a great day, dear.;)

  5. Love it! I saw some similar at Marshalls that I liked might have to go back and get them! Thanks for the love!


  6. Such a pretty pair of panties! I really like the lace detail. :)

  7. These are for Valentines day! I especially like the frilly detail on the front of them!

    Corinne x

  8. I love the print and the frill. So adorable.

  9. Wouldn't they make a wonderfully classy St V's gift? Very pretty. x

  10. I'm just stopping by to wish you a great weekend! Hope you update soon.

    Corinne x